Arbroath Abbey
Angus, Scotland by Andrew Godsalve 

Founded in 1178 CE by King William the Lion (r.1165-1214), Arbroath was once the wealthiest abbey in Scotland. It’s famous for producing the Declaration Arbroath in 1320 – in which Scotland asserted its independence from England. Following the Protestant Reformation, the abbey fell into ruin. By 1590 it was being raided by nearby villagers for building stones.

SEVENDUST to Release New Album ‘Kill The Flaw’ on October 2, 2015; Announce Fall 2015 Tour with GODSMACK

Musical evolution comes at various points throughout a band’s career, even those who have been creating music for over 18 years together. Sevendust are the living embodiment of this fact and their new album 'Kill The Flaw’ is the next step forward.

'Kill The Flaw’ is the band’s 11th studio album and is slated for release on October 2nd via 7Bros. Records with ADA/Warner Brothers Distribution. 'Kill The Flaw’ was self-produced by Sevendust and recorded at Architekt Music in Butler, New Jersey with engineer/mixer Mike Ferretti.

“We took some time off from the heavy side of Sevendust and when it came time to record some new music; Clint, John, Vinnie, Morgan and I put everything we had in to what became Kill The Flaw,” states vocalist Lajon Witherspoon. “We love this new music and we can’t wait to share it with our amazing Sevendust family! God bless y'all!!!” [Read More]


Pour ceux qui ne connaîtraient pas les règles, elles sont simples, ouvre ta bibliothèque de gifs, et regarde le numéro correspondant à chaque question… elle correspond à la position du gif censé te définir sur cette question (ON NE TRICHE PAS)… Par exemple, pour répondre à la première question, poste le gif qui arrive en première position dans votre bibliothèque ! Quand tu auras fini la liste, tu peux taguer tes amis (ou de parfaits inconnus, tu te débrouilles avec eux) pour les embêter après !!

J’ai été tagué par ma chère âme chandler, la charmante jefaiscequejepeux ! Merci à toi <3 (t’as vu j’te mets même un coeur pour dire à quel point j’suis contente)

1/ Ce a quoi tu penses là, tout de suite

On peut voir ça de deux manières : soit je pense à Stiles (ce qui est correct depuis que je regarde ce gif et puis il est trop chou donc c’est obligé de penser à lui) soit je pense que je vais mourir. Ce qui arrivera de toutes manières un jour ou l’autre.

5/ La façon dont tu vendrais un produit quelconque

Ahah genre la fille trop violente et flippante “Achètes mon produit ou je te tue”.

7/ Comment tes parents t'ont expliqué la sexualité

Je sais pas ce qu’ils m’ont dit mais l’effet semble terrible pour être crevé à ce point. Ou alors c’est juste la discutions qui a duré toute la nuit tellement ils savaient pas si prendre et s’embrouillaient ahah.

10/ La relation que tu as avec la dernière personne que tu as vue

La dernière personne que j’ai vu c’est ma mère à l’instant. C’est vrai qu’on s’engueule relativement souvent, mais bon ça me brise pas le cœur pour autant.

12/ Quel genre de harpie es-tu

Je suis une harpie ratée, je fais des câlins aux gens en fait j’ai rien compris.

13/ Comment tes enfants te percevront

Comme quelqu’un de cool et joyeux… Ou juste une tarée qui passe plus de temps à danser devant son ordi qu’à se préoccuper de l’éducation de ses gosses. Oui ça se tient aussi.

15/ Comment tu réagis quand un inconnu t'aborde dans la rue

MAIS TELLEMENT. Genre “mais pourquoi tu viens me parler, qu’est ce que j’ai fais pour mériter ça, laisse moi vivre mon asociabilité en paix”. La fille qui supporte pas de parler aux gens quoi.

18/ L'excuse que tu donnes quand tu es en retard

Je donne pas d’excuse moi, je pousse l’accusateur dans le vide en gueulant.

22/ Ce que tu aimerais avoir comme animal de compagnie

AH MAIS. AH MAIS CARREMENT. Je veux Chris Pratt en animal de compagnie, et mari, accessoirement.

25/ La position dans laquelle tu vas t'endormir ce soir

J’ai très envie de savoir quelle position improbable je vais prendre du coup. Ça fait presque un peu peur.

28/ Le super pouvoir que tu aimerais avoir

En plus c’est vrai je saurais trop pas choisir parce qu’il y a plein de supers pouvoirs très cool que je voudrais.

29/ Ce que tu fais à ton doudou quand tu es seul 

Je me psychanalyse moi-même en lui parlant et en lui racontant à quel point je suis pas faite pour la vie sociale. Oui totalement.

33/ La manière dont tu vas mourir

…. je vais mourir en tombant enceinte. Okay. C’est cool.

Et je tague stamp-gray queennarcisse clhook godsavestheteens imelik-basar (oui encore ahaha mais je sais que tu m’aimes) commesurdesrouxlettes laviedunepatateetduncorset et maviedenerd

Upgrading to Windows 10 was tricky (took three tries) but I think it was worth it.

Only ‘bad’ things so far:
1. iTunes, being a dumb program, did not transition smoothly and I had to “authorise” my computer (which required deauthorising all the other '5’ first. Sorry family!)
2. Strangely high CPU load. For like, 10 minutes after booting. And then it’s fine.
My boot is super fast but for a while yeah, computer just runs like a maniac. Which is unusual.

To him who is in fear, everything rustles.

I am finally (maybe?) pulling my shit together after being rather under the weather for far longer than I would have preferred. It’s this weird sort of place to exist, being ill, because you feel so out of control of your circumstances and all there really is to do is lay on the couch and wait to feel better while being conspicuously absent from the rest of your life.

This is suspiciously how I deal with spiritual upheaval, too, and I’m sure drawing that parallel is about as far as a coincidence as is possible.

As noted over and over again, I don’t talk about Him much in my other incarnation online. What I really, REALLY don’t talk about at all is how insecure I feel at times in my relationship with Him because it’s vulnerable and ugly. I also don’t like dealing with the parade of comments that inevitably follow about how secure other consorts/spouses/property happen to be in their divine relationships. It’s a huge fucking puffing-of-the-chest lie anyways and no one is really fooled, but I have an almost anaphylactic reaction to dealing with posturing and social maneuvering of that manner. Everyone has insecurities when they have intimate relationships with the Unseen and if they insist they don’t, the only person fooled is them. So there’s that.

I’ve been mired in a really insecure space and I hate it. It’s like all my sense and logic turns to dust and I am once again a small person scared of life falling down in shreds around them. It is sickening in its own way and I hate it more than I hate chronic illness shenanigans. It’s undignified in a really naked way. I don’t really have the ability to hide much from Him with any sort of regularity, but my talent at tapdancing around the reality of whatever is going on goes up in a black puff of smoke and I end up staring at Him with big eyes and a trembling lower lip.

He doesn’t often dance this particular dance with me and seems to view this recurrent experience of mine with a mix of pity and frustrating, which I h-a-t-e. I know that He doesn’t enjoy watching me spin on this old, old issue and I know that said spinning frustrates Him because it always stands in the way of other things. I don’t do myself any favors when this shit rears it’s head, either. I almost always circle the wagons and wrap myself in a blanket and avoid Him at all costs. I can’t get hurt if I don’t engage with Him, right?

I’ve got issues that make Wikipedia look like a flimsy ten page magazine.

The latest iteration of all of this has been simmering for a little while and I have steadfastly been keeping the cover on it in the hopes that it won’t come to a boil. Well, we all know how much quicker a covered pot comes to a boil and I am not special.

The trigger point for the wagon wheel blanket burrito this time around was observing the shifting and changing of a dear friend’s divine relationship. She’d been with her Partner longer than I have with Him and things have changed for her and Them. Their entire relationship has been redefined and there is no longer the sort of relationship there was when I met her. It has been terrifying for me to watch because I get licks of recognition in my own relationship with my own Partner in there. The feelings are not entirely unfamiliar and the possibility of these things coming to fruition in a similar manner leaves me more scared than anything else I have ever experienced.

I know where the roots of this complete paralyzation lay–I both hate and am scared of change, and am fearful of finding myself in a state that I would consider failure. Why I equate change with failure is a topic that me and my shrink should tackle, but it’s there. I know fear of change in relationships is rather illogical–relationships MUST change to stay vital, as no one stays the same always–but my prior-trauma-affected brain starts screaming as soon as change is felt, likely because change punches the ‘oh god don’t leave me’ button repeatedly until I am a twitchy and tearful mess. That inevitably transmutes into ‘I am a terrible person/devotee/boy/consort and that’s why this is happening and I deserve all of this pain and He hates me and just puts up with me’ and here we are.

This is clearly not the first time I have been in this place and I know it won’t be the last. I spent an entire year running from the feeling that something had changed between Him and I and was terrified to seek out help in the form of divination. When I finally did, I had to practically be peeled off the damn ceiling while the diviners set up for all of five minutes. I am usually a preternaturally calm and rational person, so existing on the precipice of a massive panic attack undid me in more ways than one. The divination confirmed the change I had felt and also spoke to His frustration that I was doing my best to exist in this one box instead of going with it. It wasn’t bad change at all, but I was still resisting it because I am not a rational creature when it comes to change.

He isn’t really dancing with me on this right now, either. I think He’s sort of watching and waiting to see what I’m going to do with my brain soup. Change is inevitable and if I lose my shit every time I get even the slightest whiff that it may happen sometime that is not today, I am not terribly competent or useful for whatever it is that He has in mind nor am I functional as a partner. I know that He wants me to dismantle this issue and I’m on board for not being held hostage by my issues, but man is this sort of work hard.

I’ve played out the scenarios of what would happen if the worst that my brain spits out came/comes true and I know I’d survive (in no small part to the tools I have learned while with Him), but holy fucking shit would it suck. ‘Suck’ is not even accurate. More like it would rend my own personal space and time wide the fuck open and suck out my insides with a straw. But I would survive, even if I didn’t want to.

Like Sophocles says, I jump with every rustle of the bushes, every flipping of pages, every whisper on my skin.

So here I am, sitting with my fear and uncertainty and faulty trauma brain. I’m not going to try and run this time or, rather, I am going to take steps towards not running even if I am doing laps in my head. Today is His day, so there is going to be some cleaning of His shrine, fresh offerings, some meditation, and maybe some divination provided the cards do more than make me want to burn each and every one of them.

In closing, here is a song that speaks to my relationship with Him and makes me cackle:


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La couleur?

Le truc que tu emmènerai sur une île déserte?
~Bear Grylls.

La série qui te dégoûte?
~Je n'en ai pas vraiment…

Un jeu?
~Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

La personnalité qui t'énerve le plus?
~Je trouve Kanye West ridicule.

Dormir ou manger?
~Dormir en mangeant.

La destination idéale pour fuir?
~Je la cherche encore.

Film Marvel préféré?
~Les films de super-héros ne sont pas vraiment ma tasse de thé.

Pire jour de ta vie?
~Chaque dimanche quand il n'y a rien dans le frigo mais qu'on ne peut pas faire les courses.

Dernier gros mot que tu as dit?
~“Fait chier” quand la gentille madame devant moi dans l'avion a décidé de baisser son siège au maximum (bonjour je mesure 1m80 et vous me détruisez les genoux actuellement).

Le sens?
~Horizontal, toujours pour une vidéo.

-Tumblr ou Youtube?
-Quelle couleur de cheveux pourriez vous envisager sur votre joli crâne?
-Votre idole?
-Countryside ou city?
-Préféreriez-vous ne plus avoir de dents ou ne plus avoir d'ongles?
-Carte postale ou sms?
-Comment vous imaginez vous dans 20 ans?
-Chocolat ou bonbons?
-Vous identifiez vous par votre nationalité ou par la région où vous vivez?
-Où aimeriez-vous vivre plus tard?
-Livre ou tv?

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I was tagged by go-west-brother thanks lovely :)

1) Spell your name with song titles.
C - Can’t Buy Me Love by The Beatles
A - Alabama Song by The Doors
R - Real Gone Kid by Deacon Blue
O - One Day Like This by Elbow
L - Last Night by The Strokes
I - It Could Be You by Blur
N - No Surprises by Radiohead
E - Elephant Stone by The Stone Roses

2) Why did you choose your URL?
It’s the name of name of the band for Damon Albarn’s solo album Everyday Robots, which I really like.

3) What is your middle name? 
I don’t have one.

4) If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?
Ghost, Jon Snow’s Direwolf from Game of Thrones.

5) Favourite colour?
Red, Blue or White.

6) Favourite song?
At this point in time it’s Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by The Beatles. (Haven’t stopped singing it since coming back from Liverpool on Weenesday, oops)

7) Top 3 fandoms?
Marvel Cinematic Universe, Game of Thrones, The Beatles.

8) Why do you enjoy Tumblr?
It’s got a little bit of everything I like. It has the fandoms that I’m apart of and keeps me up to date on things the news doesn’t bother showing. Cheers me up sometimes too :D

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Here’s Why Taylor Swift’s Sweet Post of Her Godson Is So Special

It’s been almost two weeks since Jaime King and her Husband Kyle Newman welcomed their second son into the world. What makes his arrival so unique is that his name wasn’t revealed for a week, and no pictures of him were posted on social media for 12 days! After carrying a child for 9 months and finally welcoming him into the world, it’s so hard to wait to share with the world your pride and joy. So what were the happy parents waiting for? His Godmother to meet him!

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