For a palette request i did

Like ok for the story behind this I was thinking-

You know how at the very end, the Signless just started yelling and cursing out to all the people and the world. Like he worked to advocate blood equality and peace and stuff, only to shout a big fuck you in the end.

And I dunno? I was kind of thinking, Karkat, at least an alt universe Karkat where he goes god tier and of course his timeline is pretty doomed, reacts differently?

Ok so the situation is everyone has died/ things have gone horribly awry, and you know Karkat. He cares so very much for his friends, and would probably blame himself? Like early Karkat kind of, took this leader role. He’s a natural at it, I think. I mean? Yeah.

So here in this timeline, the timeline is sort of ‘ending’, and Karkat is kind of witnessing it’s death. And like, in the end he’s real quiet.

He’s quiet and devastated and mourning.

I dunno those were just my thoughts drawing this.


eridan and karkat bloodswap godtiers for sunfang! Fun, but they took a hella long time and BOI do i feel guilty!!

Eridan- mutant blood rogue of light

Karkat- blue blood witch of doom 

I wont be posting anything new until after christmas probably, so merry christmas for sunday!!! i hope you guys have a great week whether ur celebrating or not :>

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Do you have any davekat headcanons?

of course ive been writing davekat headcanons on this blog for like two years now lol

random one i was just discussing with ppl today tho…. is after karkat finally godtiers, dave fuckin tackleglomps him like hes straight out of a 2008 anime convention only for their capes to tangle them together like the pair of morons they are and need the other kids to detach them from each other. its VERY embarrassing. but after spending 3 years around dave wearing it EVERY DAY on the meteor and feeling inferior because of it – also cause dave was right because its comfy as fuck, when they get back to earth c karkat wants to keep his on for a while and dave ends up following suit with his because dave says hes doing him a favor and doesnt want karkat to look like a dweeb alone. (karkat doesnt care about fashion dave is just easily influenced and lowkey likes the idea of them matching in a way) but it proves a foolish idea pretty quickly when they keep being cape magnets to each other and are even more clumsy than usual. then one time they get into an argument over something stupid and when they both try to storm off, they cant cause the ends of their capes are stuck together. it devolves into a slapfight wrestling match for babies that pushes the black buttons and theres some angry makeouts. anyway after that little episode the next day they regain their senses and mutually agree to go back to wearing regular clothes

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Those charts you posted a while back: Literal, Derivative, Abstract, and Conceptual. Besides powers and abilities, how do you think some of these would build into one's "character" if they happened to have that aspect? I've spotted a few around Space, Rage, Blood and Mind after skimming it, but do you have other thoughts?

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Little did you know,
I use that chart constantly, and even make my own!

If anyone doesn’t know they’re talking about This post!

It heavily ties into character. Let’s use the Knight class as a prime example.
The Knight’s “dilemma” or “doubt” is a great way to view this.
Knight’s use one facet of their aspect to cope with another facet of their aspect that they struggle with. Let’s take Dave, The Knight of Time for example.

My Chart for the Time aspect is as follows,

Dave uses Deconstruction to cope. This comes in the form of Irony to cope with his predetermined death, and doomed-timeline clones. He deconstructs or outright avoids discussion of death and doomed Daves multiple times. It doesn’t just unnerve him, it scares him. He’s dead, but he’s alive. Is he alive? is he dead? What makes him worthy of being alive when countless other Daves died? Dave is such a great character in this regard, troubled by these questions of self and existential self worth. Since he’s so troubled by them, he breaks them down and uses sarcastic exaggerations to rob them of their power, even when it’s unhealthy to do so. Sometimes people die, and sometimes that person is you. It takes an overwhelming amount of effort and mental strain to even consider that last sentence.

Dave struggles with Predestination and Termination a lot, especially at first. 
Accepting inevitable things like death is a lot to swallow. He is unable to kill his doomed timeline self after Terezi’s coin flip, and that’s only one literal example of him not being able to face his mortality. 

Similarly, Karkat,

Threw himself into leadership roles, proclaiming that he was the best for the position to cope with his initial fears about his blood color. His blood color is a part of Flesh (Flesh and Blood), as it’s a literal part of his aspect. 

He used Leadership to cope with Flesh like Dave used Deconstruction (Irony) to cope with Predestination and Termination. 

Both Knights used one facet of their aspect to cope with another part of their aspect. If you looked at Latula, you’d see a similar connection in a Mind chart.
I believe each class has a common interaction between aspects and their abstract, literal, conceptual and derivative facets. I’m actually going to make some more posts about this too.

So, yeah! If anyone read all this, let me know! Actually, let me know by reblogging it with some input, some criticism or your own theories about how each class interacts differently with these charts!


A YEAR IN COSPLAY 2013! It’s been a super homestuck year wow! I’ve done a lot and I want to do a lot more! I still hope to cosplay Terezi, Vriska, Dualscar and Damara, among other things! Thank you to everyone who made 2013 great, I’ve met so many lovely people through homestuck and I’m really excited for future conventions where I’ll get to see everyone again >w<!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, here’s to another great year of ~cosplay~!

Cronus, Clover!Eridan, Human!Eridan, Eridan, Jake, Gamzee, Streetstuck!Gamzee, Godtier!Karkat, Human!Gamzee, Getting Drunk!Karkat, Codtier!Cronus, Signless, PersonalitySwap!Karkat, Human!Karkat, (not pictured: Kankri)

Pretty much the recent updates.
  • Homestuck: -the new meteor crew goes through the years of offscreen development to where Vriska becomes slightly nicer and gives others credit, Terezi is friends with her again, Vriska helped Rose with her alcoholism, Dave is still depressive about his godtier, Karkat gives up leadership for his own good, and everyone sort of gets along-
  • Fandom: wow, look at how manipulative Vriska is being. Everyone is so out of character!! Obviously Dave had always loved his role as Knight of Time! And duh,Karkat had never given up leadership before!!! And Terezi hates Vriska!
  • Me: -facepalms-