Confessions / Reveal

YOU KNOW I’ve done two vaguely LadyNoir fics for this week already but 1) that’s never enough and 2) has Marinette suffered enough? I think not

Also this is a TOTALLY different side of that love square so

Honestly I don’t see how the final reveal or some kind of communication within the love square couldn’t be super sweet and saccharine, but if anyone would react badly to anything I think it would be Marinette. And hey! it’s fun to write bad reactions so herrreeeee we go

Confessions / Reveal - a Ladrien / Adrinette angst fic (1837 words)

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If God is all powerful, he cannot be all good. And if he is all good he cannot be all powerful
—  Lex Luthor making his motivation clear in one sentence. Lex wants to distort Superman’s godlike persona that has become a beacon of hope for many people of Earth. And this is directly related to his childhood, where he talks about how his father was verbally/physically abusive towards him. And Lex had hope that God would intervene and bring him to justice, but that did not occur - and that severed Lex’s ties with God. And now he has the power, money, influence, and trauma to fuel his motivation to eliminate the closest semblance to God, Superman. Just like Bruce, Superman was the proverbial straw that spiraled Lex down this path again. His father is dead and he can’t exactly get revenge, but he also blames God and Superman is his surrogate for God so he shifts his hatred all on him. If God didn’t save him when he needed him the most, why should other people be saved. He wants to show that even God, and in extension, Superman can be morally conflicted. He wants to unmask God/Superman to how he perceives them to be.