gods the humor

I love how in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve and Bucky are having their dramatic highway battle and the cars in the other lane just keep driving. Like, the regular people in the Marvel Cinematic Universe must be so jaded at this point. Like, “Ho hum. Another Monday. Aw dangit. Looks like they’re at it again. The five o’clock rush is gonna be hell.”

The Signs as the 12 Olympians
  • Aries: Hephaestus
  • Taurus: Demeter
  • Gemini: Hermes
  • Cancer: Hera
  • Leo: Zeus
  • Virgo: Athena
  • Libra: Aphrodite
  • Scorpio: Ares
  • Sagittarius: Apollo
  • Capricorn: Artemis
  • Aquarius: Dionysus
  • Pisces: Poseidon

all the boys // panic! at the disco