godzilla of earths


Godzilla Rulers of Earth Japanese editions, volume 3!
Fun fact: the Kiryu vs Destoroyah cover? That one is a collaboration between myself and legendary manga artist/suit actor (Baby Godzilla, Battra larva) Hurricane Ryu!!!
The rest of the line art is by me and colored by Goncalo Lopes!
Published by Phase 6, original published by @idwcomics


Most of you aren’t Transformers fans, but in one of the recent issues (#8) of Lost Light characters Nautica and Velocity visit the home of Agonizer (a decepticon now going by the title The Curator). In his collection is the head of a Kryog commander such as Karkaro or more likely of the same rank as Rhizon (since there’s no other fanciness such as Karkaro’s crown etc).

WOW i finally got around to making a colored version for my interpretation of 2017 pennywise’s true form :^) 

hope y’all enjoy big ol spider mantis reptiles cause boy i sure do 

and heres one w/ size difference compared to a human 

B I G B O Y…..

(i updated his design btw, go check it out)

Reasons why you should read IDW's Godzilla: Rulers of Earth.

All these gorgeous scenes are drawn by the monstrously talented duo, Matt Frank and Jeff Zornow (and a badass Mechagodzilla by Paul Hanley)! 

In addition to the reasons above, over 30 different monsters appear throughout the series! And the next issue features an army of mechs, so don’t miss it!


I was grinning manically for pretty much the entirety of issue #25 - this page most of all.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #25 (2015)

Story by Chris Mowry and Matt Frank, written by Chris Mowry

Art by Matt Frank and Jeff Zornow, colors by Priscilla Tramontano, ink assist by Mostafa Moussa, letters by Shawn Lee, edits by Bobby Curnow


Here’s some sweet pics for you this Monday morning! RULERS OF EARTH is getting volume 2 of the Japanese release! The first cover is the Amazon Edition, which features a collaboration between myself and the Heisei Godzilla manga artist, Takayuki Sakai! With colors by Gonçalo Lopes! Then, the second pic is my cover for the standard/store edition, with colors by Jeff Zornow!
Finally, that’s ROE volume 1 for sale in Japanese stores nationwide! I THINK IM GONNA DIE