Starlight Beauty

TITLE: Bonded


AUTHOR: aniilovesth

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being part of a group of outcasts and although Loki claims to hate your kind he falls in love with you because of your looks but then because of your selfless nature and helping the sick and less fortunate.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Just a little swearing. In this chapter I wanted Loki and Ali to bond so sorry if it’s not got the usual amount of action that the other two chapters had.

This level of the palace was unfamiliar to me, I took so many lefts and rights, ups and downs it was starting to make my head spin. Then I came across a door that was more elegantly styled than all the others. Is this Loki’s room? Seems like his style. I pushed the door with my fingertips to see if it was locked and to my surprise it opened. Making sure to use light steps I crept in, looked around and saw it was empty. Walking in I realised that this couldn’t be Loki’s room, it looked more like a ballroom. Decorated with marble pillars, diamond chandeliers and smooth stone floors.

“That’s it… I’m lost. How big is this place anyway?”

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