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Who is ready for janeroxy week 2017? It will run from June 26th to July 2nd  and it will be the second annual janeroxy week. 

All types of appreciation for the ship are accepted, (art, fics, playlists, edits, headcanons, etc.)

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  • Me when i started reading homestuck: there are so many characters!! And theres so much fanart of even more characters!! All of these versions that I haven't met yet how will I keep track of them all???
  • Me now: ahh yes, that's some beautiful art of bloodswap!godtier!trickster!catstuck!Feferi. Very nice. Very nice.

GG: I began to wonder why I ever had the audacity to think I know much of anything about the world we live in or the journey we’re about to take

i can’t believe it’s been a year since i started cosplaying jane and i’m already finished with every canon form of her. when i was in her godtier on saturday night i had to keep myself from crying because i was such a mixture of emotions about finishing jane bingo. i love jane so much and i literally have never identified with a fictional character more than i have with her.

of course, i couldn’t do this on my own. special thanks go to a few special people:

  • swoz for taking several pictures of me (in this collage he took default, trickster, and crockertier)
  • devioustofu for shooting my godtier shoot
  • deutsches for shooting my skaia!jane shoot (and crockertier as well but that isn’t pictured here)
  • pedestrianphoto for taking my tiaratopper!jane photo
  • jadeb0t for helping me sew trickster a bit (i borrowed a pattern for the sleeves and when my sewing maching broke she sewed everything together for me)
  • mikey-d-luffy for giving me jane’s dreamer outfit and for commissioning the sewing of my crockertier shirt and hood
  • tsubasahime for commissioning me for jane’s godtier shirt and hood
  • thattallsummonerguy for commissioning me for jane’s crockertier trident (which i absolutely had to include below because i adore it so much [photo by doomed-knight-of-blood]) 

  • all of my wonderful friends and followers for giving me emotional support to finish this great feat!

although i’m done with this i’m not going to stop cosplaying jane, i’ll wear these cosplays more and i also have a few fanon designs of jane planned for the future! so again, thank you everyone!!!



HERE IS A COLLECTION OF EVERY ANDREW HUSSIE SELF INSERT COSPLAY (including my own design for trickster godtier) 

this is a compilation of all the homestuck cosplays ive done in the past two years. they’re awful but DAMN am i proud to have self insert hussie cosplay bingo!!! WHOOO!