RIOBOT NERV Anti-G Weapon Shiryu Prototype Unit 01 is the latest addition to the RIOBOT series, and is inspired by the collaboration project “Godzilla vs Evangelion”. The figure design is by Yoji Shinkawa of Kojima Productions and skillfully merges the world of Godzilla and Evangelion together. Equipped with ball joints to make posing easy and smooth, it comes with Anti Kaiju Battle Blades for each arm, and extra interchangeable hands.


Full Ichiban Kuji Godzilla lottery 2017 revealed! Figure, character straps, magnetic heads, cushion, glasses, hand towels, and file holders. Lottery goes live November 17 in numerous convenience stores, game centers, and other locations!

Imagine: Iwaizumi having a monstrous cluster of Godzilla keychains to one key. 

It’s like a ball of 11 different little Godzilla figures attached to 2 keys (one to his home and one to the Oikawa’s). 90% of the keychains are gifted by Oikawa and with really good quality except that oldest one, a plastic poor-made Godzilla keychain Oikawa got from a gachapon and gave it to Iwa. 

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What is the appeal of all those weirdly colored Godzilla figures? They look like Chinese bootlegs.

Different collectors like different things. Personally, I know sofubi toys don’t look like bootlegs at all. Rather, they’re purposely stylized and carefully designed by the artists who sculpt them. The appeal of sofubi is tied to the history of the genre itself. In the 60s and 70s, kids didn’t need “100% suit accurate” toys or a billion points of articulation to have fun. Kaiju toys just looked like this: 

Ever since, these toys (and modern ones inspired by the classics) have been very highly sought after collector’s items. Their style and bright colors have a great deal of nostalgia attached to them, reminding fans of simpler days. And if you ask me, they’re just plain pretty to look at. 

Plus, the community of sofubi collectors is very friendly. You won’t find this kind of enthusiasm and positivity in the X-Plus or SHMA circles.

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how was he even able to develop such a huge kakuja i mean come on even by manga standards that's too much..

Well we could go two way with this.

One is that you can join me on funeral as we bury laws of physics 6 feet underground.

Second way being is that we already did saw something of this size (more or less) in underground city.

So Kaneki isn’t only kaiju-ghoul.

While both Naga/Nagaraj’s and especially Kaneki’s kakuja is physics defying we have to take into account that he cannibalized 100 Oggai who had high RC + Furuta which was ghoul with high RC.

Know the rule, eat food with too much fat and you’ll get big. Therefor eat bunch of half-ghouls who had high RC on level of most powerful ghouls in series and you shall become kaiju-ghoul that you used to draw once upon a time.

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Bonus, In this chapter in Ishida’s room we can see what appears to be Godzilla figure Lol

At least we can draw conclusion where inspiration for this chapter came from.