Okay, but, when you realize that Goemon’s original goal was to kill Lupin, it shows just how close the two of them have become. Goemon went from wanting Lupin dead, to risking his own life to keep Lupin’s secrets. And the same goes for Jigen. Jigen’s also been tortured to try and get info on Lupin, and he also wouldn’t say anything. GOD THE LUPIN GANG IS SO AMAZING THEY ALL LOVE AND TRUST EACH OTHER SO MUCH EVEN THOUGH THEY DON’T NORMALLY ACT LIKE IT.

Not only is lupin iii celebrating its 50th anniversary

Mr. Ohno Yuji is celebrating his 40th as music composer and song writer for the lupin franchise.

From 1977-2017 he’s been providing music for the show and looks like he ain’t stopping anytime soon. He’s written music for film and T.V and some catchy tunes, and his most famous theme is the theme for the second series of lupin the third as the show makes a come back in japan on October 3rd, 1977, after a 5 year hiatus in 1972 since the first series had ended. From that point on the show became popular and since then the music that ohno yuji has written have become as icon as the show itself.

Till he finally decides to hang his hat and retire, it seem Mr. Ohno yuji will continue to keep on grooving. Art by Tad