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Defying Gravity Concert: Complete Master List of Songs

Here you can find the links to every single one of my audio posts from the 8pm Saturday concert! Along with the songs, I’ve also included all the intro bits and general banter in between as well as descriptions for each one :) As my phone was on the floor the whole time, I was able to get pretty good quality without any rustling! I have created a folder on my Google Drive with all the tracks plus both acts in full for downloading (at this point there doesn’t appear to be any plans for an official recording), so message me and I can grant you access!! Without further ado, please share, listen and enjoy this incredible concert!!!

Act 1 - Complete

Magic to Do (Pippin) - The Company

Intro to Corner of the Sky - Stephen Schwartz

Corner of the Sky (Pippin) - David Harris

Intro to Lion Tamer - David Harris, Stephen Schwartz

Lion Tamer (The Magic Show) - Joanna Ampil

Intro to Lost In The Wilderness - Joanna Ampil

Lost In The Wilderness (Children of Eden) - Aaron Tveit

Intro to Stranger to the Rain - Helen Dallimore

Stranger to the Rain (Children of Eden) - Helen Dallimore

Just Around The Riverbend (Pocahontas) - Sutton Foster

Colours of the Wind (Pocahontas) - Joanna Ampil

Intro to Cold Enough To Snow - Sutton Foster, Aaron Tveit

Cold Enough To Snow (Life With Mikey Warren) - Aaron Tveit

Toxic People (Uncharted Territory) - Aaron Tveit, Joanna Ampil, Helen Dallimore, David Harris

When You Believe (Prince of Egypt) - Sutton Foster

Intro to Beautiful City - David Harris

Beautiful City (Godspell) - David Harris

Making Good (Wicked) - Sutton Foster, Helen Dallimore

The Wizard & I (Wicked) - Joanna Ampil

Intro to Popular - Helen Dallimore, Joanna Ampil

Popular (Wicked) - Helen Dallimore

In Whatever Time We Have/As Long As You’re Mine (Children of Eden/Wicked) - Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster

Intro to Morning Glow - Aaron Tveit

Morning Glow (Pippin) - The Company

Act 2 - Complete

Prepare Ye (Godspell) - The Company

It’s An Art (Working) - Helen Dallimore, Aaron Tveit, David Harris

Intro to All For The Best - Aaron Tveit, David Harris (AKA segues, Australia and iced coffee)

All For The Best (Godspell) - Aaron Tveit, David Harris

Intro to Out There - Aaron Tveit, David Harris 

Out There (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) - Aaron Tveit

Intro to That’s How You Know - Joanna Ampil

That’s How You Know (Enchanted) - Joanna Ampil, David Harris

I’m Not That Girl (Wicked) - Sutton Foster

Endless Delights (The Baker’s Wife) - Helen Dallimore, David Harris

No Time At All (Pippin) - Betty Buckley

Chanson (The Baker’s Wife) - Betty Buckley

Intro to Meadowlark - Betty Buckley

Meadowlark (The Baker’s Wife) - Betty Buckley

Proud Lady (The Baker’s Wife) - Aaron Tveit

Intro to Defying Gravity - Stephen Schwartz

Defying Gravity (Wicked) - Sutton Foster

For Good (Wicked) - The Company

Day By Day (Godspell) - The Company

Oh the places you’ll go

Showtunes about places, cities, towns, homes and locations

[ In the Heights - In the Heights // Sal Tlay Ka Siti - The Book of Mormon // America - West Side Story // Santa Fe - Newsies // Ireland - Legally Blonde // On Broadway - Beautiful The Carole King Musical // Wicked Little Town - Hedwig and the Angry Inch // Under the Sea - The Little Mermaid // Buenos Aires - Evita // Beautiful City - Godspell // Santa Fe - Rent // State Road 21 - The Bridges of Madison County // Castle on a Cloud - Les Miserables // My House - Matilda // Avenue Q Theme - Avenue Q ]

listen here

change the world → twelve showtunes for changing the situation

01. change the world - lysistrata jones // 02. beautiful city - godspell // 03. the world will know - newsies // 04. naughty - matilda // 05. populism yea yea - bloody bloody andrew jackson // 06. i know where i’ve been - hairspray // 07. bring it on - bring it on // 08. the night that goldman spoke at union square - ragtime // 09. change it - 9 to 5 // 10. seize the day - newsies // 11. do you hear the people sing - les misérables // 11. heroes - wonderland // 12. make them hear you - ragtime