goerge hu

– Te következel, Fred – adta ki az utasítást a pufók asszonyság.
– Nem Fred vagyok, hanem George! – felelte a fiú. – És még te nevezed magad anyánknak? Nem látod, hogy George vagyok?
– Ne haragudj, George drágám.
– Csak vicc volt, Fred vagyok – szólt a fiú, és már indult is.


I started a drama last week starring Annie Chen and George Hu, called Love, Now!

And I'm just gonna say that it’s an amazing Taiwan drama! Those two actors are amazing together! I enjoyed the relationship that Annie and George shared when playing their role. They were perfect for eachother!

Even if it’s on cam or not, they are amazing! To tell you the truth, I prefer George and Annie together for Taiwan couples more than Ariel and Jo from, It Started With A Kiss. Love, Now is a long drama, each about 45 minutes long, it consist of 72 episodes.

It’s very romantic, funny, happy, sad, it even made me cry, not gonna lie there. But in the end, even for being 72 episodes, it’s honestly worth the watch!