godtier kanaya

transparent jane crocker, roxy lalonde, john egbert, rose lalonde, and kanaya maryam prepare to fight!

all of them separate


Presenting the GameGrumps au!
Brought up entirely by Mod Rachel and Mod Robin

All art you see is by [x]

In this au Karkat is Arin due to being more quick to anger thus being the “grump” in the duo. 
Dave is our lovable musician and “not so grump” Danny.
In the au instead of karkat dating someone else like Arin dates suzy, karkat and dave are dating rather than being just partners.

Speaking of Suzy (along with her side channel Kittykatgaming), Kanaya fills her place being close to Karkat and being interested in makeup and fashion as well as being a model.

Terezi (Jontron) used to be on the show with Karkat, but then decided to take a different route and left the show. Dave, a band member who also happens to like video games, joins in to take up her place in the show and ends up working even better with Karkat than she did.

Rose (Ninja Brian) worked closely with Dave through their band. She follows him to Game Grumps where she meets her amazing girlfriend, Kanaya. When she notices the growing relationship between Dave and Karkat, she writes fanfiction about the two of them.

Fanfiction which John (Ross) gets his hands on and uses to embarrass Dave on-air. John loves playing dumb tricks on Dave and Karkat and messing around with the two to make them look like idiots. He, much like the real Game Grumps Ross, is in a relationship with our resident Commander Holly: Roxy! Bad-ass special effects artist and everyone’s best friend.
Commander Holly is also known for gaming upon her channel as well as being a caretaker for a wide variety of birds and animals. Roxy is canonly known to play video games and took care of thousands of cats and the various carapaces from the game. This helps the parallel thicken.

Partnering up with John (Ross) on Steamtrain, in the au’s case Tiertrain (playing off the appearances of the kids and their godtiers) and Kanaya (Suzy) on Table flip is Jake (Barry)
Barry is known to be one of the main editors for the grumps and showed up more and more along the way. He’s funny and lovable. Jake is known to be very acquainted with sciences himself and became good friends with John. Plus table flip helps accommodate his whole old-style English thread.

 Sollux (Kevin) is the newest member and second editor for the grumps. They’ve both got a way with technology and sarcasm.


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