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i spent new years drawing this ayy. happy new year people! <3

one of my favorite twinyard hcs is that Aaron does everything he can NOT to look exactly like his brother because he hates when people get them confused, and so imagine

- Aaron slowly getting into piercings and tattoos and stuff like “andrew would never pierce his ears so I’m gonna pierce my ears”
- (Andrew /does/ pierce his own ears just to piss Aaron off, but he let’s the holes close shortly after)
- Aaron gets drunk and makes Kevin drive him to a little tattoo parlor in Columbia at like 2am and he ends up getting a shoulder tattoo of like a rose or something
- he’s surprised when he wakes up and sees it the next morning but not displeased
- he’s also really relieved when a couple weeks pass and Andrew still doesn’t have the same tattoo
- it becomes like a thing though, like he starts to genuinely likes piercings and tattoos, so he keeps going
- it’s easy to hide his new tongue piercing while it’s healing because everyone is used to him going long periods without talking to them, they just assume he’s being bitchy
- they don’t actually find out about it until like a year later when he’s getting his lip ring, and they only find out because Nicky goes with him to get the new one and he sees the tongue piercing and forwards the news to every single person in his phone
- Aaron finds an old unsent letter that Tilda wrote (probably addressed to the twins’ dad or something) at the house in Columbia in an unpacked box of her stuff and the letter has “baby” written in it at least once, so he takes it to the tattoo parlor with him and has “baby” tattooed on his wrist in her handwriting and people think it’s like a cute bf/gf thing or something but it’s actually to remember his mom because you know that no matter how badly she treated him, Aaron still loved his mother
- consider Aaron Minyard with one of those nose rings with the really tiny gem,, oh, my god,,, I’m dead rip, Kevin is dead too, small blonde boy is so hot with the tiny nose gem
- he expands on the shoulder rose tattoo and pretty soon his entire arm is covered in flowers, it’s amazing
- and then there’s that one fox tattoo on his hip that he manages to keep secret until the cousins’ graduation when the older foxes come back to celebrate and he gets roped into a game of truth or dare and Allison dares him to take his shirt off because they’ve all got money on whether or not he has one of his nipples pierced
- (he does)

My Heart is Broken…

“I can’t go on living this way
But I can’t go back the way I came
Chained to this fear that I will never find
A way to heal my soul
And I will wander ‘til the end of time
Half alive without you”

~by Evanescence

“They were his colors”, Day 2 for TimKon week!

Since when did I ever draw Tim this sad?


Stab me in the heart will you. OTL
I’m sorry if I’m posting my TimKon week stuff a day late. (T▽T) 

I know this show often goes for this complex, artsy, grotesque shots. And I like the aspect because it stylizes the violence to the point where it doesn’t even look real, which can mute the repulsion (though not in all cases, of course). However, I have always tended to favor simple shots that communicate everything. Like this one. The graffiti on the door, the dried blood on the ground, and Abigail’s fixed stare. This is where her mother died. She knew all the while what her father was capable of, that he could do something like this, and one day probably would. It lasts two second and it’s one of my favorite shots of the entire series. It’s stark, simple, and utterly powerful in what it’s communicating.


“I have some… Concerns.”

He finally got to try the suit on! And that was the first thing he told me.


“Sunfire mode” is when Tadashi produces flames that engulf his whole body. It’s somewhat similar to the Human Torch’s “FLAME ON!” mode. (I was actually super tempted to just call this Flame On! mode but yeah…)

He is able to fly in super high speed and in this state, he can produce his “psionic Flame Shields.” The Area of Effect can actually reach up to 30 ft. in circumference,enough to shield us all but it is extremely draining for Tadashi. He is still working on more ways to utilize his flames and is doing better and better.

Like what I said, his suit and armor adapts to his current state. Its color changes due to the high temperature and it can actually help in making sure that Tadashi isn’t emitting any excessive, harmful radiation.

You can see the full suit here without its color changed. 

Teehee. Hope you guys like this!

Took me a while to draw this because… HOW DO YOU FIRE??? how.

His look is actually inspired from Famine!Sunfire and a bit of Firestorm, and a bit of Starfire mehehehehe. (Srsly.) I also mentioned to frick-sticks-and-gay-chicks how this form of Sunfire reminds me of Heatblast (from Ben 10.) Haha! So yeah.

Y’know I just really wanted to how this suit would look like stripped off the armor. Heehee.


Noelani- 14. Sky Baby, Hawaiian. It’s canon now. Panromantic Asexual.

Babs- 9. Bear girl, brown short pig tails, freckles.

Bonnie/Charlie: 10 Non binary bubble child. Golden pixie cut.

Dilong- 16 Earth/Metal manipulation, Chinese jet black short cut hair. Questioning bisexual.

Emulan-  16. Gargoyle Wings. She has pale/greyish skin, straight black hair that falls to her shoulders, green eyes, wings and round sure glasses. Artsy, goes on walks and sketches scenery.

Leo- 11. Instrumental prodigy/speaker, ginger, pale.

Alex-12. Static boy ADHD. Bleach blonde hair

Issac- 15. Light manipulation (has anger issues blonde ombré hair. Straight.

Nicolette- 15. Shadow manipulation (sarcastic,  sometimes bitchy) Dark brown hair, shoulder length. Straight.

Bernadette- 14. Ability to see lost things both physical and philosophical. Short, curly blonde hair, pale green eyes. Aromatic.

Tomas- 17. Duplicator. Guatemalan with curly, fawn colored hair. Gay. In love with Dilong.

Idan- 6. strength, long brown hair that grows twice the speed of humans.

Autumn Alanis: 15 Whatever physically hurts her, hurts another within contact. Greek, long curly hair like Wonder Woman’s . Pan.

Miloson Smith- 16. Split personality (like Jekyl and Hyde). Swiss, moved to Manchester during WWII for safety. Thick accent. Big brown eyes. Pan.

modern college aus

- freshman obvi
- afraid of the dorm showers
- that kid who is super involved in the nerdy clubs and shit
- actually joins a frat for the philanthropy, lays low at the parties
- english major, but a photography minor because he wanted to see the artsy girls
- goes to a school up north, regrets that decision the second it starts to snow
- always sits in the “quiet dining” area in the cafeteria so he can read

- sophomore 
- never wants to cook but also never wants to go to the cafeteria. He lives on peanut butter, dry cereal, ramen, and black coffee
- philosophy major and he knows theres no employment
- likes the library the most but he’ll also just lock himself in his room to do his work
- you would think he would be quiet but he actually gets in trouble with his RA for his loud music during all hours of the night

- cute senior that all the freshmen girls love seeing around
- has an internship and is actively working
- business major
- will give freshmen rides to the store 
- is known for his legendary keg stand
- football team’s star player

- knows EVERYONE 
- stoned allllll the time like you’ll see him in the cafeteria at least 5 times a day 
- has a time-slot on the college radio station
- undecided 
- sleeps through his 8am class almost every week. He’s going to lose credit for it
- his roommate hates him bc he’s always kicking him out to hook up w people
- never does laundry. Sometimes a girl will do it for him
- girls make his bed for him too

- runs out of cafeteria swipes in the first two months of the semester
- struggling engineering major
- knows everyone too, but only bc he’s always with Soda
- gets locked out of his room all the time
- was in the shower during a fire drill and had to evacuate in just his towel
- has set off the fire alarm for trying to smoke in his room
- his dorm’s a mess, smells like corn chips

- the RA’s hate him bc he’s been caught with beer like 10 times
- Junior, also a philosophy major and will probably get in heated arguments about reality with Johnny
- has gone to class drunk and gave a presentation. He got an 82
- is never seen doing any work but somehow is doing well
- eventually moves to a frat house
- makes out w a girl at every party

- has a longboard and rides it to class
- but he’s still usually late
- is usually fucking around on his computer during class, never listening
- he’s a history major though for like no real reason
- he’s a junior and he sells weed to all the underclassmen
- he’s really good friends w soda 
- has a house off-campus and throws pretty good parties. But is always asking “who do you know here?” at the door. 
- his body count is extensive. 


From Hiro’s Journal- “Sunfire”

So. We’re still in the process of testing out Tadashi’s newly discovered abilities. He can generate flames through some sort of “bio-chemical process” even he can’t explain. He is able to produce extremely hot temperatures from absorbing  solar energy and radiation and from what we gathered, it surpassed 500,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Baymax’s thermal scan stated that it might not even be the maximum.

We needed to have 3 things for Tadashi’s suit:
To stand and adapt to the heat he’s generating.
To monitor his current changes in his physiology and biochemistry.
To be able to utilize his skills in martial arts and energy projection.


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[Dragon Age Aesthetics] – Solas

“Sometimes to achieve the world one desires, one must take regrettable measures.”