godtier terezi

the new upd8 is wonderful and all but i was thinking

everyone involved in the fights around skaia can fly right

john rose dave jade dirk jane roxy and jake are all godtiers, hell even terezi has her jetpack

except for kanaya

kanaya we know why youre not grinning in anticipation youre about to fight the motherfucking batter witch who is floating 30 feet above you and you cant stay airborne if you tried

Interesting Homestuck Idea

So we learned a new thing about godtiering from Terezi: Remem8er.  When one godtiers, their former self does not merge with their dream self like we once thought was implied with Aradiabot’s explosion (which may have had some other cause if we reexamine I suppose), but rather dies like anyone else would.  Kind of existential, but hey, those are the facts.

Moving right along, I had an interesting idea, as the title implies.  So we know there are three different ways to godtier.

  1. On the Quest Bed (or Quest Cocoon), but it requires two lives to work (IE waking self dies and dream self godtiers)
  2. In the Quest Crypt, but only if a player has died before entering will there be one in the core of their respective city-planet (Prospit or Derse).  Only requires one life, and does not consume others, but could possibly interfere with ghost-selves.
  3. On the Sacrificial Slab.  This one is always found in the moon of Prospit or Derse, regardless of life/death status upon entering.  Dying upon it warrants instant resurrection, and only requires one life to make use of.

So in any typical session, a player will have 2 ways to godtier unless they died before entering and stayed around as a ghost, which is not typical.  This begs the question, can one godtier twice?

Since the Slab only uses one life, hypothetically one’s dream-self could die on the slab and resurrect as a godtier.  Like with Jade and Jadesprite, this change of state would sever the waking/dream relation and make them independent entities, that is until the player dies on their Quest Bed.  If this logic holds out, then technically the godtiered dream self who is now their own person would still be recognized as a dream projection by the game.  If the player the died on their quest bed, they would use their already-godtiered dream self to ascend a second time and become one entity.

Anyone have any other thoughts on the matter?  Do you think this is possible?  If so, what do you think a godtier-x2 would be like?  If not, why not?

I don’t think Terezi will be ascending to Godtier because I mean, Terezi is supposed to be the representation of justice and has an obsession with the judicial branch thing or something and that branch is supposed to close with the people, you can’t do that as a troll god and blah blah blah does this go in the tags section so in conclusion I can’t imagine Terezi up in god tier