Reasons to ship Mark with (almost) everyone

– Disclaimer, this post is pretty long. –

I just kind of ship Mark with almost everyone (Ten and Yuta are the only exceptions, I haven’t seen them interact much yet) and tbh I made this post so I wouldn’t have to keep explaining why I ship Mark with a certain person lmao. I hope this post will inspire you to ship Mark with everyone because he’s a very shippable human and he deserves love from all of the members~ (((Jaemin also isn’t included because I haven’t seen many interactions between him and Mark yet I apologise to the few MarkMin that exist because I’ve only met like 2 but if you know where to find any MarkMin moments pls enlighten me. Same thing for TenMark and YuMark, send me MarkMin, YuMark and TenMark)))

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“When I look at you, I see love. Your smile brightening up my life, your eyes showing me more beauty than the stars in the sky, your laughter and voice more gorgeous than any song that has been written, your heart so large and loving that I can’t help but wonder how I ever got so lucky to have met you. I wasn’t aware that someone as amazing as you existed, and I wasn’t aware that I could fall so head over heels in love.” -James Moran (xsochangeable)

//Cecil// & //Carlos//

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INTP's functions when INTP sees some cute cat or owl or any animal they like pics. Bc y not?


Ti: *sighs* What now, Fe?


Ti: Oh lord

Ne: Yes yes yes let’s pet it. Let’s adopt twenty cats. Let’s breed it with a chinchilla.

Ti: That wouldn’t work you know


Si: Guys, we do have things to do…

Ti: Thank you, Si. Sure it’s…fuzzy, but we could be reading up on general relativity or something.

Si: *whispers* You’ve been planning to do that for five months and haven’t gotten around to it yet.


Ne: I want a pink cat with green fur and maybe a marshmallow and aw let’s kidnap the cat maybe we’ll get thrown into an intense action thriller scenario where–

Si: We’re not stealing.

Fe: Imagine how sad the owner would be. Let’s just pet it.

Ne: Fine…let’s just pet it

Si: Well I mean it’s not like Ne’s going to let us get anything done around here, so…


Ti: Ugh, whatever.


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Their favorite kinds of music/bands?

Theo fucking. Loves. 2000′s pop. I’m talking britney. I’m talking kesha. I’m talking lady gaga. ACTUALLY I HAVE A SPOTIFY PLAYLIST FOR HIM WAIT-


Vinny is a little more alternative, but also later panic! at the disco stuff. Kinda varies? I have a playlist for him also but it’s not as refined as Theo’s (Theo as a character has just been around longer/used more so he’s a lot more developed than Vinny)