goes by so fast

Jihoon doesn’t care if Taeil is sick or if it might be contagious (x)


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

shinee 9th anniversary party shinee day postcard messages

onew: i’m happy! 9th anniversary! needless to say it has been a long time! by your support! it’s the 9th anniversary. i love you! yahoo! that’s right it’s the 9th anniversary.

jonghyun: to. friends~ ! 9 years passed and we’re meeting again like this, i love you.

key: shin99~ i can’t believe it’s the 9th anniversary already!! time passes pretty fast.. we’ll let you hear more news, let’s see each other for an even longer time. love u!

minho: shinee world!! i can’t believe it’s already the 9th anniversary… i mean…. time goes by so fast….. thank you for staying by our side without change during those 9 years, i always say this but, i really think shawols are the best… i sincerely love you, and love you. till the day it’s the 99th anniversary……

taemin: it’s the 9th anniversary~ and now in another year… please give 9-year-old shinee lots of love~~

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Strap in nerds because have i got a long post ahead for you

So me and @sassycsap​ (bless her soul. she’s like my first friend here) talked about the nyoom nyoom post with how Rich would totally cart Jake around in a wheel chair like madmen on a chariot race because Rich is a Fast Boy™ and somehow we accidentally gave birth to this beautiful thing called the *drum rooooolll*

BMC Incredibles AU

So here’s each of the Characters

  • Rich is Dash (super speed) u can’t argue with me. have u seen the nyoom nyoom post
  • Jake is violet (invisibility and force fields)
  • Michael is Frozone ya’ll (Ice powers)
  • Jeremy is Bob (Super strength)
  • Christine is Helen (Elastic Body) (because we’ve all universally accepted that she’s the Mom of the Gang)
  • Jenna is Jack-Jack (this guy has a lot of powers that I’m too lazy to type in)
  • Chloe is Edna (She makes the costumes!!!!)
  • Brooke is Mirage (That really pretty girl who’s a spy)(don’t worry, we we’re made her good)
  • Squip is Syndrome (Bad Guy™)

=(The HCs are under the Cut so I’ll spare u the mess)=

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shipping-it-like-fedex  asked:

Please consider: Viktor trying to bake Yuuri a birthday cake from scratch as a surprise, he could easily buy one but it wouldn't be the same. So Viktor is like "pssh, I'm the five time gold medalist, aka badass I got this," but it goes to hell pretty fast. So Yuuri gets home and the kitchen is a wreck, Makkachin is covered in flour, and he is pretty sure something is burning.

fjaldsfjdasl this is so cute omg


Happy 24th Birthday Kamiki-kun ♥ 2017.05.19

supercorp headcannon: 

Lena never mentions when her birthday is (The only person who would ever celebrate it with her was Lex, but since he got locked up she kind of forgot about it), so when Kara finds out she makes a huge deal out of it with birthday pancakes and a very romantic date. However, Kara is so excited about Lena’s birthday that Lena doesn’t have the heart to tell her that her birthday was actually 3 months ago, so she goes along with it. Fast forward a couple of weeks and this secret is eating Lena alive. She feels so guilty for lying to her girlfriend that she leaves work at 3pm to go to Kara’s apartment. By the time she gets there she is a nervous wreck, so naturally Kara thinks something is seriously wrong since Lena never gets nervous, only for Lena to blurt out that she got her birthday wrong. Kara just laughs and comforts her bumbling girlfriend 

as black friday and the holidays slowly creep up on us 

please please please remember to be kind to cashiers and retail workers

they want to be home and out of the store just as quickly as you want to be