Androgynous Notepad? -crawls on the bandwagon very late-

I see the notepad representing a person who is disillusioned and forces their own views upon others, but is pretty ignorant on the fact. There are so many who cannot distinguish their own opinion from true fact. Therefore, their visions are tainted and distorted, just like this characters’.

[reason for slanted/deformed eyes]

Very loose reference off of Ryu-gemini ‘s design, originally inspired by all the androgynous and genderqueer Notepads and hanging around Godtie’s profile

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This video/song takes place before Cecil and Carlos become a couple. Carlos still has no idea of Cecil’s feelings for him. 

//Cecil Palmer//

//Carlos the Scientist//

Alex and I were having dinner yesterday and suddenly this song happened. So we wrote it up, and sang it a few times. This is the end result.

This song is a parody of Love is an Open Door from Disney’s Hit Movie: Frozen © Disney. Content property of Disney, 2013.

We used this karaoke version of Love is an Open Door http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_SnMFx2RBk


“Hello listeners! I’m very excited today because we are going to have an exclusive interview with none other than Carlos!– the beautiful, perfect, scientist who happens to be my boyfriend! Did I mention him and I have a date later today?”

//Cecil // Carlos // Photographer //

I tried painting the awesome Godtie from tumblr *0* They are a huge inspiration to me, and I want to thank them in my weird way c’:

Thing is, I always look to Godtie whenever I’m feeling discouraged; they always set an example for me, doing what they love and for me, I love to make art. And so many things can get in the way, like lack of inspiration, but mainly schoolwork, and being molded into something that I don’t want to be. And I see how my art suffers from this too, becoming more precise and less about expression. And then it is ruined. just like this painting sdjkf  and that is kind of what I wanted to illustrate here. 

I’m sorry I couldn’t get your awesome Cecil hair omg ajfds I have been so out of practice painting, I can hardly remember how to properly hold a paintbrush