godtier design


Hello everyone!! I’m opening up commissions at the moment to help with finances and things!!

For various reasons and some crippling anxiety, I currently do not have a steady source of income and would very VERY much appreciate help paying for groceries and rent.

These commissions are for Homestuck based requests be it ships, godtiers, fantrolls, or fankids. No sexual requests please.


Sprites! I’m willing to do sprite edits and things be it your fantroll or fankid! They’re $4 each seeing as I put a lot of effort into hand editing and designing each one. 

Sketches! Sketches like the one shown or this one are $12 starting off. If you’d like some color slapped on there it’s only an extra $2!

Lineart and Full Colors! Okay this one’s a little tricky as I’m only offering to do waist up body shots like the example shown in color at the moment in regards to multiple characters or ships. I don’t mind ships and the like, I actually encourage them! However, godtier designs like these are available for full body! Everything starts out at $20 and adjusts depending on the request (for example, if you need more than one design, fantroll, or are asking for a lot of characters). 

Extras! The bottom three images were commissioned from me by one of the lovely admins running godtierrpg and I wouldn’t mind opening up a slot to do roleplay images like them again. However this particular slot is open only for one person at a time. This batch was 6 images for $60 so if you’re interested then the offer is on the table! 

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!!!