godzilla problems


Godzilla Problems: When Godzilla Ruins EVERYTHING

First our water supply ran out and now we can’t find any free Wi-Fi. It’s official: Godzilla. Ruined. EVERYTHING!

It would be a real tragedy if Pacific Rim’s sequel was cancelled, but let’s remember that even our unconfirmed report says it’s not a sure thing either way. There was even doom and gloom and talk of big problems for Godzilla 2014 when that lawsuit with former producers emerged, so we just don’t know.

Really don’t want this series to die, though. Pacific Rim gave me something to care about during a very unhappy summer, and even provided a burgeoning community of monster, robot, and Rinko Kikuchi fans for me to commiserate with. Let’s hope for the best and continue to support Pacific Rim in the ways we can.