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One of you (I can’t remember which one of you. Message me if it was you and I’ll give you proper credit) reblogged the first chapter of this the other day and it caught my eye. I’m so glad it did. 

My rec of the week is @lixabiz‘s “Little Things” multichapter. It is sooo addicting. It’s a college/roomie AU with GREAT characterization of all the RTD favorites. Rose, John (Ten), Mickey, Donna, Martha, Jack, and Ianto, plus Pete, Jackie, and Tony. It’s such amazing UST and incorporates the real canon stuff so well (even including a murder mystery party around the Agatha Christie episode)! 

I really loved it and think it is so worth diving into. For those of you like me with the attention span of a goldfish, it does seem long from the number of chapters but it goes SO FAST and you will eat it right up. Fun, fluffy, with just the right amount of will-they-won’t-they to keep you interested. Highly recommend. This was EXACTLY what I needed this week. 


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ok right Sombra Pharah n trace (separate obv) have to go undercover with their "S/O" at a party and have to pretend they're married? So like, to sabotage and get info n the like what will they do? what will they do if they get caught


  • When she first hears about it she’s excited
    • Always having wanted to do this. 
  • Goes the full mile
    • Nicknames and holding your waist
    • She kisses you at least three times during the party
  • You kind of get sucked up into her enthusiasm
    • Making your own endearment
    • You start just rubbing her back while she stands there
  • If the two of you are caught it’s while you were trying to get into the mainframe to sabotage their computer system
    • She goes into business mode so fast you nearly get whiplash
    • Casually killing the guards while you make your escape


  • Is incredibly awkward
    • Flinches when you wrap your arm around her
  • The whole time the two of you stand awkwardly next to each other
  • It makes you look like you marriage is failing and some rich person tries to hit on you
  • You pull her to the side halfway through
    • Telling her that she needs to start pretending
    • She awkwardly clings to your arm
  • If you get caught she gets a million times more confident
    • this is her area of expertise
    • She was meant for battle not high class parties.


  • Is enthusiastic about the whole thing
    • Leads any affection and you awkwardly return it
  • Proudly shows you off to others
    • almost like the two of you were married
  • The two of you get compliments for your close marriage
    • “The two of you are such in love.”
  • If you get caught she immediately blinks to the guards
    • eliminating the enemies before they even realized you were there

Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue


This is one corner of one country in one continent on one planet that’s a corner of a galaxy, that’s a corner of a universe that is forever growing and shrinking and creating and destroying and never remaining the same for a single millisecond and there is so much, so much to see. Because it goes so fast. I’m not running away from things. I’m running to them, before they flare and fade forever.

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Please consider: Viktor trying to bake Yuuri a birthday cake from scratch as a surprise, he could easily buy one but it wouldn't be the same. So Viktor is like "pssh, I'm the five time gold medalist, aka badass I got this," but it goes to hell pretty fast. So Yuuri gets home and the kitchen is a wreck, Makkachin is covered in flour, and he is pretty sure something is burning.

fjaldsfjdasl this is so cute omg

Jihoon doesn’t care if Taeil is sick or if it might be contagious (x)

Imagine the morning after Alec and Magnus had their first date. Alec stayed the night, even though he believed that it might be a bad idea. It is too early after all to stay a whole night at Magnus’. It all goes too fast. But he can’t help himself.

So they are lying in bed. Magnus is still sleeping peacefully. He is lying on his stomach, half of his head buried in a pile of pillows, face towards Alec. Alec is wide awake. His head resting on his hand while he simply stares dreamily at Magnus. Magnus doesn’t wear any make-up and he is snoring a little. Alec smiles. A tiny smile at first. But it gets broader, he just can’t stop it. He can’t believe that he is in Magnus’ loft, lying next to Magnus, the most beautiful man he ever layed eyes on. Alec knows that he must look like a fool but he doesn’t care at all. He lifts his right hand and brushes through Magnus’ thick black hair. He is surprised how soft it is when it is not spiked up. Alec’s fingertips are wandering carefully along Magnus’ jawline, he doesn’t want to wake Magnus up. His thumb brushes over Magnus’ cheek. Magnus still doesn’t wake up under Alec’s gentle touches.

And Alec? He is just smiling while the sun comes up and the first ray of light lightens up the bedroom. He closes his eyes for a second, his hand lingering over Magnus’ cheek. When he opens his eyes again, he notices that Magnus is awake. He looks bleary and it is so adorable that Alec has a lump in his throat. But the thing that shocks him the most are Magnus’ eyes. His cat eyes are showing and they are so beautiful that they instantly take Alec’s breath away.

He swallows.

It takes Magnus a bit to understand what is happening. He wants to turn away from Alec, ashamed. He needs to glamour his eyes again since it looks like they shocked Alec so much. He just hopes he is not that much disgusted by them. Or him.

Alec grabs Magnus’ shoulder, silenty shaking his head. Magnus furrows his brows. Until Alec leans towards him, cupping Magnus’ face with both hands. Magnus closes his eyes, he can’t look at Alec any longer. It’s too much. He silently curses himself that he forgot about his warlock mark.

But Alec just doesn’t care at all. He presses a featherlight kiss on Magnus’ left eyelid. He hears how Magnus inhales sharply. Then he kisses the right eyelid. It’s so soft and tender, Magnus feels like crying. It takes all of him to fight against the tears building behind his lids. When Alec presses another soft kiss against his forehead, Magnus opens his eyes.

“Don’t hide your true self from me, Magnus. Ever. You’re beautiful. All of you.”

And that is the moment when Magnus Bane falls even more in love with Alexander Gideon Lightwood. Not that Magnus will tell him about his feelings yet. It’s too early. Magnus knows that.

But one day soon…


requested | you take me to the edge, push me too far, watch me slip away, holding on too hard. tell me why does everything that i love get taken away from me? how come nothing ever lasts? it goes from good to bad to worse so fast all it takes is one and i’m gone and you can’t erase the past. how come nothing ever lasts?

i’m working on a new song

it’s about cold nights, the natural sadness of adulthood, and a peculiar feeling of peace

the kindest sound i know


the sky, painted with light
but the photos never
get the colors right
no stars tonight
but the freeway traffic
sparkling so bright
time moves so slow
runnin circles
runnin out of hope
that’s how it goes
draped in darkness
searching for that glow

tired from the fight
keep on going
try with all your might
i know what it’s like
fingers frozen
stomach full of fright
oh no no no
there’s such a lovely
long way left to go
and though and though
silence is
the kindest sound i know

oh wow another day goes by
it goes so fast when i’m feeling alright
and now it’s over
is it really over?
shut those eyes
good bye
good night

the night has become quite cold
and i have become quite cold

oh wow another day goes by
it goes so fast when i’m feeling alright
and now it’s over
is it really over?
shut those eyes
good bye
good night

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If It Takes Writing a Musical For Us To Meet- Lin X Reader

A/N: i hope that you guys like this since it’s my first cast fic!!

“Good performance, Y/N. I have to applaud you on how much emotion went into Satisfied.” Daveed teased me and I rolled my eyes.

“Your personality goes from Lafayette to Jefferson so fast it’s jarring. Now I don’t think Jefferson wears a soldier uniform in act two so I would suggest getting changed.” I smirked, trying to completely ignore what he was implying.

“Well we both know what we know.” He sang with a shit-eating grin on his face and he went to his dressing room quickly.

I groaned and went into my dressing room and changed quickly into the outfit I was wearing in Take a Break.

I got in my position and I waited to hear Lin’s voice as my cue.

“And there you are, an ocean away. Do you have to be an ocean away? Thoughts of you subside, then I get another letter, I cannot put the notion away…”

I waited for the music to change, listening to Pippa, Lin and Anthony sing and in Anthony’s case, rap.

“My dearest Alexander, you must get through to Jefferson, sit down with him and compromise don’t stop ‘til you agree. Your fav'rite older sister, Angelica reminds you there’s someone in your corner all away across the sea. In a letter I received from you two weeks ago I noticed a comma in the middle of a phrase. It changed the meaning. Did you intend this? One stroke and you’ve consumed my waking days. It says:

”'My dearest Angelica.’“

“With a comma after dearest. You’ve written:

”'My dearest, Angelica.’“
“Anyway, all this to say I’m coming home this summer at my sisters invitation, I’ll be there with your fam'ly if you make your way upstate. I know you’re very busy, I know you’re work’s important but I’m crossing the ocean and I just can’t wait.”

“You won’t be an ocean away, you will only be a moment away…”

I smiled widely as I heard Pippa sing and I got down the stairs and hugged her tightly.

“Angelica!” She laughed.


“The Schuyler sisters.” Lin smiled and I let go of Pippa.


“Hi.” He smiled, this cute grin on his face.

“It’s good to see your face.”

I walked off the stage after bowing, exhausted.

But we still had ham4ham to do.

“See! Lin has a crush on you as well!” Daveed practically yelled, barging into my dressing room.

“I thought I locked it.” I mumbled and he sighed.

“He practically was about to cry after the Reynolds Pamphlet!” Daveed pointed out.

To say that yelling at him for cheating on Eliza didn’t hurt me- especially since he actually looked genuinely upset after my part- would be a lie.

“Yes. I know, I was on stage as well.” I reminded him and he looked at me, surprised.

“You were upset as well?”

“Because he looked upset!” I defended myself before realizing that wasn’t helping my case at all. His smirk grew.

“I have a plan for how you should tell him.”

“Absolutely not.”

“Why not?” I heard someone else ask. I turned to see Anthony leaning against my foot, grinning.

“Diggs how many people did you tell?” I asked, glaring at him. He held his hands up in surrender.

“Literally everyone knows besides Lin and you.”

“And me? I am quite aware that I have a crush on Lin.” I pointed out and I groaned, mentally hitting myself.

“See? I knew I was right.” Daveed grinned.

“Okay whatever but what do you mean by ‘and you’?” I asked him.

“You see everyone knows that Lin has a crush on you but you both are completely oblivious to the fact that you both like each other.”

“Lin doesn’t like me.”

“His exact point.” Anthony pointed out.

“I need to get ready for ham4ham.”

“See you later Y/N.” Daveed called and he walked out, Anthony joining him.

The night was wrapping up and Daveed took the microphone.

“Now I’m not sure ‘bout you guys but I would love to hear our ensemble member Y/N sing Helpless with our dear Lin Manuel Miranda.” He said and I could practcially hear the smirk in his voice, even though I wasn’t looking at him. The fans screamed and I sighed and smiled awkwardly at Lin.

Pippa had this huge smile on her face and I knew that if Renee wasn’t sick, she’d be loving every second of this. Daveed handed a microphone to me and I glared at him.

“I am going to murder you.” I told him and he smiled sweetly.

“Go get ‘em.”

The music started and I started singing, keeping all the lyrics the same until it was the talking part.

“Y/N L/N. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”


“That’s my last name. Thank you for all your music.”

“If it takes writing a musical for us to meet, it will have been worth it.”

“I’ll leave you to it.” Pippa smirked.

“One week later and were texting each other nightly, now my life gets better every message that you write me. Laughing at our cast mates because they want me to share them.”

“I’m just saying if you really loved us you would screenshot them.” Daveed said and I heard laughter throughout the cast and the audience.

I continued singing as normal and Lin grabbed my hands and he started rapping.

“Y/N, I don’t have a dollar to my name, an acre of land, a troop to command or a tolerance for pain. All I’ve got is my honor, a dollop of fame, a couple of broadway musicals and my top notch brain- insane this cast brings out a different side of me. Pippa confides in me, Daveed tried to fight me- no stress my love for you was never in doubt, we’ll get a place in New York City and we’ll figure it- and as long as I’m alive I swear to god you’ll never feel so…” He smiled and he closed the space between us, kissing me gently. I heard everyone cheer and the music turn off although it’s not like you could even hear it anymore anyways.

“Helpless.” I finished, out of breath from the kiss.


4 years into my transition but in 3 days I will have been on HRT for 1 YEAR!!!!!! Time flies and to all my other trans sisters and brothers who aren’t at the point in their transition where they want to be there is hope and it goes by so fast I want to thank all 22,000 of you for supporting me since day 1 I love you guys so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

started replaying the last of us the other day and suddenly started wondering what kind of game we’d have gotten if tess hadn’t been bitten