gods of the silver screen

James Dean…Jimmy Dean….wonderful actor who’s life was cut too short, but is still alive in the hearts of all jimmy dean fans forever <3

Modern Deities AU

Loosely based off of the book American Gods by Neil Gaiman, try to a story with creating characters that are personifications of modern day ‘deities.’ Bellow are listed several ideas to generate ideas.

  • God(dess) of the Silver Screen - look into examples such as The Twilight Zone and films by Alfred Hitchcock for inspiration.
  • Mr. Electricity - their personality is simply electrifying.
  • Beauty - highly encouraged to be genderfuid so as to convey that ‘fashion doesn’t have a gender.’
  • Guardian of Lose Socks - get silly with them. Uncanny knack for finding socks, maybe?
  • Internet - Interpret the internet’s multiple uses at will. A mother with many children, some more wild than others; a prostitute for hire; a person with autism who is a wizard with computers.
  • Apple - a lurking threat, or annoyingly helpful friend?
  • Sweet Kicks - shoes and cultures go hand in hand.
  • Social Media - different than the Internet in the sense that they know everything about everyone, but not every topic. Unless it’s about social justice (tumblr).
  • Lord/Lady of the Wires - the hopeless gossip, or a NSA-styled threat? Try to combine the two, or think of an equally as thought provoking character.
A Tight Spot (1/1)

Celebrity!Killian AU:  It’s not that Emma Swan never dreamed about a late night rendezvous with her favorite movie star, Killian Jones. It’s just that this was NOT the way she imagined it happening…

A quick and ridiculous one-shot in honor of the birth of my beta and friend @captainswannl29​.

Word Count: ~3600; Read on AO3

Those three little words were the most beautiful thing she’d ever heard: All. Expenses. Paid.

Emma wanted to roll around in those words. Swim in them, just like she was practically swimming in her gigantic bed complete with ridiculously high thread count sheets and a duvet so cloudlike she was convinced it was stuffed with angel feathers. If luxury had a lap, this hotel would be it.

When her boss had ordered her to go to yet another pointless corporate conference, Emma’s knee jerk reaction was blind fury. She was sick and tired of slogging through days at boring seminars and sleeping in cheap motels, just because Regina was always conveniently “far too busy” to attend herself. Emma was almost to the point of threatening to quit her job, but those three little words had mollified her somewhat. Not the skinty per diem she usually got, all expenses paid. Funny how the promise of a company credit card can change your attitude. That, and hearing Regina command her assistant to “book a decent hotel this time.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey. Okay, so there was this ask you answered about your tattoo and you said if we wanted to ask questions regarding your beliefs we could, so here: Can you say something to me that would make me think of your religion(s?) of choice as something legit? Because I feel really weird about it (them?) being an actual thing currently and I loathe being narrow-minded. Thanks and sorry this is vague.

 I find myself wondering what you mean about it being an actual thing.

 It’s been a thing for years- thousands of them. It’s older than Christianity and many countries still hold them strong and true. Just because it’s fallen to the wayside doesn’t mean it’s stopped being real.

 What I think is that your perception is fogged by bias- the bias of the Americas that seem to think that “old gods” are just that- old and crusty and obsolete. The place you grew up in- I will assume it’s in America somewhere- treated these old names as throw aways. Things that were cool, but could never be real.

 I will admit, I’m a tad offended by you not considering my beliefs “legitimate”, but the fact that you’re open to learning is great. 

 It isn’t your fault- let me use an analogy to explain. Excuse me and my instrumental nerdiness, but this is a perfect metaphor, or at least I think so.

 A long time ago, the recorder and the ocarina  were being introduced to North America.

 The Ocarina is an ancient instrument, lovingly crafted out of clay. It creates a deep, resonant, and sweet sound. The ocarina has no origin. The ocarina is as old as instruments can be- every continent (excluding Antarctica) has a native ocarina. It’s woven into culture, and used in religious ceremonies the world over. In China, it’s called the xun. During the World Wars, soldiers received ocarinas in their care packages so they could play them and let the music fill their battered days with a little more joy.

 The recorder came to America around the turn of the 20th century- it was created in the Iron Age, or about 1400. It came to the Americas relatively recently. The ocarina, also being brought to America at the same time, began to die off in popularity in favour for the recorder.

 The recorder was cheaper, and easier to make. You didn’t need to craft it out of clay by hand, it could be made with a machine. People took on the recorders and the ocarina fell into obscurity for the Americas until a certain Hylian hero brought it back.

 Unfortunately,at the same time, people thought of the ocarina to be a fictional instrument. When I show mine to people, many exclaim they thought it was a work of fantasy- that ocarinas aren’t real. Ocarinas are real, and thriving overseas in countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan, and Peru.

 However, both the Ocarina and the Recorder have suffered. People do not have time to sit and listen to their notes. People are too cheap to buy the proper instruments. Nobody knows that a proper recorder is made of wood. Many buy ocarinas and recorders made out of soulless plastic. Their notes are shrill and heartless, cold and sharp. They are mere husks compared to what they can really deliver. 

 Now, clearly, I mean to say that the Recorder is Christianity and the Ocarina is Paganism. Paganism is old, but not obsolete. It’s just fallen out of the public eye. People have reduced it to a pop culture and our gods to not gods, but super heroes on the silver screen.

 It hurts, yes. It hurts a great deal. however, paganism is not dead.

 Far from it.

messentery  asked:

Do you remember that list you reblogged about the way to read the discworld saga? Is there some way you could possibly easily find it/tell me where to find it? That would be A+ amazing cause I really want to read the saga.

I can’t find it but I have literally every single book over and over, and love them all dearly, so I’ll try to explain it! Although all the books are set in the same world, in roughly the same time period, each book follows a specific group of characters, so the end result is more like a few different sets of novels. They’re still obviously in the same world, and cameos by characters from other sets aren’t uncommon, but the various storylines aren’t really dependent on each other, so you can pick a set of characters that sounds interesting and work through those novels. There are also a few stand-alones, with characters that are only showcased once. I’m going to leave out the young adult novels and the side novels for now, because this is already going to be a monster of a post. Also, most of these are pretty good on their own, so if you want to just pick a book that sounds interesting, you’re pretty safe going from there.

The books are generally grouped into the City Watch, the Witches/Tiffany Aching), Death/Susan, Moist Von Lipwig, and Rincewind. A quick run-down of each:

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