gods's smuggler

So, I’ve been playing SW:TOR as Jedi characters a lot, and I’ve noticed that almost all those smaller missions between planets have been about fighting some über-dark-side-sith-apprentice-lord-evil or whatnot. So obviously, when I get to one of these points with my smuggler, I’m all wary and waiting for some epic conspiracy/ambush/showdown… and instead they give me Skavak’s batty ex-girlfriend trying to make an impression.

*some destruction later*

This storyline, seriously

Sunday Smugglers

Olly Woodbury And The Chiefs (Henry Slade, Dave Ewers, Dave Lewis, Ollie Atkins, Haydn Thomas, Tomas Francis, Don Armand, Jack Nowell) Smuggle Grapes And More!

Woof, Baby!


Manly Monday: Spanish Aqua Horse

Openly Gay Spanish Water Polo Player Victor Gutierrez Is Ready For Rio!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Smuggling Teutonic Knights

The DRV Squad Hits The Sand!

Wir Für Deutschland!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!



I Don’t Think So! Not James O’Connor!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Summer Smuggler!

Simon Humberstone Looks As If He Can Walk On Water.

Ain’t summer Grand?

Woof, Baby!


The Beautiful Men Of Rio

They Went Down To Spain, But Team USA Still Takes My Breath Away.

Woof, Baby!

Happy Fourth From An All-American Stud!

Celebrate Independence With The Same Joie De Vivre As This Golden Bear Fresh Out Of San Francisco Bay!

Woof, Baby!


Manly Budgy Smugglers!

The Sea Eagles (Many Manly Men At Least) Don Their Budgy Smugglers For A Recovery Session! Among The Smugglers Are Tom Symonds, Brenton Lawrence, Cheyse Blair, Matt Balin, And Daly Cherry Evans!

Sexy as Hell, Baby!