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Our new game is In the Valley of Gods, a single-player first-person adventure set in Egypt in the 1920s. You play as a disgraced former filmmaker and explorer, reunited with your old partner for a project that could leave you with fame and fortune—or dead and buried in the sand. 

We’re currently developing the game for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with any potential future platforms yet to be determined. There’s a tentative release target of 2019, but that could change. Just like with Firewatch, follow our progress here on the blog and our Twitter account for the latest news and behind-the-scenes development. In the Valley of Gods is an adventure unlike anything we’ve ever made and we can’t wait for you to play it.

Can we talk about American Gods? We really have a dark-skin black woman playing a Biblical Queen and a Love Goddess. We have Black People portraying Egyptian Gods. The lead of the show is black. They have West African Gods being portrayed on mainstream media. Seeing black people’s mythology and history represented on screen by black actors is a big thing. People aren’t even aware of nor regard the several figures in Abrahamic religions being African. .


Oh yeah, I guess I can upload this now.

I drew this dumb little comic almost two years ago when I first joined the AC team at Ubisoft. It has nothing to do with the game other than being related to Ancient Egypt, and was drawn fun and sent around the office for shits and giggles.

I wish I could say the joke was my own. Alas, I aped it from an old computer game some Aussies in the crowd may know: Skippy and the Curse of the Temple of Ock.

Artwork and Characters © Shamine Athena King
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An au where humans are choosen to be gods, and lance is hathor the god of love, or basically just me being inspired by the goddess from gods of egypt .

• Lance is a normal boy from cuba man, but suddenly he turns out to be the god of love hathor.

• He can command MOST beings.

• He can’t command those who are in love with another

• He’s a flirty little shit.

• No man, beast, god.or demon can resist him.

•It’s why the second he found his godly abilities he was snatched up into the underworld.

• Demons especially have the hots for him.

• But he can’t command some of them, it’s why he’s trapped in the underworld.

• Lotor slays 47 demons and “rescues” him.

• He just gave lance a new prison.

• He’s basically Prince Lotors pet.

• Lance has to wear a bracelet to keep him in the mortal relm

• If he takes it off it’ll instantly attract the demons of the underworld.

• He can teleport using the bracelet.but it’s very risky.

• One accidental slip and he’s back imprisoned in the underworld.

•There are groups of rebel gods who plan against lotors rule.

• One of them is keith.

• Keith tries to get into lotors palace but he gets caught.

• Lance sees his chance, he charms his way through the guards in keiths cell.

• He trys to make a deal with Keith to help him escape if he brings lance along.

• Keith says no.

• Lance is very surprised the god of love isn’t used to others saying no to him.

• “Do you know who i am?”

• “Uhh a mortal?”

•He’s insulted at first, but after a few seconds decides its best of keith doesn’t know who he is.

• After some heavy persuading keith reluctantly takes his deal.

•They escape.

• Barely.

• Lance finds out keith was a famous thief before he found out he was a god .

• The irony is not lost on him that keith just unknowingly stole the greatest treasure of prince lotor.

Uhhh, so that’s all I got so far. I don’t know what kind of au to label this as.

bastet · goddess of cats, fire and pregnant women

Bastet was the goddess of fire, cats, of the home and pregnant women. According to one myth, she was the personification of the soul of Isis. She was also called the “Lady of the East”. As such, her counterpart as “Lady of the West” was Sekhmet. The goddess Bastet was usually represented as a woman with the head of a domesticated cat. However, up until 1000 BC she was portrayed as a lioness. Bastet was the daughter of Re, the sun god. It may have been through him that she acquired her feline characteristics. When Re destroyed his enemy Apep, he was usually depicted as a cat. As portrayed as a cat, she was connected with the moon

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