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darthsammo  asked:

Ok me again with the rest of the questions. 1st) I have spent three years building this world. I have a list of God old and new. Every continents political situation and created three languages to be used along with the standard elf and dwarf dialects used in most rpg's. would you consider that overkill in world building? 2nd) if I write this as an adventure gone horribly wrong starting at the middle with flashbacks to the important parts would that be too hard to follow or I take linear time?

1) Not at all! It’s hard to ever call anything overkill when it comes to worldbuilding. Normally I’d say it might become a problem at some point if it’s keeping you from actually writing, but it’s not, so by all means, have fun with it. Create and create to your heart’s content!

2) That is a creative way of storytelling that works very effectively when done right. My only concern in this case would mainly be that this is, of course, an RPG. It’s one thing to READ a non-linear story, but PLAYING it is a whole different can of worms, especially in a game where players are making choices and affecting outcomes. 

The problem with having “flashbacks” in a playable game is that you are now defining two different time periods- a “present” and a “past”. That means all things that happen in the past must lead up to the defined “present”, limiting the players’ choices. The reason that RPGs have choices is so that players can make their own decisions and define the outcome for themselves. By playing two points of one story, you definitively connect them to the other, making their events sort of a “fixed point” in the timeline.

If you do think you can still write it in such a way as to continue to give all the players a full scope of choice, then totally, try something creative. But I think most RPGs tend to be linear for a reason. 

Also keep in mind the reactions of your players. It may be confusing to keep track of which details belong to which timeline. Really, some people will struggle more with this than others, so know your players.

Short answer: I like to have faith that people can carry out unlikely things, but yes, I do think it would be rather confusing.

Your passionate world building is impressive, by the way.


one of my favourite things about Heathers is the lyrics

like, it can range from deep shit like this:

‘we can start and finish wars, we’re what killed the dinosaurs. we’re the asteroid that’s overdue. the dinosaurs choked on the dust, they died because God said they must. the new world needed room for me and you.’

to shit like:

'woah, you can punch real good.’

  • Aries ~ I am God when: I open a new world every day like a Storybook
  • Taurus - I am God when: I sink into the temple of the body, moisturize it with gel and self love, create and materialize
  • Gemini - I am God when: I fall into a trance during learning, I write and use my divine voice to inform
  • Cancer - I am God when: I have a baby fall asleep on my chest, I hold an animal, I hear my spirit guide as thought
  • Leo - I am God when: I believe I am God and create
  • Virgo - I am God when: I polish my mind and skills to apply these so to provide a service to others, to perceive the invisible mechanics of nature
  • Libra - I am God when: I am feeling connected and validated, I am radiating love to all people
  • Scorpio - I am God when: I face obliteration and destruction to arise new and emanating gold with divine wisdom
  • Sagittarius - I am God when: I breathe and let nature envelope me
  • Capricorn - I am God when: I stare up at the stars and dream of reaching my aspirations, when I recognise the labor of love
  • Aquarius - I am God when: I explore every avenue of idea and utopia, when I saturate humanity with wisdom from higher dimensions
  • Pisces - I am God when: I create, I think, I pray, I heal, I bring others home

not to sound like an old lady but I remember……

  • back when there weren’t hacks and we all had to duplicate crap with that turn-off-your-wifi-when-the-session-is-ending-at-the-exact-right-moment
  • when clover paths blew up in popularity and we all shared the same pain of having to dupe for hours and hours to fill our towns with clovers and WHOA I FOUND A FOUR LEAF CLOVER I WONDER IF THAT MAKES ME LUCKY
  • I remember when all the drama was on acnlconfessions and about 50% of it was furries
  • that infamous club tortimer troll guy who made me cry that one time and wow that was so stupid omg
  • “why is marshal so popularrrrr I only liek the UGLY villagersss” - about 30% of submissions to confession blogs
  • when I sold marshal to someone for 40 million bells omg
  • beetle farming for hours and hours to pay off them loans because once again NO HACKS
  • kind souls posting their high turnip prices and letting people come to their towns to sell, those people saved my life
  • the great pastel vs. forest towns debate (is that still a thing?)
  • when the sloppy set was a Huge Deal and now I never see it??
  • north tbh, I miss it
  • dream suite: “is that a bra rack”
  • debates about whether or not tom nook is really evil
  • discovering that you could put ur kk music on shuffle = mind blown
  • the excitement of discovering various new features in acnl for the first time- gem rocks, the clam shell music boxes, bamboo!! amazing!!
  • the term “dreamies” I rarely see it anymore and I am grateful for that
  • and also why did everyone hate jambette so much
  • plot resetting for HOURS
  • when everyone posted jumping-in-puddle pics
  • “don’t ever wear a crown to club tortimer”
  • villagers vs. pets tag (’: 

maaaan those were simpler times maaaan

-Pretend this takes place a year after The Dark World. As far as Thor is aware Loki is still dead and Odin is still king. (just pretend there’s a large time gap before Ragnarok.)-

Imagine the Avengers get themselves into trouble and are held captive by a crazed man bent on destroying everything in his path. They are tied up and held captive in the man’s headquarters when suddenly they drag in a young girl who is giving them nothing but trouble (think of her as a Harley Quinn type, lol). She threatens them with her boyfriend claiming he was not not someone he wanted to mess with but the man ignores the girl and ties her up and begins to threaten her because she can’t (or won’t) keep her mouth shut. Suddenly the alarm system is tripped off and the young girl begins laughing. “He’s here,” she tells him casually as he hears the screams of his crew. One man manages to run into the room only to be dragged out screaming for his life by an unseen force. His screams go dead silent the moment he’s dragged out into the hallway. By this point the Avengers are a bit worried and even the man seems concerned. When Loki walks into the room the man drops to his knees and begs for his life. “I’m sorry, Sir. I didn’t know she was yours!” Apparently he worked for Loki when he invaded New York so he knew exactly what the God was capable of. Loki asks the girl, “Did he harm you my Darling?” She replies, “No, but he was going to.” That’s all it takes for Loki to drag him into another room- killing him. (He didn’t want his girl to see the mess) Loki unties her and looks at the rest of the Avengers and smirks, “Well, well. Look at what we have here. The Avengers all tied up. What a wonderful day this is turning out to be.“ 

Loki ends up letting the Avengers go because it had been the plan all along. The girl had been captured on purpose.The Avengers are curious of her and find out she had once been one of HYDRA’s experiments. She had been injected with a serum that now allows her to dive into people’s minds; she can also take control if she chooses to. The Avengers assumed Loki rescued her to use her for his own benefit, but it turns out they had already been together for months before she had been taken by HYDRA and Loki almost died to get her out. They were also still yet learning the side effects. The young girl is very defensive of Loki and she does everything in her power to convince the Avengers he was not the man they thought he was. They have no choice but to believe her. Why? Because Loki allowed her inside his mind; she’s seen everything, from childhood to present. 

If you or your blog is Christian

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