godzilla vs alien

Part III Baby Iwaoi headcanons

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  • Shortly after his second birthday, Tooru watched E.T. The Extra-terrestrial and it became his favorite film ever.
  • For the following three months or so, Tooru would have his Mom put the film over and over all day. Everyone in the Oikawa household is sick of E.T.
  • Hajime doesn’t mind watching E.T. three times in a row everytime he visits Tooru. He doesn’t like it as much, but they both get really excited and start squealing during the flying bicycle scene.
  • The only thing that will make Tooru stop watching E.T. is when Hajime wants to play something else.
  • One day Tooru wants to play “Alien vs Godzilla” but Hajime refuses. “Jira, Tooru’s friend”.
  • “Alien & Godzilla vs Nee-chan” becomes their new favorite game. Tooru’s sister (age 10) is not impressed.
  • At daycare, alien things start becoming very popular, so Tooru has it easier making new friends.
  • During drawing time, Tooru always wants to sit next to Hajime. Tooru gets the hang of coloring inside the lines a lot faster than Hajime, and he helps Hajime to get better at it.
  • One day, their moms take them to the petting zoo and when Tooru sees a hedgehog, he points and yells “looks like Iwa!!”. At the gift shop, he yells until Mom buys him a hedgehog plushie.
  • When he’s not with Hajime, Tooru always keeps his hedgehog plushie near. When he feels sad he looks at it and thinks of Hajime and smiles.
  • The first time Mom tried to put that plushie in the laundry it was an absolute drama. She had to wait for some other day, when Tooru was distracted playing with Hajime.
  • The first time the daycare teacher wanted to put them in different teams (for building-blocks hour), Tooru started screaming. The teacher is already used to Tooru’s clinginess to Hajime, but before she can try to calm Tooru down, Hajime walks over to him and pats pats both of Tooru’s cheeks with his hands. “Is okay. Play with Tooru later. No cry.” He pats Tooru’s cheeks two more times until Tooru finally says “Okay” and stops crying.
  • When building-blocks hour is over, Tooru proudly shows Hajime the things he did with his team and Hajime likes them.
  • Tooru’s sister teaches him to play house. The next time Hajime comes to visit (with his Godzilla plushie), Tooru proposes to play a new game “Iwa is mom. Me is dad. Jira is baby.Happy family”
  • Hajime takes his role as “mom” a bit too seriously, and long after they’ve changed to play other things, he will constantly make sure Tooru doesn’t take his socks off and attempt to clean Tooru’s face after they have dinner by shoving a napkin to Tooru’s cheek