This would have been better than the Bloodstrike movie announcement a little while ago but after finding out that Glory and Avengelyne will not actually be in the movie, I do not have as much interest in it. In fact, not even Jesus will be in the movie which were three out of the four main characters in the comic. So I ask myself, what is the point in relating the book to the movie at all besides the name of it? Not much besides the point that the movie is being created my Rob Liefeld. I just hope that the movie will share the same epic scope as Liefeld’s ideas usually offer. Check out the source to learn more of the movie

thatotherindianguy  asked:

Really ? You're not excited at all that WW is finally getting her own film? Also have you ever thought of having Moarte do an episode of at4w?

I’ll believe she’s getting her own film when there’s a poster or a trailer.

They announce films all the damn time.

Still waiting on that Youngblood movie. Or the Godyssey movie. Or frankly ANY Rob Liefeld property becoming a movie.

Superman v. Batman: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack isn’t even out yet so we don’t know if it’ll be successful enough for a full DC franchise.

As for Moarte doing an episode of AT4W… maybe for a DVD. I prefer keeping them separate but with occasional references to each other.