goes to corner and cries

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Do you know any fics where Yuri unintentionally breaks Victor’s heart. I'm a sucker for angst with a happy ending. Thank you ^^

DO YOU GUYS LIKE TO SEE ME IN PAIN?!??! I’m just kidding! Thank you for these requests! Here are some fics where Victor cries… *goes into a corner and cries for 10 years*

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Victor Cries

selfish by MissSpock, Gen, 1.9k
“…Aren’t you going to stop me?” He hated how his voice wobbled and cracked, and he had to fight to keep the tears in his eyes.
Yuuri’s brows creased. The mist had cleared from the lenses of his glasses and he looked at Victor with confused, amber eyes. “Why should I? It seems as though you’ve come to a decision.” Role reversal of ep 11. *sobs*

twenty-eight by pageleaf, Gen, 864 words
“…I’m sorry, Yuuri.” Yuuri blinks. “For what?” “I disappointed you.” Viktor’s voice is hoarse. “I didn’t win.” I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH

I’m Always Here by queeravocado, Teen, 1.6k
It’s 3 AM. Yuuri’s reliving one of his most horrifying events in his life: the GPF before he met Victor. Victor’s a complete ass, and becomes his number one fear. Turns out it’s a dream, but Victor’s crying his eyes out after what he saw. Victor cries. It’s sad. Happy ending, though!

Talk by future_fishy, Gen, 1.2k
Viktor wasn’t himself today. Yuuri is the best at comforting Victor. Love!

kiss & cry by lostincostco, Explicit, 2.7k
“Oh,” Yuuri says wonderingly. “You’re crying.” Yuuri makes Victor cry, but not in the way you’re thinking…!!!! (this isn’t even sad, it’s just smut.. doN’T JUDGE ME IT’S GOOD OKAY?!)

Stupid Thoughts by future_fishy, Gen, 1.5k
“I’m fine, Yuuri, go back to sleep.” Still that smile. “You’re not, and I won’t.” Yuuri’s serious tone made Viktor flinch, “Please don’t lie to me.” Victor is self conscious about his future with Yuuri????? I’m sobbing?????

Where we belong by ss_blackrabbit, Teen, 1.5k
It’s true that Yuuri wanted to be hated as the man who took Viktor away from the world, but he never meant to take Viktor’s world away from him. Another ep 11 fic! Happy ending.

Comfort by future_fishy, Gen, 697 words
Viktor is upset, and Yuuri isn’t sure how to comfort him, but he tries. I’m totally not crying… *sobs*

A Melancholy Of White by mochary, Teen, 15k
“Yuuko. What’s happening?” Viktor asks sternly. “Did something happen?” “O-oh my God. Viktor-“ Yuuko cries from the other line. “It’s Y-Yuuri. He got into an accident. Viktor, t-there’s blood. P-please come immediately.” It’s then, when Viktor’s heart shatters into a million pieces. ONLY READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO BE KILLED. SERIOUSLY. MY HEART BROKE INTO FIFTY BILLION PIECES WHEN I READ THIS AND I STILL HAVEN’T RECOVERED. Really well written, though, and a happy ending!

Worthwhile by surveycorpsjean, Explicit, 6.2k
In which, it’s Victor that breaks.
So beautifully written. One of, if not my favourite, YOI anxiety/mental illness fic. Highly recommend. So f-ing sad, though.

Holding on for Dear Life by icterine, Teen, 2.4k
It turns out that sometimes heartbreak happens in seconds, unexpectedly – and once it does, there’s no dulling of the senses. Victor’s heart shatters.


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We all know Hux is Kylo Bean's caretaker, who is Bean Solo's??


No one. Because that’s the fate of any Ben Solo. *goes into the corner and cries*

When your favourite actor/kdrama/ anime character dies.
  • Me: Watching favorite tv show with friends/family
  • In the show: Favorite character comes into the scene
  • Me: *Internally screams while on the outside holding a great poker face*
  • In the show: Suddenly character get into trouble/dies.
  • Me: ...
  • Friends/Family: You ok? You look a little pale?
  • Me: I'm fine
  • Me: *Goes into a corner and cries heart out for 1000 years*
  • Me: *Digs a hole and lives in it for the rest of my days*
An Autistic Reviews Mr. Robot

So, I just watched the first episode of Mr. Robot, and I really enjoyed it. I think that as a show, it uses a lot of cliches, but handles them deftly, and I am excited to see what comes next. The main character seems to be on the autism spectrum, and also mentally ill. While I have seen people talk about the mental illness aspect of the show, and the addiction aspect (which could very much be linked to Elliot’s autism), I have seen very few people speak about the autistic aspect of Elliot personality. So, here I am to do that. Here’s what I think:

Most of the time when a TV show has an “autistic” character, it feels very exploitative. Especially when the TV show refuses to name the developmental disorder, even though they have picked and chosen the “best” or “coolest” traits to use. It feels as though my disorder is being taken advantaged of, and I do not even get any representation out of it. Sherlock BBC, while much loved, is an excellent example of this. As is The Bridge, and at times, Bones, which is doubly sad, since there are so few female autistic characters. Don’t even get me started on The Big Bang Theory. 

I did not know going into Mr. Robot that the main character, Elliot, was autistic. That wasn’t the reason I began to watch the show. In fact, going into it, I had very little information, other than it was about a hacker guy and it was good. To my surprise though, as the character revealed his autistic traits, I was not cringing or covering my eyes in embarrassment. Elliot feels very real in his autism. I especially liked that the show did not bash you over the head with his autism, it was revealed little by little. It mingles with the mental illness that Elliot has going on as well, which is common for real-life autism. They show the good, the bad, and the ugly with Elliot, which I loved. Now, I have only seen the first episode, as I stated, so I do not know how the character will be in the future. Here are some of the things I loved about the portrayal of Elliot’s autism from the first episode:

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I have a really bad feeling for the last chapter. I don't know why, but either Rai will help Muzaka heal or Muzaka will die for real this time, but I do realize one thing. Garda liked Muzaka and I'm not okay /goes to corner and cries/

I’m a bit worried that Rai will get pretty involved in this fight and that might mean he’ll get even more exhausted.

As for Garda and Muzaka, it was endearing to see she was so devoted. I was hoping they would reconcile and fight Maduke together. Hopefully that will somehow be the case.

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Mine craft: Johnny Cade from the outsiders or Johnnycakes from the outsiders. Cause Johnny died. And Dally. *goes to Corner and cries*


My dog was named after Jonny-Cake from the Outsiders yeah and just like in the book, he killed someone and then died. 

Except in this situation he died while trying to protect me from a zombie.