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both of their smiles got me feeling some type of way…

“some things happen that make Alex realize that they’re more partners than Alex perhaps thought, where she was like, ‘Well, Maggie’s in charge.‘”

oh my god why does that just sound like a fancy way of saying that alex is going to realize she doesn’t have to be a bottom every time

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Can we talk about the way Robert's voice almost breaks when he ask 'Do you think he knows?' when Aaron's gone missing, though. He just was so nervous and wanted everything to be perfect... oh hon

YES OH MY GOD he sounded so sad about it. He wanted it to be perfect. He was… so nervous, up until the point where Aaron told him that it would be perfect no matter what and calmed him down. THEY ARE SO IN LOVE.

Also I love love love that his way of including Liv was trusting her to decorate and she was so desperate to do a good job too oh my god both of them wanted it to be perfect for Aaron and for each other and ahhakajsj THEYRE SUCH A LITTLE FAMILY

I’m literally obsessed with this being about the three of them just as much as it is about Aaron and Robert’s love, because that’s exactly how it should be and oh my god. I have. Emotions.

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My roommate is a strong food pusher. Just to please her I eat 3 times a day (lowest cal options) and if I sleep or am away when it's the conventional time to eat, she calls my boyfriend to tell him that I'm not eating properly. I'm not even thin yet?

Oh my god she sounds sick!! Noone should push someone to eat i mean maaan if im not hungry i aint gonna eat!! Tell her you dont need daycare! You know when you need to eat better than she does! Stay safe❤

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Your thoughts about colour cordinated flavors and what grey would taste like all I could think of was, "try the grey stuff it's delicious!"


Isn’t the actual Grey Stuff that they sell at Disneyland like…. vanilla mousse or something? Good gods that sounds delicious…




build god then we’ll talk // panic! at the disco



2x07 Theory: Malec

So I was asked to write my 2x07 theory and I think I’ve completely put everything together.

So Jace has sex with a random chick (at Magnus’ apartment, like ew we have no room for straight people here get out) and Alec and Jace have a conversation about why the hell Jace is there in the first place. I think that Alec walks in on Jace and the girl doing the do and is utterly repulsed by it. Okay so this sight may have played a hand in Alec’s thinking of sex. I’m not saying he didn’t have those desires before, I’m just saying that this had him wokeTM .

So, Alec goes to none other than his lovely little sister for a sexual consult, to which Izzy is absolutely ecstatic. (number one #malec shipperTM) She probably says something along the lines of “You just know” or something. She then proceeds to explain to him the intricacies of gay sex and he is very confuesd a) because he knows how it works he’s a grown ass man, and b) why does his little sister know so much about the intricacies of gay sex.

And then they go shopping in Japan bc they wanna get away from cockblock JaceTM and when they are there, Alec decides to buy Magnus an omamori, a Japanese good luck charm because Alec is soft af.

Magnus is shook!

and then you have Alec going in for the kill. But it’s just a quick smooch because they are soft boyfriendsTM

Then here we have Magnus and Alec cuddling up into each other on the balcony being all domestic and shit. Things from this point become erotic and something clicks in Alec’s brain and he’s just like ‘I’m ready to lose my flower leggo’ and they begin to take it into the bedroom but then Alec stops to tell Magnus that he is worried he won’t ‘be good at it’ or something like that and the Magnus will say…

And then…

They make love.

How does this story end? Well…

we all die.