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Some sort of DaveKat fluff, the fluffier the better?

/I’d love to, friend!/

The room was quiet, nothing but the soft, slow breathing of the two boys. It was dark, a few small, glowing lights in the corner highlighted their sleeping bodies, calm and warm. After a long, tiring day, the two decided to just crash and pass out in Dave’s room, sleeping until around 3 or so in the morning, when one of them began to stir.

Karkat’s eyes slowly fluttered open, his vision easily adapting to the dark room. He let out a soft groan, stretching as he tried to turn over onto his back. He paused, feeling his shoulders being pressed to a familiar human’s chest. 

He didnt realize Dave was that close.. 

Karkat tried not to move too much, not wanting to awake his partner, but his soft, surprised squeak that left him when we felt the human pressed against him did the job already. 

Dave’s eyes opened slowly as he smiled weakly, reaching up and rubbing at his red orbs. His fingertips slowly began to glide down Karkat’s arms, making the troll almost shiver at the sweet touch. 

‘Hey there, babe..” 

Dave whispered in a soft, groggy, yet deep voice that make the troll’s chest ache pleasantly. 

“What are you doin’ up..?” 

“I..didnt mean to wake you..” 

Dave laughed, biting his lip as he nuzzled into Karkat’s soft, raven hair, bringing out a sweet purr. 

“Dont worry about it, cutie.. Just means I get to see more of you.” 

Karkat froze, his face flushing as he smiled weakly, nuzzling his head back against Dave’s shoulder. He loved being held by him, being close to and feeling his heart beat against him. He could feel Dave let out a soft, content sigh, almost being able to hear the smile in the sweet sound. 

The troll reached down, lacing his fingers with the human’s and squeezing his hand gently. Dave laughed a little, pressing a sweet kiss to his shoulder.

“You are so beautiful..” 

“Shut up..” 

The two smiled, nuzzling close and sighing. Karkat slowly drifted back off to sleep, the added comfort from his partner lulling him off. Dave slid his free hand through his hair, just looking at him for a while, wanting to savor the moment with him.

why is there not a lotrstuck au of somekind?

like all the references with dave are a nice base of setup. the name strider: aragorn went by that name too, the broken sword shtick and it being reforged by typheus: narsil that was broken in the battle against sauron and then it was reforged by the elves for aragorn, dave saying constantly he’s not a hero even tho he does some damn heroic shit: aragorn always trying to be in the shadows and out of the spot of main attention but he grows into a great leader….
there may be other similarities but I can’t think of any right now

and I can also see somehow giving the role of a mix of aragorn and faramir for dave
like Bro could be denethor, the shitty parental figure, dirk could be boromir, the badass older brother who daddy prefers and then the youngest kid as dave who gets treated like shit
after years of abuse ‘n’ stuff dave gets fed up and just straight up leaves casa strider and goes to the high elves in rivendell that I guess could be the trolls in some forest called alternia

and just to make it davekat he would meet karkat there. how? just like how aragorn and arwen first met only in their own version. so instead of singing some lame romantic song about a human meeting an elf lady while wandering through the forest dave raps some sick fires and while he’s at it he sees some fine looking troll reading a trashy romance novel in the middle of the forest

but not to make karkat sit home like a doofus like fucking arwen did we’re just gonna blend a bit of legolas into the mix in a way how aragorn and legolas were best buds so are karkat and dave, making it a romance that ascends quadrants with these two. and karkat can get in on all the fighting action

idk how races would work, like all elves are trolls and we wipe out the hobbits and just make all the humans in human form even if they’d get a hobbit or any other race’s role

for other characters:
-caliborn/lord english obviously takes the role of sauron
-the condence can be saruman
-so I guess that makes the orcs and other monsters the imps and all the other in game enemies
-john can be frodo, he has a hobbit enough personality and he stashed that fucking ring in canon anyway for a while, at least he can make frodo not so useless
-rose (or roxy) is gandalf
-if we wanna involve even more wizards than roxy can be radagast only cooler
-either calliope, jade or kanaya would be galadriel, the point is it gotta be a space player
-dirk is boromir as I mentioned and if he dies than instead of the iconic arrows in the body death we get our dirkapitation
-as before bro is denethor and wether its burning to death or a sword in the chest he deserves to die
-umm hussie is iluvatar, the god of the lotr lore

fuck if I know who or what the other characters would be, flippin aranea could be gollam all I care, there are just too many

tfw youve missed the prime years of homestuck (i got into this shit in 2014) and youre desperately comissioning and making and putting together cosplays for conventions, and making fanart, and coming up with outrageous fan theories, and rereading old fanfiction, clinging desperately to the idea that “maybe this post will bring them back” and “maybe the upcoming game will spark something and we can all party like its 2012-2013” and “please come back for the love of gOD I WASNT HERE AND IM NOT DONE Y E T”

2017 goals

i have yet to find a cosplay ask blog that has gifs taken outside of an otaku-decorated bedroom. like how many goddamn bleach posters do u think ed elric would have in his room? NONE he was born in the early 20th century, u fool. show me cosplay ask blogs capturing answer gifs in the supermarket, on the bus, or in the condom aisle of ur local 711 gas station!!!!! i want to be immersed!!!!

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Okay, since all of my old questions were utter, cringy SHIT I'd like to ask something serious. How did everyone respond to you guys becoming poly? And how does you feel when you see Terezi and Nepeta being the cutest couple~