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Did you ever see that Evangelion/Godzilla fusion figure?

I DID. I assume you mean the X Plus figures, which are so freaky and awesome. Gojieva is a dream come true for me. There’s the Berserk Unit 01:

And the Beast Mode Unit 02:

Iwaizumi rarepair birthday drabbles


Karasuno and Aoba Johsai had another practice match and they were encuorage to team up with members of the opposite team to warm up. Daichi ended up being his partner. They made small talks while stretching. When it was Daichi’s turn, he mumbled something while his back was facing Iwaizumi.

Not hearing what Daichi had mumbled, Iwaizumi leaned closer and asked for clarifications, making Daichi flinch and splutter “I-I said I heard from Kageyama that it was your birthday.” 

Daichi stood up abruptly and slapped Iwaizumi on the shoulder and mumbled a more audible “Happy birthday” while not making eye contact. Although Daichi didn’t make eye contact even when he jogged back to his team, Iwaizumi swore he could see shades of pink across across Daichi’s cheeks.

As Iwaizumi watched Daichi go (Oikawa was right, Daichi did have very nice thighs), his eyes spotted Oikawa waggling his eyebrows. 


After the practice, Iwaizumi went outside to wash his face and hydrate himself at the drinking fountain. He splashed his face with water and rubbed his eyes to regain vision. There was a small dark figure on top of the fountain. When he looked closer, it turned out to be a small Godzilla figure, which was not there when he had walked here. 

Iwaizumi looked around but it wasn’t long to find a suspicious figure hiding in the nearby bush. He could make out the words “Setter Soul” from a shirt peeking through. He chuckled and called out, “Thanks for the present!”.

The person (Iwaizumi had a good idea of who it was) rustled in the bush before disappearing.

When Aoba Johsai said their goodbyes to Karasuno, Kageyama was still wearing his “Setter Soul” T-shirt. Iwaizumi nodded and smiled at him, but Kageyama started running for Karasuno’s bus.


Akaashi turned up unannounced on Iwaizumi’s doorstep. He was visiting relatives in Miyagi and wanted to stop by quickly to say happy birthday. Just as Akaashi excused himself, his stomach start growling. Iwaizumi asked Akaashi to stay for dinner with him and his mum. Akaashi politely declined the offer but his stomach said otherwise. 

Iwaizumi’s mum adored Akaashi and he ended up helping her cook dinner - Iwaizumi’s favourite, agedashi tofu. Iwaizumi offered to help but was kicked out of the kitchen. (Watching Akaashi cook wasn’t such a bad punishment though.)

After dinner and a small birthday cake, Iwaizumi and Akaashi ended up watching movies before the latter realized how late it was and started texting furiously, then excused himself to go to his relatives.

(Much later, when Aoba Johsai joined the Tokyo training camp, Iwaizumi offhandedly said something about Akaashi’s relatives in Miyagi. Bokuto and Konoha started rolling on the floor laughing.)

(Much much later, Iwaizumi found out that Akaashi had stayed over at Sugawara’s - who lived nearby -  that night.)