goes doki doki

a potential ‘how they got together’ prereform Sarek/Amanda? with no UT, and a cultural disinclination towards compassion, Vulcans are less than generous with a crew of shipwrecked Humans.

(pretty sure Amanda tries to pull a Princess Leia with that chain moments after this)

boyfriend! park woojin


I never knew the wanna one fandom was so desperate for park woojin writings LOL

hopefully you guys like it!!

  • at first it seemed like he was terrified of you bc he always tried to be as FAR away from you as possible but no he’s just an incredibly shy bean
  • after a few meetings ofc you two would become friends but honestly the bnw boys thought he was nEVER going to confess
  • donghyun wanted woojin to say it himself so that he and youngmin could have a proud parent moment but after like three months donghyun texted you and was like hey woojin loves you pls date him
  • afterwards donghyun went to woojin and put his hands on woojin’s shoulders and said “don’t freak out or scream but I told you-know-who that you like them and your date is tomorrow at six pm.”
  • woojin: collapses
  • he was sOOO nervous he spent the morning and afternoon wondering what to wear and how to act like “what drink should I order so I don’t seem too babyish? maybe they like babyish?” and he texted like nine of his friends for help but they all turned out to be either useless or useless
  • for example: hyeongseop told him to spark a conversation he should show you his dark past
  • woojin: blocked reported and deleted
  • he tries sO hard to make sure that you’re satisfied and freaks out when you seem the slightest bit inconvenienced like he caught you rubbing your arms and threw his jacket on you s o f a s t
  • it’s only six seconds after you smile and thank him that he erupts into a million shades of red and thinks he overdid it
  • whenever you call him by a pet name he gets embarrassed bc he’s not used to many displays of affection and half of him is like pls don’t do that and the other half is Y E S
  • he’s DEFINITELY not used to calling YOU pet names even though donghyun and hyeongseop tells him to every six hours
  • hyeongseop, after getting a new number: call them sexy lady like you did on that one stage LOL
  • he rly tried to call you babe at one point but he stuttered for a whole minute straight and so you just took pity and said it’s ok :’)))
  • he felt so bad man he was like I……promise to do it one day
  • you saw his photoshoot for innisfree and after screaming into ur pillow you were like “you’ve never made a single heart for me yet look at what you’re willing to do as an idol smH” and he felt so bad that he made a finger heart on the spot
  • and immediately fainted afterwards help him
  • is EXTREMELY protective of you it’s not an act of his to look cool or manly it’s just who he is
  • if someone ever so much as glances at you with weird eyes he scowls and holds you close
  • your heart goes doki doki every time and you almost want it to happen more often LOL
  • he refuses to let you walk home at a late hour no matter how much you insist on it 
  • you: woojin my place is literally across the street from here
  • woojin: but what if someone suddenly jumps out of a car and kidnaps you on the way????????
  • he just really wants you to be safe because he would honestly never forgive himself if something happens to you :^(
  • also the bnw boys tease him about you like every other minute donghyun always wants the latest update LOL
  • donghyun: what stage are you guys on have you kissed yet
  • youngmin: did you guys……even hold hands yet
  • daehwi: lol hyung did you really get salty when hyeongseop saw a pic of them said they were cute LOL
  • they tease woojin during practice too bc it’s just hilarious to them and the instructor caught them fooling off and was like >:(( wtf are you guys doing why would you ask him if they kissed yet and before they could apologize  the instructor put a hand on woojin’s shoulder and said “listen if you two ever get in the mood and need protecti—”
  • you always thought that woojin was just a shy shark tooth boy but when you saw him dance on stage he was just. like. a freaking hAMMERHEAD
  • you: your existence is a lie
  • woojin: ?????
  • woojin’s kisses are strangely….slow and intense because he finds it…….hard to break away as embarrassing as that sounds
  • you always feel so HOT after and you want to shove yourself into the refrigerator 
  • woojin himself wants to launch himself into the antarctic pls help him

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C2 for Mari and D4 for Chat, paw-lease!

“Extra lucille quand tu es sur
La seine, la seine, la seine
Extravagante quand l'ange est sur
La seine, la seine, la seine”

Chat wanted to hear Marinette sing, but she couldn’t do it looking at him so she turned around and voila! xD Doki doki goes the poor cat’s heart. And if you’re wondering what Marinette is singing, it’s La seine et moi. Love this song so so much…. I need to make a Monster in Paris AU TT A TT

SnB:VS ED 2 thoughts

To the person who head-canoned the end plot twist to be Nina taking Charioce to the dance you got it right. Like look at this new ED!!! Ah it feels nice when a ship is canon <3

What I really do love is the lyrics of the song Cinderella Step.




Both flawed and missing pieces we have finally become one.

Omg I’m literally crying because I’m so happy about all of this. They were the pieces to each other’s puzzles *cries*


Love, those feelings are love if you’re wondering.


I legit believe the head canon of Nina taking Charioce to prom.

This is BEYOND cute. LIKE BEYOND. Also, notice how dancing is written as Dancing? The d is capitalized implying that this is very important for both Charioce and Nina since this is the action that brought them closer to each other.

Again, fkcng adorable.

Let this remind all yall that the focus is Charioce and Nina. CHARIOCE AND NINA.

Also, it’s now time to appreciate Charioce’s smile and dancing.

I love how Charioce literally can’t take her eyes off of Nina <3

Charioce is happy because he finally got that dance he wanted.

Also, I love how all of this is about dancing which they foreshadowed every fkng time Charioce is with Nina, I love them to death.

Nina of course is happy to be with her man king. Look at that smile!

Awww Dragon!Nina and Charioce!!! How to fall in love with a dragon part 3!

She was flying alone until a kind man approached her in one of her sad days. They fell in love and thus decided to live on the moon. #Legit #Ship

If I were to sum up Nina and Charioce’s relationship it would be Romeo and Juliet x Cinderella. Still, I have never been this happy for a ship in a long time and I am very pleased that it’s now legit canon <3 Life is good, I now have a reason to live and that is for the SnB:VS weekly updates.

A bonus of the lyrics:

As horrible as you are I can’t help but love you
Even while I waited, that is all I felt
Ephemeral lovers, both flawed and missing pieces
We have finally become one
In this miniature garden at the edge of sorrow
Can you hear my heart speaking?
Ah, I may no longer feel that I want to go back in time
But there are feelings I have that I only feel now
I want to escape with you dancing just like a fairy tale
Don’t tell me it will only be this once, darling I am on the same ark
Shararanla shararanla yeah
Shararanla shararanla Cinderella Step

dolphin emoji reviews.

acceptable “cartoonish” concept, but the head and tail are wildly disproportionate and something about the shape of the head/nose is throwing me off. 3/5

this one is literally just a shittier bootleg of the apple one. there’s no shading, dolphins are physically incapable of bending that far, and when the FUCK are people gonna realize that no dolphin has ever actually been anything more than a SLIGHTLY blue-ISH grey. -1/5

like this coloring is way more accurate but what the FUCK is that silhouette. nice color, giving us the ol’ razzle dazzle. 1/5

this is a dolphin from hell. a cryptid. his nose looks like a shitty anime kiss. his kokoro goes doki doki 0/5

this!!! is a beautiful blend of caricature and realism!! i’m a huge fan of the anatomy and shading, the expression is slightly manic but he’s happy to see me and i trust him with my life 6/5

i don’t know what the shit this is. moreover, my lusus never looked at me with that much love in his eyes. -7/5

did. did you even try?? you tried too hard?? what is this ??i guess it would be okay with a less garish outline but the smile is unsettling me 0/5

A Barrage of doodly things that I haven’t posted in a while...

Some sketches I drew from a previous mini request event in another site.

>Italy-kun trying out Sushi while Japan goes ‘doki doki’ with anticipation at Italy’s reaction to its taste

> Australia and Koala-san!

>Japan and America watching a scary movie . (I want to see America’s face)

> Chibi Englanddd

>The trio having fun at the island~!

> Hungary-kun!

> Something with Seychelles and America with the feeling of
“I’m not really sure what they’d be doing but I think it would be fun to think of something.”

> Mr. England and Liechtenstein 

> Iceland drinking soft drink

((Uwaah Apologies for the inactivity everyone! I was busy drawing more stuff. Please look forward for some fanarts soon~!))

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RFA and V reaction to MC initiating their first kiss? Like just bam there it is

Took a break from finals work to finish this one up! I didn’t specify the exact contexts for any of these so that it would be up to your imagination~


  • You give him the quickest of pecks on the lips
    • His reaction is immediate and adorable; his eyes fly WIDE open and his face is instantly red as a beet
  • He’s so conflicted…! 
    • Because on the one hand, he’s disappointed in himself because he wanted to be the one to initiate it first! He wanted to show that he can be assertive!
    • But on the other hand oh my god you just kissed him and it was his first kiss and he might faint he’s never been so happy in his liFE HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH
  • But wait a second! Just a peck? That wasn’t enough! 
    • So after he registers what you did, he looks at you and goes, “My turn now,” before pulling you in for a much longer, but still gentle, kiss and you can feel just how long he’d been waiting for this
    • Yoosung is much smoother than most people realize lol 


  • Trying to be a ~gentleman~, Zen was holding out on your first kiss… but you got impatient
  • Initially, he’s really surprised!
    • Keyword initially
    • His eyes go wide for about a second before he quickly adjusts to the situation. Oh okay, we’re doing this now, then! 
    • Frickin. Smirks into the kiss and suddenly he’s in control now and this kiss is going to last a bit longer than you originally anticipated oh my
  • He’s sure to be mindful of your feelings, though – if he senses any hesitance or reluctance on your part he’ll immediately stop and verbally make sure you’re on the same page
  • Afterwards he’s totally buzzing with happiness; he’s ecstatic that you guys finally kissed and he’s in a good mood for days and can’t stop grinning because he keeps reliving the moment in his mind
    • And then it occurs to him that he’ll get to kiss you more he’s allowed to do that now and his brain just about overloads


    • Like, the ability to form coherent words completely leaves her for a good two or three minutes
    • She has to physically sit down
    • This actually worries you slightly so you’re like “omg are you okay was that okay?”
    • After an agonizing moment she gives a tiny nod and you’re so relieved that you have to sit down
  • Eventually her vernacular comes back and suddenly it’s like she’s trying to make up for the silence, she’s talking so much and so fast
    • It’s all a mix of apologizing and explaining that she had thought about kissing you before, but she wasn’t sure if you would be okay with it, and you’re so important to her, and she didn’t want to ruin your guys’ relationship, and, and, and–
    • You have the urge to quiet her with another kiss but instead you chuckle and talk it out with her, and in the end your relationship is mutually defined as a romantic one, finally!


    • Where you are the eyes-squeezed-shut-in-nervousness, furiously blushing love interest
    • and Jumin is the wide-eyed, my-heart-goes-doki-doki protagonist who you caught completely off-guard
    • this was not in his schedule today
  • Oh my god you just made Jumin Han visibly flustered
  • He kinda shoos you out of the room and you’re really worried you did the wrong thing…
    • But when you see him again several hours later, he stands in front of you all stiff and formal, a blush slowly creeping up his neck, and asks you if he can kiss you back
    • This time he catches you off-guard with how eager he is, very much contrasting his cautious demeanor just a few seconds ago but oh man you’re not complaining


  • Just about yells out loud in the middle of the kiss due to both surprise and excitement
    • his lips taste like Honey Buddha Chips omg
    • When you break apart, his eyes stay closed as if he’s savoring the lingering feeling… then he squeezes them tighter shut and grins from ear to ear and shouts “YES!”
  • He’s quite impressed by your courage to be the initiator and makes sure you know it
    • But he feels kinda bad about not being the initiator himself; he feels like he put unnecessary pressure on you
    • So to make up for that (even if you assure him it’s fine) he completely showers your head, face, arms, and tummy with countless kisses of his own
    • “MC stop squirming I’m doing very important work here,” he says because you’re laughing and can’t help but wiggle around because it tickles!!


  • Oh! Blinks a few times as his mind processes what happened.
    • …and then he can’t keep a really big smile off his face
  • “Thank you, MC.”
    • omg what a cute polite weirdo
    • Holding in your laughter, you hint that he can show his thanks by kissing you back
    • He happily obliges to that, although the first time is a little awkward because he has to feel your face with his hands before doing so
  • Throughout the rest of the day, you prompt V to “practice” kissing you and it’s a win-win situation because 1) you get a ton of kisses from him, and 2) he gets quicker and better at positioning each time
  • He marvels at the warmth he feels with you and wonders what he did to get lucky enough to have you in his life like this
  • <p> <b>Keith:</b> Making my way downtown<p/><b>Keith:</b> Walking fast...<p/><b>Lance:</b> *appears*<p/><b>Keith:</b> *walking faster*<p/></p>