NightCraft? I can do that.

Carlos didn’t see it until the third night.

Which wasn’t too shocking, really. He had spent the first night huddled in a cave, wondering if the lurching figures would find him. Thankfully he had made it to dawn alive but hungry. The second day was spent arming himself with basic tools and finding a food supply. Apples and raw beef wasn’t exactly a healthy meal, but it was better than risking the rotting flesh that littered the ground.

On the third night he saw it. Carlos had risked going outside just to see if the sun had come up yet. Sadly, his calculations must have been off since it was still dark outside. And as much as he hated his two-by-two cave at least it did have a single torch. He turned to head back to his hiding spot when he saw something glow out of the corner of his eye. Something purple.

Carlos looked again. There was nothing but shadows and a single pig stuck in a tree. Must have been his imagination. There was nothing in this voxel-based world that glowed purple. He was sure of it. He returned to his cave and tried to forget it. Probably just a glitch from the latest update.

Later that day he discovered an odd collection of blocks next to his cave. It was a roomy four-by-four square made from seemingly random blocks. A few cobblestones, a cacti, and a weird pale yellow one he had never seen before. Carlos knew for a fact that the structure wasn’t there yesterday.

If he didn’t know any better he could have sworn someone tried to build him a house.

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“We should get jerseys…‘cause we make a good team. 

But yours would look better than mine, 'cause you’re outta my league.

And I know that it’s so cliched to tell you that everyday 

I spend with you is the new best day of my life..”