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Here’s what I like about this one: Sawyer gets all excited about “work the middle” then gets all revolted about “stroke it for me.” Like, what’s the difference, @$$hole? Then it hits me: the difference is that with the former, he just gets to lay there, and with the latter, he actually has to work. And not for himself; he has to stroke it for someone else. And so of course, he wants nothing to do with it.

And THAT’s what’s wrong with America.

Hi everyone! Dan Basskitty, Benj and I are excited to perform at Medusa Lounge (27 S. 21st St.) for Rick Yee’s monthly Showcase. Kevin Goeke will be performing some spoken word. Yay! Tomorrow night…Thursday February 26th 10pm…Free….21+….drink specials. Click on link for more info about the other talented featured performers. Thank you all! It will be a fun night of music:) #rickyeesshowcase #medusalounge #spensermichaels #benj #danbasskitty #kevingoeke #sayitagain #land #evolving