Monster and God Hunting

Hello, everyone. For the next  4 weeks, we will be transformed into either Monsters, Gods or Hunters. We will be hunting each other down some may die, some may escape, some may be captured and some may even learn something new about themselves. 

Durning all this fun excitement our Monsters and God might need some help. That’s where all of you lovely people come in. If you wish to help a Monster or God you can send them temporary power by praying, Just send in the word ‘Pray’ and the name of the one you praying to. Please note if you do not give a name no one will receive your prayer. 

If Gods and Monsters aren’t your things you can send help to the hunters by giving them clues as to where their target may be. Not all hunters may listen however so if they don’t follow your advice don’t feel bad. 

fuck im doing it im doing an entire set of these sort of arts arent i

but its prolly like godstuck or deitystuck or somethin with a paganish twist on it?? idk idk idk

eridan definitely is mean to be a deity of vengeance and punishment as his own punishment for betraying the high goddess so theres that and. hed be like the god you pray to for vengeance onto your enemies and punishment onto those whove wronged you

basically a vindictive god

aradia is the deity of what is, what was and what will be

perhaps more to come??? idfk

karkat is the deity of blood and health

hes also more widely known as the patron god of all mortal humans and its said that his blood runs through all humans

though hes often depicted as a rageful god, hes one of the kindest gods and is known to be kinder to humans than other gods. you pray to him for good health, for quick recovery from illnesses, and for penance, mercy and protection

he is a merciful god