godtier hood


Okay Forgive me for how shitty this is but this was literally how I plan my patterns. I just draw them out.

Also, if you don’t want to waste money making the hood because you fucked up or something, make sure you get newspaper or something to make mockup patterns and to make sure they work on you.

Uhmmm this is reallllly shitty but if you have anymore questions just let me know….. ;w;

Also I forgot to mention that I plan on gathering the front bottom part to make it look like it’s folding on itself. Also I forgot to say that if you want to wire to be in the hood, just make another seam stitch on the excess fabric far enough to fit the wire you have chosen and slide it in before you seal the hood.

I’m also assuming you know how to sew the pieces together….? Since you asked for the patterns…But if you need more guidance, once again just let me know ahah…