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HR Promo Screencap Analysis

if someone gets a better HD version of this, please let me know!!

So we’ve got Noah in front of a map with lots of pictures and notes. I originally intended to break this down in an orderly fashion, but tbh I’m really honing in on a few things here, so we’ll go by my definition of how exciting certain parts are. 

Part 1

First, we have a flier for a summit: HUMANS & EVO’S together in peace. The summit takes place June 13. In the line beneath that, I can make out “WE CAN LIVE TOGETHER” and then there’s more illegible text. (Note the godsend symbol!) 

To the right, we have notes saying SENATOR FAHEY and JUNE 13 SUMMIT. It looks like Fahey’s name is also on the flier, so regardless of their stance, they must be important. 

To the lower left, we have a note saying PROTESTS IN US (?). Above that is a picture of what looks to be during or after a protest, with dark-clothed figures standing over people lying on the ground. There’s also a sign on the ground. To the left, there’s a picture of a person from behind with a sign on them; I think it says EVOS ARE THE ENEMY. The person is crossed out in red, so they might be dead. I assume the picture attached to it is a frontal shot of that person. 

In the lower right, we have two more photos, one of which is very difficult to make out. However, based on the next photo, I think it’s the interior of a church. The second photo has what looks like a person in front of something that’s been spray-painted with GOD HAT–, with the remainder being cut off. I’m going to assume that it’s along the lines of GOD HATES EVOS.

Part 2

It looks like this section is devoted to the police. On the far left there’s a cut off picture of Matt Parkman. Right of that is a headshot of a man in a suit. It might be the same picture in the article beneath it, which says Los Angeles Officials Name James Dearing Police Captain. There are rubber bands showing some kind of connection between the article, the man, and the headshot of another man. I can’t make out the two smaller photos. 

Part 3

Then we have two sections here, which I’ve put together because they look to be connected–which makes sense, given that the two notes are EVO BOUNTY HUNTERS? and WHO’S KILLING EVOS? There are several articles and headshots here. One of the most interesting ones is legible, but cut off: 

Odessa, T–
ground breaking peace– (?)
between humans and EVOS

I can’t make out a whole lot here. I hope I’m imagining that the picture beneath WHO’S KILLING EVOS? is a row of tanks. Lower right, we have what looks like playing cards. 

Part 4

And finally, we have this bewildering corner:

I think we’d all like to know what MOHINDER SURESH MASTERMIND? means. 


Claire’s reveal didn’t immediately cause an apocalypse. We know this because the June 13 summit would be at least six months after her reveal (November/December), if not 1.5 or 2.5 years. However, there are definitely sections of humanity that doesn’t like EVOS, including some religious organizations. There appear to be bounty hunters killing EVOS, or one in particular (Luke Collins?). Mohinder’s involved with something. Matt’s probably going to be name-dropped as well. Important locations include Los Angeles and Odessa. I didn’t include it in the smaller analysis, but there looked to be a lot of pictures and articles for South America as well.