transparent jane crocker, roxy lalonde, john egbert, rose lalonde, and kanaya maryam prepare to fight!

all of them separate

chicky-parm  asked:

are u telling me that you, the admin of this blog, was also at az????!

yeah!!! ive been here since thursday B) catch me lookin like a homestuck garbage can today as either godtier dave or rose hanging out w a Very Tall godtier john! if anyones still here, pls come say hi!!! (i was also godtier dave yesterday and thursday and godtier rose on friday but i changed in Hurley for the taz photoshoot!!!)


My pictures will be slow and late-ish bc I’ve got work, but here are some of the pictutes from Mechacon! Maid!Stuck Jade: valentacool Maid!Stuck Rose: n3kohime Maid!Stuck Jane: fuchsia-nightmare Maid!Stuck Roxy: imperial-bunny Godtier Rose: frogsprites Photographer/Editor: Me


Quizzicalities’ Fanime Photoset #11: HOMESTUCKS #2 Jane & Rose with DirkJake

PLEASE help me find/tag these talented cosplayers! If you are in these pictures, tell me and I’ll tag you! Alternatively, if you’d like me to take a picture down, tell me and I will. I was the steampunky Charlotte from Madoka Magica with the feather horns (like my icon). (:

1. Date Rose (aceprouvaire) with handmade dress and rockin’ earrings- I found you by tagsearching!

2. Crockertier Jane (keepcalmandstrideon) with awesome makeup

3. Godtier Rose (xlilyfox) who was hesitant but adorable!

4./5. Punk Crockertier Jane (thrdplanet) niiice jacket

6. Seer Rose, Bellydance Rose- Wow. (rosenitemare)

7. Cute daily Jane with flower crown (tereziscale 1S TH4T YOU?) who was with people who recognized me and made my day.

8. Crockertier badasses: bowl (pebblepoops) and whisk (ultimateumbrage)

9./10. Cute Dirk ( ) and Jake ( )

I was so happy to see so many Roses and Janes so I kind of only took pictures of them. THANK YOU.

Here’s my follower forever!

vriska art by smoochiest




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