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Yellow Bird Presents:

-RaeF (Sarasota)
post-rock, electronic, psychadelic
raef.me - RaeF.bandcamp.com

The time has come for RaeF to melt Tallahassee yet again. This has been a long time coming and we promise you more lasers, more bubbles, more sound (we’re talking 4000 watts lovelies), and most importantly, bigger and better RaeF then anyone has ever seen. 

-Manual Lounge
psychadelic, minimalist, tryp-hop

Loops that loosen your limbs, sounds that smooth the wrinkles of your mind, and drops that drift down stream.

-Great Beer
downtempo, electronic, psychadelia

music that goes down smooth, has a psychedelic aftertaste and is low in calories. Timothy Elliott laying it down late night.

-godsnack (Sarasota)
solo, sampling, synthesizers

Solo project of Cats in the Basement frontman Greg Ferris, sure to bring us a solid night of new possibilities.

Saturday November 17th 
Bring 3$ for the traveling bands
725 Arkansas St - the greenhouse

Park on Arkansas, California, or in the parking lot.. not on our lawn! BYOB. Our first show at the greenhouse, support local music and get ready to have your minds and souls melted.


My good friend Greg Ferris of Godsnack at work in his secret laboratory!

Check out more on his Soundcloud. For FREE!!!


I had TWIS come to my house


Some snacking in the garage.  Gotta get the kitties together…

Listen/download: Protomoods by Nullscape Recordings

Nullscape is proud to bring you the first release of the label, Protomoods. Ranging from chill beats and future garage tunes, this release brings the main focus of our label: enormous basses, chillout atmospheres and mind-driving rhythms. What begun to be a Brazil-artists only compilation, we get so excited and this compilation has become a way to connect producers around the world, who were already releasing stuff on the internet, with or without netlabels. 

Welcome. Relax. And, please, feel the bass. I hope you enjoy the VA as much we enjoyed releasing it.