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have a few godtier redesigns. Should i do the ALPHA kids? ( i am going wild with the tags cause i tried really hard with these ones) 

Alpha kids are here 

Lowbloods here

Midbloods here

Highbloods here

Alpha Lowbloods here

transparent jane crocker, roxy lalonde, john egbert, rose lalonde, and kanaya maryam prepare to fight!

all of them separate


!!!FOR SALE!!!!
I made all of these when I first started sewing, construction isn’t bad at all but it isn’t professional-
but I can make edits if needed.

1.) Dave Strider cape !!!SOLD!!!!

2.) John Egbert Godtier cape - $20 + shipping (this cape is so goddamned long you can play jump rope with it I’m not even kidding)

3.) Roxy Lalonde scarf - $14 + shipping

I also am open for commissions if you’d like to buy a new cape or scarf instead for extra. It’ll be a lot higher quality.
Inbox me if interested!

You boggle vacantly at these birthday shenanigans.

This is a bit late for 4/13, but I put a lot of time into it so please appreciate it anyways (jk)

I’m hoping to do something nicer this weekend, but had to do something in the meantime, so enjoy homosuck birthday shenanigans!!! :3c 

(bonus free to use icons under the cut for you and your birth squad)

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