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And she looked so miserable around him. Those arms behind her back I still dream at night. So why was she behaving like that? I could understand then that they didn't want to make it official but why she was so unhappy? So not herself? God and we all saw her with David for god's sake! And maybe I am still angry at her but I feel really sorry for her that she is so blind if goes to men :/

I am not sorry for her because she is not forced into anything she makes her own choices and therefore has to live with them.
As she herself says she can do whatever the fuck she wants!
And I know I’ll get a lot of hater anons for what I say next but
That “I can do whatever the fuck I want” sentences is the biggest BS because you can’t that’s not how family, friendships, communities, workplaces etc function
If everybody does whatever they want we would live in a world of egocentric assholes.
You have responsibilities not just for your self but for your loved ones and therefore you can’t do whatever you want because all your actions affect the people around you. And if you are caring, kind and emphatic you will think about those around you before you go ahead and just to whatever pleases you…

I know it might be cool to just not give a fuck and just do things but that’s exactly why we live in such a fucked up competitive, selfish and egoistic society


Dishonored 2

Karnaca [12/?] for @polygone-moi


Imagine Stiles goes blind.

It takes a while for the pack to adjust but they do, making sure to say things out loud instead of nodding or shaking their head, and making sure that Isaac stops Stiles before he walks into something that could hurt him instead of sitting back and watching on for a few laughs. They still occasionally slip up and ask him “Did you see that?” to which his only reply is to blankly stare at them.

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A lot of the time he makes the best of it, often teasing Derek about how he can just imagine him naked all day every day and he doesn’t have reality to break that illusion.

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Stiles adjusts to his new way of living, learning how to memorise things in his house and walk about them and when he needs to read something, Derek reads it to him (stories, case files, the latest supernatural research, everything).

On their wedding day, Derek forgets his tie and has to run to Scott’s to get it (Because Scott was in charge of the suits and Cora was too busy trying to get into her dress to make the run for him). When he gets there, Scott tells him to wait in the door while he runs to get the tie. Stiles hears him and shouts hello. Derek tells him “It’s bad luck to see the groom before the wedding.” To which Stiles teasingly replies, “Then it’s a good thing I can’t see you.”

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During their wedding, Stiles and Derek wrote their own vows about how they don’t need to look at one another in the morning to know that they’re waking up to each other, they don’t have to see one another to know that the other is there for them and they don’t have to share loving gazes at the alter to know they are standing before the man they love.

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When Stiles and Derek adopt a baby, Stiles is terrified and heart broken. He’s scared that because he can’t see he won’t be able to care for the baby but he does his best. And he’s heartbroken because he never gets to see their child. Except for one day, when Scott heals his sight just long enough that he can see the smiling face of their baby and then look up at Derek’s loving gaze. The vision doesn’t last long, but that’s perfectly okay because now he can hold onto that image forever.

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Saw a man refusing to let his pregnant wife off the porch because he “saw a rat the size of a dog and I will NOT let it bite you, please go back inside darling”. Made me wonder how protective the Maheswaran’s were of their baby.

Blinding attack goes wrong

My DM threw some erinyes at me and my friend playing tabaxi rogue siblings
Me: *blows off fingers with a new tinker weapon*
DM: you’re bleeding out and have your index and ring finger left, but you killed the first devil
Me: I three stooges the next one in the eyes to blind it (crit fails)
DM: you not only break a finger, but the blood hits your eyes instead.

The Blonde Leading the Blind - Jughead Jones x Reader Imagine

Warnings: None

Request by anon: Hi! I would like to request something for Jughead maybe something like Betty and Veronica is trying to set up Jughead and reader, so they send them into a blind date or something? Thank you :)

I took a little liberty with it, in the fact that it’s technically a one sided blind date, but I hope you like it!

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sometimes i think about how prompto is the literal human embodiment of sunshine and everything Good in the world. he helped pryna, he was determined to turn his life around and become friends with the prince, he helped that dog in the road in brotherhood, WHEN HE WAS TRAINING FOR THE TRIP HE WAS MORE CONCERNED ABOUT BEING ABLE TO SAVE NOCT THAN HIMSELF, he stays by ignis’ side The Whole Time when ignis first goes blind and makes sure he’s ok, tries to intervene when gladio and noct are fighting even tho gladio could literally kill him in .2 seconds, determined to stay alive so he could see noct again and he still moves forward with his life and determined to help noct and the guys even tho he discovers his origins and is visibly upset and hurting, waits 10 years for noct……. and the first thing he does when he sees him again is make sure ignis knows noct is there im Fuckingngngng

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Hii, I really love X-men (marvel in general) and I was wondering what kind of mutants the rfa+ V,Saeran and rika (vanderwood if u want) would be, but If you dont know them You can just ignore this if you want, Have fun writing! x

The first bomb begins.


  • For most of Yoosung’s life, he’s been able to understand animals (much to the envy of Saeyoung and Jumin)
  • Because he’s naturally smart, he is pressured to do well in school and behave
  • So, if Yoosung needs some me-time, he goes out to a grassy area and sits and waits for the animals to gather around him
  • More than once he’s actually been caught petting a deer while playing a game on his phone
  • Yoosung’s a Disney Princess


  • She’s got some form of super speed
  • Granted, Jaehee isn’t as fast as some mutants with super speed, but she’s infinitely more efficient
  • While Jaehee does have a lot of control over her powers, if she gets too tired or doesn’t concentrate properly, she’s very likely to crash into walls or hurt herself
  • Thankfully, her speed carries over to her healing as well, so she recovers fast enough that it’s not anything serious


  • Well, naturally, he has an unnatural healing ability
  • It’s interesting that it’s actually a mind based super power as he has to focus and force his body to heal, knowing every cell and what it has to do to heal himself
  • It’s nowhere near as fast as, say, Wolverine, but it’s fast enough that he’s able to recover from a broken bone or sprained ankle within minutes to hours (depending on severity)
  • Some speculate that he has some sort of hypnotic singing voice, but he doesn’t, he’s just a beautiful singer
  • Also, although he doesn’t advertise it, he has had a vision or two of the future in his dreams, but they’re infrequent


  • if he weren’t a mutant, his superpower would be money
  • Jumin’s able to shift his body into diamond and back again
  • He’s able to manipulate this form and create diamond weapons or just straight up diamonds
  • Of course he wishes he could speak to cats, but unfortunately, he’s not so lucky and believe me he has tried to get Yoosung on his employee roster
  • Instead, he has an ability that can make him money and he can use to give people he likes nice things (also, he can spoil Elizabeth)
  • Would totally transform his hand and use the light refraction to play with Elizabeth


  • Omnilingual
  • Aka, he speaks, reads, and understands all languages perfectly
  • Computer code, ancient Egyptian, and Korean all look the same to him
  • Not a super power, but he’s also super smart, and because he got to skip the step of “learning” new languages, he’s able to read a lot of books and how to hack better than anyone else
  • However, sometimes he misses something simple because he doesn’t realize that something is written in two languages for a deliberate reason that hints at the truth


  • He has enhanced senses and the ability to make super sonic blasts
  • So V is very good at knowing his surroundings at all times
  • He can detect anything new or wrong in his immediate area long before he even sees it
  • When V goes blind, he’s still able to see, but it’s different, and he’s not sure he likes it, but it’s interesting
  • The pictures he takes after he goes blind are drastically different in style, the critics say, but they’re still beautiful and his work continues to be adored


  • Twins are often similar, but never the same
  • So while Saeyoung is omnilingual, Saeran isn’t
  • Instead, he’s telekinetic
  • He also has a little telepathy, but it only works with Saeyoung (twin telepathy for the win)
  • As a result, when he gets worked up or really emotional, Saeran loses control and things are either thrown or destroyed
  • When he was first rescued from Rika’s control, he had to be quarantined so that he couldn’t hurt anyone


  • Human taser
  • Basically, he controls electricity and polarities and such
  • Vanderwood, when irritated or pushed, will simply raise his hand and have electricity arc between his fingers as a quiet threat
  • He’s also extremely useful to have around if something electrical breaks, because he can sense if the electricity isn’t passing through part of the machine, or if it’s an electricity problem at all


  • Rika… well, she’s got kind of a Queen Bee type power
  • In that, she produces pheromones that can warp and control a person’s mind
  • Now, people with strong minds or mental based powers, resist her control (such as MC and Saeyoung, Saeran to a lesser extent, and even V, although you wouldn’t know it because he gives into Rika’s will anyways, most of the time)
  • When her powers firsts appeared, her powers only appeared to make people more attracted to her, more drawn in, more interested in making her happy rather than anything else, and she used that to get people to donate money towards good causes
  • One day, someone tried to kill for her, misinterpreting her order, and Rika realized, if she could control people like this, she could change the world
  • Reshape it in a way that nobody would ever be unhappy or want for anything ever again (by taking away their free will)
  • Thus her descent into a power mad, world domination bent, villain


  • MC would be a psychic
  • Probably with some form of ability to telepathically link people’s minds so that everyone can be on the same page
  • But she wouldn’t be strong enough to control or influence people
  • Although, be warned, she does have visions of the past, present, and future, so she could know more about you than you do
  • Not that she would tell you

at last (i see the light)

Summary: Of a tower, a missing prince with the sun in his hair and the ability to heal with a touch, and a terrible-dangerous-very-bad bandit who’s never been altogether good at being very bad, dangerous, or terrible.

An AU based off of Disney’s Tangled.

Nico di Angelo grows up with stories of the prince lost to time.

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After a spell goes wrong during one of her lessons, Chariot plays it off like nothing happened. However, she starts to notice that its becoming harder and harder to see out of her right eye as time goes on. Eventually, because they didn’t catch it in time, Chariot goes completely blind in her right eye.

lowkey chariot angst y’all wanted in the years later au lmao

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excuse me, but can you do any...Prince Sidon Scenarios or headcanons when his s/o is fatally injured in battle? Like, how does he react?

Imma make this headcanons because I’ve pumped out a lot of scenarios and need a break, (because there are more to come). But if you specifically want a scenario next time, hit me up!

S/o is fatally injured in battle (Sidon) (Trigger warning: Death)

  • First of all, HOW DARE YOU
  • Second of all, it really will be similar no matter the outcome.
  • Panic. Protective. Fear. Rage at the enemy.
  • Regardless of the battle, he’ll rush to their side, keeping as calm as he can while checking their injury. 
  • He’ll lift them up as painlessly as he can, and rush them to medical attention, talking to them, begging them the entire time to stay awake.
  • The second the healer has stepped away from them, he’ll be by their side, watching, hoping, holding their hand in his and praying to the Goddess for courage and for your swift recovery.
  • His duties will inevitably interfere, but still, the second he has a spare moment he’s by their side again.
  • When they awaken, there is not enough willpower in existence to stop the tears of joy as he pulls them close, laughing and crying in relief.
  • Afterwards, he becomes a lot more protective, refusing to let them go too far and needing a lot of time to be comfortable with the idea of distances between them. 
  • However
  • I doubt you asked this for fluff.
  • So, if the s/o is fatally injured, and cannot be moved
  • He holds them, begging them to stay awake long enough for a healer to come by.
  • Before being cut off by their hand on his face, holding it one last time.
  • “I love you. I’ll always believe in you, my love.”
  • Through his tears, he’ll whisper it back before realizing that their warmth was gone. 
  • A thousand no’s would escape him as he prayed, begged the Goddess to return them, to not let them leave their side, not like this.
  • The rage that goes through him blinds him, and there’s not an enemy alive as he returns to Zora with a wrapped up body.
  • Even after the funeral, he mourns. Zora is not as bright as it used to be, his happiness drained as his father does everything to help his son through this, mourning together.
  • With time, he learns to smile again, if only for the sake of keeping the spirit of his s/o satisfied, for he knows they would be furious if he let himself wallow.
  • He never does truly love as strongly again though.
  • If you want EXTRA angst 
  • There is no last “I love you.”
  • There is no last hold.
  • There is no proper funeral.
  • All there is, is Link or Zelda or a messenger they have sent, with a letter, stating that Sidon’s s/o, the love of his life, was killed.
  • He is BROKEN.
  • With no closure, with no funeral, he is inconsolable, mourning, letting out a scream of agony when he finds out.
  • For days he is silent and stoic, swimming out to the places they used to spend the most time in, holding their closest possessions close to his heart.
  • With time he goes back to his duties, continues to prepare to be a ruler.
  • But he never really does smile like he used to. Only the memory of you occasionally does that.

You sick twisted people how can you make me write that with my own two hands I’m so proud of you guys but still ow.

-Mod Pinks

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hii tay, can you do an imagine where the reader goes on a blind date with someone, but he's kind of rude and she meets Josh while on the blind date and they hit it off?


It’s not that Peter isn’t lovely. Really, he is. He’s tall and his hair is neatly done, and he smells like department store perfume and he’s everything you’re supposed to want to take home to your parents.

The problem is that he’s mind-numbingly dull and–even worse–completely uninterested in you. Even when he picked up you up, dressed up a tight dress with your makeup all done, he’d barely mumbled a compliment. You probably should’ve taken the hint and claimed sickness before you’d gotten to the arena, but you didn’t want to offend the guy. Your mother had raised you better than that.  

You sigh, head propped up in your hand. The bleachers are cold underneath you and you have absolutely no idea what the players on the court below are even doing. The game’s just started, but Peter is already engrossed in it, eyes tracking the players’ movements carefully. You would ask a question about the team or why their shorts are so long they cover their knees, but you’re sure Peter would just mildly play it off.

“Sorry, sorry, coming through,” a light voice comes from your left. You snapped your head around to see two boys pushing their way through the bleachers towards you. The yellow haired one is doing the pushing, loudly shouting sincere apologies as he goes through. The short-haired one behind him is carrying a giant bag of popcorn and a soda, an overly pleased grin on his face.

They bustle their way through until they’re right next to you and Peter. The yellow one sits right next to you, still nattering away at his friend. He’s wearing sweats and a tank top, and you feel absurdly overdressed next to him in your fancy heels and curled hair.

You turn your head away when you hear a loud “Hi!” in your ear. It’s the boy, smiling at you and…oh. He’s got these soft eyes that look like melting waterfalls and he reminds you of a star. He’s just very pretty despite the fact that he looks like he just came from a skate park.

“Hi,” you smile back. Maybe the night won’t be so awful after all.

“I’m Josh. This is my friend Tyler.” Tyler smiles and waves at you. He looks easy going too.

“I’m Y/N. This is, uh, my date, Peter.” you gesture over at Peter, who’s pointedly still staring at the game. “Um, Peter?”

The man turns his head slightly, “Yeah?”

“This is Josh and Tyler.” He waves, uninterested, at the duo.

Peter mumbles a semblance of a hello at them and turns his head completely back to the game. You can feel your face drop a little, but you try to smile at Josh. His brow is furrowed in Peter’s direction, and he mouths to you “Silent type, huh?”

“I guess,” you shrug, careful not to bump your shoulder into Peter.

Josh  focuses back on you. It’s almost dizzying, the caramel eyes staring so earnestly into yours. “Where are you from, then?”

“Columbus. You?”

“Yeah? Us too.”

The crowd around you suddenly roars. You lean back a bit, not realizing how close you’d been leaning in to Josh. He’s still only looking at you though, despite the people yelling around you. Peter is on his feet yelling obscenities. “What happened?” You ask him.

“What?” He almost yells back. “You’re so quiet, can’t you speak up?”

You can feel your cheeks heating up. “I just asked what happened.”

“They fouled one of our players.”

“What does that mean?”

Peter gives you a cold look. “Don’t you go to college here? How can you not know the basic rules of basketball?”

You gulp, “I—”

“Nevermind. It’s when players make contact with another player, basically,” he huffs. “You’re not allowed to do that.”

“Oh—” you briefly stumble over your words. Peter turns back to game, huffing loudly.

Josh’s face is thunderous when you glance back at him.  He grumbles under his breath, “Well, that was rude.”

If that’s not terribly endearing, you’re not sure what is. You can feel yourself fonding over Josh as they fall back into a conversation, with his little quips and comments throughout the game and his lovely eyes and strong biceps and the way he laughs at you like you’re actually telling funny jokes. He’s just so happy and perfect and he gets eye crinkles when he smiles. You love eye crinkles.

A loud horn and the bustling of people around them startles you. Peter’s trying to shuffle past you, “Do you want popcorn or anything?”.

You frown at him, “No, I’m fine. Thank you.”

Tyler leaves too, and Josh fixes you with a curious look. “Why in the world are you on a date with that guy? No offense or anything, but he’s kind of prick.”

You laugh at his remark, “My friend thought we’d be a good match. I’m not sure how she could have possibly thought that. Remind me to never let myself get set up on a blind date ever again,” you sigh.

Josh launches into a story about the “worst date I’ve ever been on, I swear, Y/N, it was the most awful night of my life”. His eyes are shining and you’re not sure of the last time you laughed this hard. He’s still talking when Peter comes back grumbling slightly under his breath and avoiding your eyes. Josh glares daggers at him, like the guy’s personally attacking him.

“Is that a Kiss Cam?” Tyler asks as he sits back down, pointing at the big screen.

You smile in awe at the old couple on the screen now. You and Josh both laugh at the various couples they show, watching both awkward and sweet kisses they share.  You’re mid-laugh when you freeze, shocked at what they’re showing now. It’s focused on you and Peter. More specifically, you now staring at Peter and Peter completely ignoring you. He’s not even glancing over at you or turning his head in the slightest. You can feel your cheeks heat up again, looking helplessly over at Josh.

Josh, who’s still smiling at you like a ball of sunshine, quirks an eyebrow and narrows his eyes. Without thinking, you lean in and kiss him. He tastes like sunshine and mint chewing gum, and he kisses you back just as eagerly. His lips are soft against yours and you think that you might be a little in love. You pull back after what feels like forever, leaning your forehead against Josh’s. Your smile is so wide it feels like it’s going to split your face open, and when you finally lean back to look at Josh, he’s smiling just as wide, eye crinkles and all.

Tyler looks a little shocked behind him, leaning over with wide eyes. He’s looking behind you at Peter, who’s finally paying attention.

He has a cold expression and his eyebrows are furrowed. He crosses his arms stiffly over his chest and glares at you. “We’re on a date. You can’t kiss other people when you’re on a date with me. Who does that?”

You stutter out a semblance of a response, but then Josh is leaning forward. “I don’t mean to be rude, but you’re kind of a dick.”

Peter’s jaws drops open at him. He looks like he’s about to spit a response back when Josh turns to you and grins widely at him. “Wanna get out of here?”

You laugh, “Yeah, of course I do.”

He stands and offers a hand to you, “Let’s go. We’ve got things to do, places to see.”

You let Josh pull you up and you can’t keep the stupid grin off from your face. He takes your hand again and starts pulling you gently down the bleachers. You turn and wave back at Tyler and Peter. Peter looks like he’s swallowed a something whole but Tyler quickly gives you a soft smile and a thumbs up. “Bye, Peter! Hopefully I’ll see you soon, Tyler.” You laugh again and let yourself get pulled along by Josh.

Josh turns around and smiles at you, “You okay?”

Maybe it’s too soon to tell, but you have a strange feeling that you just met your soulmate. You beam back, “I am now.”


Honestly moments like this make me cringe so fucking hard. There are so many fans who do the craziest shit and are obsessed with Korean culture and make Korean food and try and study the language and have a life goal of going to live in Korea and talk out their ass about how good kimchi is. But as soon as something happens that doesn’t show idols in a positive light they do a complete one fucking eighty and appear so ignorant.

As a nonKorean, you don’t get to pick and choose what parts of THEIR culture is wrong or right. You don’t get to choose what parts of THEIR culture you agree with. You don’t get to shit on them because they think differently to you on topics. Their opinions come from years of their own cultural knowledge and socialization.

I’m so fucking sick of the warped view people have on an entire fucking country. The fetishism that goes on. The weird blindness to only seeing things from a western lense. Because guess what? Korea is extremely conservative in lots of ways. They don’t let you do drugs. Porn websites are blocked. You generally don’t live with your bf/gf before you’re married. Having a child before you’re married is considered shameful. You live with your parents until you’re like 30 and when they tell you not to do something, you don’t do it. Abortions are illegal (but not hard to get). Birth control outside condoms is hard to obtain. And drugs are literally the fucking worst.

And idols don’t live in bubbles. They’re Korean. They have grown up in this culture and they know the rules. They know what is culturally acceptable. They know what could cause a scandal and ruin their career. But they, like all other Koreans, take calculated risks and make decisions based on all the schema they have.

No one FORCED TOP to bring a girl back to his house. No one FORCED TOP to smoke weed with her once. Or on the second time. Or the third fucking time. They were decisions he himself made. He then made the decision to try and lie about it, knowing all that he knows about the Korean culture. There is nothing more to it than that.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t think it’s fair. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think it’s right. Because it’s what happens. And if you really cares about all this ‘injustice’ to him, you wouldn’t be worried about just him. Lots of other famous Koreans have gone to jail for weed. Lot’s of other Koreans have had huge scandals and felt the force of the public, but I haven’t seen a single thing said about it.

And it’s shitty because you pick and choose who is worthy of being defended. No one said shit about Bom and her prescription drugs. No one said shit about that huge marijuana ring involving idol trainees and rappers last year. Because you don’t seem to actually care about the fact drugs are an issue in Korea. You care about the fact TOP is in trouble. Stop trying to make this a political thing about marijuana, because it’s not. He’s a grown ass man that knew the law and consequences. You just care that your idol got caught.

I get so angry about this shit. Not all of you do it. But some of you honestly need to grow up and see shit for what it is.

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Could I get a scenario and/or headcanons of the chocobros with a chubby s/o? Sorry if it's a weird request;; I need the self-esteem after being called fat a lot recently :,)

Noctis wouldn’t mind your size at all. If you take away the fact that he’s royalty, he’s acutely aware that he’s a total dork. So the fact that someone likes him for being himself amazes him. He knows you adore him completely, and he’s totally devoted to you. He always makes sure that you’re showered in love and attention and makes sure that people acknowledge you when you’re in social situations or meeting newcomers. 

Prompto used to be bigger, so he knows the societal pressure that people put on you and he thinks it’s totally unfair. He loves every bit of you––your stomach, your thighs, your arms, and he tells you so every day. He loves taking photos of you and showing them to you so that you can see yourself through his eyes, and so you can see just how beautiful you truly are. 

Gladio enjoys physical activity, but he never pushes you if you’re not into it. He doesn’t mind if you’re on the chubbier side, it’s just more of you to hold onto when you’re being intimate. He’s fiercely protective of you when it comes to your self-esteem issues and he’ll be the first to go after someone who says anything sideways in your direction. He just wants you to be comfortable in your own skin.

When Ignis goes blind, you get a little more self conscious because he’s touching you constantly. But he assures you that he absolutely loves your curves. He didn’t care either when he could see, which he reminds you of constantly, and enjoys indulging in rich foods with you whenever it suits your fancy. You enjoy food and Ignis enjoys cooking––really, it’s a match made in heaven.

Yes ma’am

Request by @marvelhpaprendice: Hi! This may come out of nowere! But i love your Bucky fics! So i have a request to make! Could you do a one shot where Bucky and the reader hate each other (not really hate, like hate with sexual tension beetween them) and one day, as they watch a movie, they feel the tension that they make and just give in to each other? Thank’s!!!!!!

Summary: Your blind date goes wrong and you find yourself watching a movie with Bucky despite how much you two despise each other.

Warnings: Smutty smut, really small angst. 

A/N: I did this request right away because the messaged me personally and I honestly forgot about the requests in my asks. I’m going to get to them, I promise. I’ve just been extremely busy with school. I’ll try to work on a few tonight and tomorrow if I have time. Thank you all for being so supportive of my Bucky x Reader fan fictions! I love getting feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, both help me improve my writing and story telling.

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