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Justice League movie review

No spoilers, k? Let’s play nice. Billy Crudup?? Awesome cameo.

Wonder Woman’s entrance… And existence in this movie was like OH MY GOD. The greatest, most confident female ever to grace the silver screen. Don’t fight me on this, you’ll lose.

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Momoa rocked that shit. I want more.

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Ezra brought this film to life! Loved every scene with him in it. Every scene.

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2 post credit scenes, bitch. It’ll totally be worth it. I saw people walking out and almost had a stroke. 😉

Now where is my Superman pin…

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The movie was just…it was Carmilla. It had all the silly moments, the drama, the heart, that the series had. Sitting there, in a real, honest to God cinema, watching the characters I love on the silver screen - I can’t quite describe the emotions I felt. The emotions I’m currently feeling. I keep thinking back to sitting in my living room and watching those first six episodes, and thinking “huh.” And now I’ve gone to see the movie in theatres. This little webseries that could has given me so many gifts, has been there in so many moments when I needed it.

I am so very proud of the cast and crew, and so very grateful to them. 

Thank you, for sharing your heart with us.

mmmmm hoooo boy i know i’ve been making my distance from reylo fandom in the past couple months but that TRAILER i’m ready to come back with a vengeance in December I’m ready for spring 2016 levels of fanfic productivity I’m ready for Rian Johnson to deliver unto me everything I have ever dreamed of and lovingly render scenes from my own fanfiction on the silver screen jesus god

Modern Deities AU

Loosely based off of the book American Gods by Neil Gaiman, try to a story with creating characters that are personifications of modern day ‘deities.’ Bellow are listed several ideas to generate ideas.

  • God(dess) of the Silver Screen - look into examples such as The Twilight Zone and films by Alfred Hitchcock for inspiration.
  • Mr. Electricity - their personality is simply electrifying.
  • Beauty - highly encouraged to be genderfuid so as to convey that ‘fashion doesn’t have a gender.’
  • Guardian of Lose Socks - get silly with them. Uncanny knack for finding socks, maybe?
  • Internet - Interpret the internet’s multiple uses at will. A mother with many children, some more wild than others; a prostitute for hire; a person with autism who is a wizard with computers.
  • Apple - a lurking threat, or annoyingly helpful friend?
  • Sweet Kicks - shoes and cultures go hand in hand.
  • Social Media - different than the Internet in the sense that they know everything about everyone, but not every topic. Unless it’s about social justice (tumblr).
  • Lord/Lady of the Wires - the hopeless gossip, or a NSA-styled threat? Try to combine the two, or think of an equally as thought provoking character.
A Tight Spot (1/1)

Celebrity!Killian AU:  It’s not that Emma Swan never dreamed about a late night rendezvous with her favorite movie star, Killian Jones. It’s just that this was NOT the way she imagined it happening…

A quick and ridiculous one-shot in honor of the birth of my beta and friend @captainswannl29​.

Word Count: ~3600; Read on AO3

Those three little words were the most beautiful thing she’d ever heard: All. Expenses. Paid.

Emma wanted to roll around in those words. Swim in them, just like she was practically swimming in her gigantic bed complete with ridiculously high thread count sheets and a duvet so cloudlike she was convinced it was stuffed with angel feathers. If luxury had a lap, this hotel would be it.

When her boss had ordered her to go to yet another pointless corporate conference, Emma’s knee jerk reaction was blind fury. She was sick and tired of slogging through days at boring seminars and sleeping in cheap motels, just because Regina was always conveniently “far too busy” to attend herself. Emma was almost to the point of threatening to quit her job, but those three little words had mollified her somewhat. Not the skinty per diem she usually got, all expenses paid. Funny how the promise of a company credit card can change your attitude. That, and hearing Regina command her assistant to “book a decent hotel this time.”

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