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Here’s what I like about this one: Sawyer gets all excited about “work the middle” then gets all revolted about “stroke it for me.” Like, what’s the difference, @$$hole? Then it hits me: the difference is that with the former, he just gets to lay there, and with the latter, he actually has to work. And not for himself; he has to stroke it for someone else. And so of course, he wants nothing to do with it.

And THAT’s what’s wrong with America.

PSU student 'ties' learning about business to running one

PSU student ‘ties’ learning about business to running one

Penn State University student Carl Rowits wasn’t aiming to join the fashion accessory industry.

He was just trying to look nice.

But his decision to wear a clip-on bow tie to a fraternity initiation ceremony in the fall of his freshman year had unforeseen repercussions.

The reaction he got propelled the Ephrata High School graduate into teaming up with college roommate Reg Goeke to launch a…

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