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Sherlock found us and we managed to escape and shut down the operation. It turned out that they’d been looking for a hairpin. All this madness and death was because of a hairpin! An Empress’s hairpin apparently but still, a hairpin. Sherlock even knew where it was…he’d seen it before. And that was it. Case closed. Over a couple days we’d encountered Chinese assassins, killer opera singers, secret codes, secret messages in the A-Z, smugglers and god knows what else. I’d even met a beautiful lady. It was all very James Bond.

So, I’ve been playing SW:TOR as Jedi characters a lot, and I’ve noticed that almost all those smaller missions between planets have been about fighting some über-dark-side-sith-apprentice-lord-evil or whatnot. So obviously, when I get to one of these points with my smuggler, I’m all wary and waiting for some epic conspiracy/ambush/showdown… and instead they give me Skavak’s batty ex-girlfriend trying to make an impression.

*some destruction later*

This storyline, seriously

otterandterrier  asked:

For Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day, who are some of your favourite writers?

The Han/Leia fandom (and that’s the only fandom I have fic readership in) is just so utterly talented that it’s hard to highlight just a few. I could say so many wonderful things about so many wonderful authors. 

@madame-alexandra I honestly started reviewing fics period just because Identity was too good for me not to, and got on tumblr for the “previews.” And now my fandom life is so much bigger than just Identity/Mme A, but the Identity ‘verse and her other fics (especially the ones dealing with Leia’s sexuality will always be precious to me! I especially appreciate the way she blends humor with sadness or angst, and the way she strives for real/human reactions and plots. 

@cicatrick slays me with her prose and incredibly spot-on characterizations, especially of my boy Han. In New Hope Indiana, she put into words Han’s upbringing, previous sexual life/experiences, and overall characterizations in almost exactly how I’d imagine it for the “space” character just brought into real Earth settings. Perhaps @corellian-smuggler said it best when she said she’d look forward to Cic’s Caveman AU. (So maybe when she finishes up the Wild West….???)

@otterandterrier‘s realism and subtlety leaves her a highly underrated author imo. Her “narration” is so good, she always somehow picks the right words for body language, especially Han’s (Han sagging, his throat bobbing), and again she strives for “real/human” reactions and plots that I deeply appreciate, and MY GOD THE DIALOGUE.

@corellian-smuggler will make any idea she has work from Rixx cat adoption to Halloween in Space and will hit exactly the write tone she needs for it. Angst with heart and purpose, rather than angst for angst’s sake (not that it’s all angsty) and just a really beautiful writer (although I would expect that from a witch - also, my lawyer says that I can’t @ CS in any more things as long as the defamation suit is ongoing….. : / ). 

@knightedrogue Another favorite Han-characterization and all-around great writer! I feel like I’m running out of praise words! Always manages to surprise me no matter how “familiar” I get with her work, yet always stays spot-on in-character. Also will feed random wildlife you leave in her inbox, in case anyone got over-excited in their endangered species tumblr smuggling rings and bit off more than they could chew…. 

In addition to her Han/Leia fluff-mastery, @organanation seems to carry the written Bail/Breha fandom on her back more than ably. Stuck in Committee was the steamiest collection of nerd puns I’ve seen in awhile (and that’s a high compliment from me) but it’s all great, really. 

Aside from some of these I want to shoutout: 

I think @mandatheginger‘s Affirmations is the story I’m most excited about that I still haven’t gotten to yet because I’m so far behind on my reading. D: I’ve been excited about it since the “promos” in like February or March and then my life completely changed and I still haven’t caught up! Also I heard Han Solo gets really sad, and I love how heartbreakingly Ms. Manda writes Sad Solo / love to see that man get tortured in able writers’ hands. <3 

Would really like to see more from @asmoonlightthroughthepines because she is very quiet about her ideas and opinions with Han/Leia but they are sharp and spot-on and she’s a great writer in general so I hope she will favor us with more. 

But really, this like skims the surface, I love so many of you guys, you’re offing brilliant and its such a privilege to read you and to write with you. <3

20 Questions Tag

I was tagged by @mypagethoughts, thank you! 💕

Favourite memory: Oh geez, this is a hard question. I don’t know if it’s my favorite but I made a lot of good memories at my sister’s wedding, it was a whole weekend thing at a campground, and most of my friends and family were there.

What are you reading? I have like ten books that I’ve started and haven’t finished yet, so I guess I’ll name them all?! haha. God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew, The Children of Húrin by J.R.R. Tolkien, How Should We Then Live by Francis Shaeffer, Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer, The Book Of Josephus, Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow, Anne of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery, A Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne, and A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. (those are just the ones I’ve started that I actually plan on finishing sometime lol)

Spirit animal: Umm, a monkey maybe? Or a bird?

Who/what would you be if you could be anything? I just want to be happy, that’s all lol.

Do you believe in astrology? Ahaha. No.

Your last emojis: 💕👌🙄😁😂(I could go on but they’re all just as boring lol)

Do you have siblings? Yes, 8! Four younger brothers and a younger sister, and two older sisters and an older brother.

Do you remember your great-grandparents? Yes. I remember my great grandpa on my mom’s side. He lived to be 103. And I remember my great grandma on my dad’s side a tiny bit.

Would you like to have children: Yes!

Have you ever cheated on a test? Not that I remember, but I’ve never really ever taken a test that was very important.

Hot-headed or calm: Hot-headed. But in a passive aggressive way lol.

Favorite subject: History or science maybe? I really liked science until it got complicated haha.

A random thing: Yesterday I decided I’m going to marry the ENTP I know. I’ll keep ya’ll updated on my progress lol.😉😂

Result or process: Result. But you probably won’t get any good results unless you have a good process.

Food you don’t like: Anything smoked.

Vegetables or fruits: Definitely fruits.

House parties or night clubs: A nice wholesome house party? lol

Dreaming or daydreaming: Uhh, daydreaming I guess.

Team sports or individual sports: It really depends on who’s on my team and how seriously I’m taking the game.

I tag, @galacticlust @anyonebutgracie @peaceful-d1sturbance aaand that’s all tumblr is letting me tag atm lol.

Budgy Bros

Korbin And Tariq Sims Smuggle On To Cryo Therapy.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Manly Monday: Spanish Aqua Horse

Openly Gay Spanish Water Polo Player Victor Gutierrez Is Ready For Rio!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Sunday Smugglers

Olly Woodbury And The Chiefs (Henry Slade, Dave Ewers, Dave Lewis, Ollie Atkins, Haydn Thomas, Tomas Francis, Don Armand, Jack Nowell) Smuggle Grapes And More!

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