gods of geometry



矢印 means “arrow”, which on the surface is obvious enough, but it doesn’t refer to archery arrows, it refers to directional arrows, like  , , , , etc.! Like the ones used to indicate vectors in mathematical diagrams.

Like in simple geometry.



High School AU Headcanons: Jumin

Surprise! Look who showed up earlier! I said I was posting this on monday, but tomorrow I’ll start another AU, so I din’t want the two AUs being posted on the same day. 

So here you go! Jumin is the one I always struggle the most to write, but not this time, for some reason. Have fun, y’all!

TW: Mentions of suicide and violence against women

  • He’s a honor student and part of the lacrosse team at this fancy internal school.
  • You’re the troublemaker, there are several rumors about how your family got rich all of a sudden due to money launder. Also, people say your mother is in rehab because she found out you slept with your stepfather, who got arrested for having sex with a minor.
  • He’s a tutor for students with bad grades, and guess who the principal decided to pair him with as his pupil this semester. He had to prove he was good enough to candidate for student body’s president, if he can help you, he would have full support of the principal.
  • He hates it, not because of the rumors, he couldn’t care less about that, but you’re impossible to work with!
  • Yes, you were literature partners before, you could never focus and was extremely irresponsible, yet you showed up to the presentation and pointed out really interesting observations about the book, some of them better than his.
  • He doesn’t like people who don’t put effort to conquer things, people who rely too much on some skills. People like you.
  • So there he is, waiting for you in the library so you can start studying geometry, and obviously, you’re late.
  • You came acting like there’s nothing wrong and while he talks about surfaces of triangles and tangents, you’re more focused on building a catapult with your rule. Ugh…
  • “Ugh, I’m bored. Let’s ditch this!” you groan in boredom. “As I was saying… given the acute angle of a triangle…” he ignores you.
  • “Sin equals B, and B stands for boring!” despite your little joke, it was… correct? “Wait, you know geometry?” “Of course I do, I just don’t like that teacher! Now, come on, let’s ditch this! I heard the seniors are throwing a party at the old library building, let’s go!”
  • “It’s against the rules to walk in the school at night.” “Well, yeah! Why would be fun if this was allowed? Duh!” “Fine, you can go. It’s not as I’m enjoying this… study session either.”
  • “Nah, let’s partaayy, bro! Tell you what, if you go with me, I promise I get an A + in the next geometry test, the principal will love you for that, mr. President!” well, that was true. “Fine.” He agrees with a sigh.
  • “Why do you want me to go with you?” “I can’t be the only sophomore in a senior party, duh!” oh… maybe you cared about other people think of you, he thought you didn’t. “Besides, I’ll tell you dragged me there if we get caught.” Okay… this was more like you.
  • This didn’t look like a party, it was more like a cultural soirée, yes, he recognized some of the best art students and the best musicians in the school band too.
  • He lost you a little after you two entered. Then he found you in this circle with a glass in your hand. You were really impossible.
  • “Forgive me, father, for I have sinned” a senior spoke “Go on, my child.” “I didn’t try to kill myself when I was a junior, I just slipped in the bathroom.” “You are forgiven, son.” What in the world was this?
  • He joined the circle without realizing it. “Dude, you can’t be here without a drink. Here, let’s share.” You put a little of whatever you were drinking in his cup.
  • This was really interesting, people were sharing some intimate secrets, it was a kind of drinking game, but much more sophisticated than those ones he heard about
  • Whatever you gave him, it was strong. He was feeling a little loosen up… “Forgive me, father, for I have sinned.” He spoke loudly. “Go on, my child.”
  •  “I… I can’t bare with my father and his lousy affairs. Sometimes I think I… really hate… him.” Wow, he could not believe he said this out loud, but none of the people in that circle looked fazed.
  • “Dude, we’re milennials, admitting how much we hate family and how much they fucked us up is like… our thing.” You said matter of factly, everybody in the circle nodded in agreement.
  • Seriously? All those thoughts he had were… normal? He was… normal? “What about you, kitty?” a senior asked you. “Any sins you want to share?”
  • You shrugged: “Forgive me, father, for I have sinned.” “Go on, my child.” Even Jumin said this time, the alcohol made him curious.
  •  “I… didn’t sleep with my stepfather. The dude was trying to beat my mother up and I stood up for her and told I was gonna call the police. So he’s arrested for assault, not for having sex with… me. And my mom isn’t in rehab, she’s at a spa in Fiji,  because that’s how it works in our family, we run from our problems instead of talking about it in order to solve them.” You chugged the rest of your liquor while everybody stared at you. “Oh, but the money laundery thing is real.” “Damn, kitty, that’s deep.” One senior spoke.
  • Yes, it was deep. Jumin couldn’t believe what he just heard. Of course you would act like this irresponsible and troublemaker girl, you didn’t want anyone coming to close to you to actually know your problems.
  • The party was over, and you two walked in a dreadful silence in the dark. “Forget what you heard, okay? What happens there, stays there.” “How do you know about these parties?” You mumbled something he couldn’t listen and started blabbering, the alcohol effects, no doubt “My sister used to come to these parties, she always talked about them, and how great they are. She lives in New York now, I’m definitely going there once I graduate from this shithole. Live in a loft, adopt a cat… I like cats, do you like cats?” did he? He never thought about that… he would like to adopt a cat too…
  • “Then you would run away from your problems?” “More like making new ones in a place I can have a fresh start.” You both chuckled. 
  • But he was thinking of this very seriously. He never bothered about the future, he knows he will take over his father’s company and… well, that’s it. For the first time, he’s thinking if he could have something diferent, be something different.
  • You were impressed with his attitude, he was nicer and more interested in what you have to say than you thought. Plus, he’s so fine!
  • “Hey, Jumin?” “Yes, MC?” “Do you think you can forgive me for one last sin?” “Don’t you mean sine?” OH MY GOD! HE’S DOING A GEOMETRY JOKE!? NERD! “Come on, I’m serious! Forgive me, father, for what I’m about to sin?”
  • “Go on, m… wait, about to sin?” you surprised him with a kiss in the lips. It started sweet and slow, but quickly turned into a messy make-out session in the dark. Oh… he wasn’t so uptight after all, as you felt your ass being fully gripped by his hands, which you teasingly pried away.
  • “You can only have more if you get an A + in literature with me. See ya, Mr. President.” You ran in the dark, he was still a little tipsy from the alcohol… and from your lips.
  • But forget that, he needs to start that literature paper asap.

Swansong of blessing you all with love-freedom
(my tumblr wave, join me at peacewalker.org for future pearls of grace)

Do you know your own power?

It is here, in the still
brilliant moment,
a light that dispels all darkness
a love that annihilates all fear
a power that transcends duality, illusion, death

give up trying, you cannot learn the christ-sophia consciousness, just believe
in the chain-breaking Love that
thunders on and on right here in every beating heart

let that love through, let love win out over all false ideas of you

You are More
More than any More can imagine

Eternal Glory
K -R -Y -S -T -A -L
surrendering to the innermost river currents
coming home to a heaven beyond
a place of tasting of God’s pure breath

remade into the white-fire gold rising force-
no longer a thing,
but Life Itself exchanging

May faith guide your way
May you devote yourself within to praising, worshipping The Gift
beneath and within every breath that lovingly touches your lips
and every true dream that kisses you into this
rising beyond within,
this saintly angelic tremendous giving love-wave
of truly what we are

May You Remember In the Depths of All that You Are
I have seen your face and
The darkness has already died away
You have and Are continuously lifted up
You are the free spirit of perfect consciousness

You are only This-
You are Holy

Let the roar of the Lion-
The Heavenly music of the True Heaven Inside,
roar on and on again and again

Dallas is easily confused. Almost never knows what’s going on.
Dyscalculia just makes everything worse. He almost can’t tell what’s left or right, until Malek gently reminds him that his pitching hand is his right.
Dallas is often embarrassed by how.. difficult Math is to him. Numbers in general.
Malek could solve an equation in a minute. He’s explaining, and Dallas’ eyes are fixated on Malek’s eyelashes.
He’s saying something about parabolas. Vertex. Symmetry. What? None of it made sense to Dallas. Oh well. The longer Malek sat explaining, the more Dallas could spend time with him. Malek, for some reason, never ran out of patience.

The architecture of GOD. The universe is created by a consciousness which manifests in physical reality through a blueprint that we call Sacred Geometry which repeats over and over giving the illusion of linear time.
—  Thoth

Higher Light Center

I invoke the inner spiritual highway, Ma Ha Ra HI, The Eternal Rewewal of harmonizing with my Highest Expression.

May the Gates of my spiritual body be washed clean and spiraled open to unveil my divine emptiness, my perfect nakedness, my eternal innocence.

I am the power of the crystal body coded to the sacred krystal star. I am this. I am.

Free Krystalline Shining Glory; I am the fountain of youth. I am infused and resonate to the color, tones, and hues of highest love.

fdeviant  asked:

Hey there! I really enjoyed your recent post about the differences between magic as a whole and witchcraft. In that post you used a host of terms for magical practitioners (sorcerer, witch, magician). I was wondering if you could provide some of the definitions/distinctions between these common terms based on your experiences/research. I've looked into multiple times for use in my own practices and also in my writing, but I'm looking for a little more specificity if possible. Thanks!

I will try to specify to the best of my ability. Just remember that these terms are not concrete and are ever shifting. It’s very difficult to pin the terms down. 
I’ll also be giving terms relevant to historical/folkloric sources. Modern practitioners may not agree with them. 

Cunning Folk- A practitioner of folk magic who uses their abilities for the general public. The public may approach them with payment, and in return they will give them charms, spells, protection, etc. Some are noted to curse as well ad cure, just to have a wide variety of options for their customers. Very similar to a witch, but lacks certain qualities, or should I say, has certain qualities that a witch does not. Cunning folk were considered human, or at least humane, while witches were often not thought to be so. 

Witch- A practitioner of a certain brand of magic called Witchcraft. However, there is a separation in folklore between those who use witchcraft and witches. Witches have undergone a certain transformation, a metaphorical death, or an initiation. They are known for being familiar with magic of a darker brand, but are just as apt and familiar with magics of a lighter persuasion. Again, the division between cunning folk and witches is hard to draw in certain environments, but the deciding factor usually is selfishness. A witch functions for their own means. Motivations of amusement, revenge, or distaste are often the reasons behind their cursing of the people, at least in folklore.

Sorcerer- A magician of a darker or more grave inclination. Many consider sorcery and witchcraft to be interchangeable terms. Personally, I find the word to imply more involvement with high magic than folk magic. I do however agree on its likeness to witchcraft. Whether it is the same thing, I cannot say. In any case, it is agreed upon that the term refers to a darker practitioner. 

Warlock- These days ‘warlock’ is the term referred to someone who was banished from a modern coven. In Scotland, the word is simply used to refer to a male witch. The word is not extremely popular anymore and many male witches tend to stick to the gender neutral term ‘witch’. 

Magician- Simply put, a practitioner of some kind of magic. This term does not imply an inclination towards light or dark. In certain environments, the word often implies the preference of high magic with the practitioner, such as in ancient Egypt. 

Folk Magician- A practitioner of magic who seeks to affect and control the physical world through charms and spells. As its name tells, it is the magic practiced among the common folk. It does not make use of elaborate ingredients, specially crated tools, or extremely complex rituals. Instead, it utilizes plants, powders, rocks, bones, written spells, and charms. These spells and charms are used to draw love, heal, protect, curse, find lost objects, etc. This is the magic most often utilized by the cunning folk and witches in the past. However, they did sometimes use the second section of magic as well, which brings me to-

High Magician- A practitioner of magic who seeks to control and affect the subtler forces (spirits, deities, etc) through elaborate tools, ceremonies, and words of power. High magic is also known as ‘ceremonial magic’ and ‘learned magic’ (a term which has caused many arguments for those who don’t know what it means). The ceremonial magic they practice has influenced many streams of modern witchcraft. The use of specific ritual tools, magical words, names of God, sacred geometry, and old grimoires is their specialty. In the past, High Magic was reserved for the socially elite, those who served kings and Pharaohs.