gods of destruction and chaos

One shot: Loki x Valkyrie


This was a reguest from @hiddlesloving , I hope you like it ☺️😄

“Grandmaster is looking for you know, you kind own him something” Valkyrie says as she walks over to loki, who is looking quite amused by her finding him.

“I know , im not blind, as you can see that’s why I’m here or you haven’t figured that out yet?” He says as he walks closer to her with a giant smile on his face, he loved picking people to see what they could do until they bursted.

“ calling me stupid prince?” She asks as she folds her arms gives him a stare. He laughs and shakes his head.

“I’m not , on contrary , I’m calling you slow. ”

Valkyrie laughs in anger and puts her arm behind her ready to grab her knives , just in case he pulls a trick. Which he could he is the god of lies and tricks.

“ Aren’t valkyries supposed to warriors of Odin? Fastest, strongest , intelligent, defenders of Asgard! "Loki says as he walks around her in circle.

She was a pure beauty he couldn’t deny that for sure. Any man would be lucky enough to have her. He would love to tell her that, but that would be her advance of wining, and he wasn’t that generous of man, he always love to win no matter what.

"But here you are being the grands master puppet, for what money?. What a joke ” Loki says with a smirk. Valkyrie takes out her knives out to the view to him to see. Giving him a warning of what would happen if he continued.

But that didn’t scare or affect it all Loki. He’s the god of chaos and destruction , danger is his middle name.

“Oh is Valkyrie is mad? Well that’s the sole truth. You are nothing but a defeated warrior! Who tried to over come her group and got all killed to fill that revenge. And what got her? Death. What are you going to do now? Fight me? If so I’m honored , fighting a Valkyrie is an gracious opportunity , to bad I’m going to win and take the only thing you have left” loki says which so much anger in his voice.

Valkyrie being the hard headed woman she is, ignored his words and responded.

“Yea and what is that?”

Loki smirks “ your dignity” with that he takes out his knifes and lunches him self to Valkyrie.

Val being as fast she is blocked his attacks in one swift move. He would attack in the middle she would in his left, he launches in at her face she would block and hit for his center.

They looked synchronized like dancing almost. Anybody who would see them fighting they would thing they planned. But no, that was how good they where together.

“You impress me, never thought you had in you” loki says as he blocks one of Valkyrie attacks.

Valkyrie laughs and block one of his. “ oh I’m so honored to have fine words to say to me by the prince!” She says sarcasticly as she lower her knives and trows a punch taking Loki by surprise.

Almost hitting loki , he takes her and and twist it, but didn’t have the acknowledgment of her the freeness of her feet as she kicks him in the gut making him fall over Crying in pain.

“Am I still slow?” Valkyrie says as she stands over him with the biggest smile on her face. A winner.

Loki groans and holds his stomach of were Valkyrie hit him.

“ please have mercy” loki stutters as he groans.

Valkyrie groans in anger and rolls her eyes. As much she didn’t want to help him, she would probably have done the same if she was in his shoes. Lost his brother, fucked up the only way out this place , and messed up the only thing keeping him alive in this planet. As much she wanted to knock him out, she couldn’t.

“I beg” he says as he takes deep breaths.

Valkyrie looks away and groans “fine”

She takes out her hand for him to take, Loki smiles and takes it , he couldn’t believe she actually helped. He stands ups and dust himself of.

“You better not be playing me” Val says.

Loki looks at her and smirks “ now why would I do that” and just with that Valkyrie was pressed up against the wall with Loki pressed against her with his hands pressed in the wall each side of her head.

“What do you think your doing?!” Val snaps.

“This” with that Loki kiss her.

She couldn’t move , it was like her body was disconnected with her mind. Her lips moved with his like it was meant to be. Her hands moved to his hair and his hands to her waist grabbing her gently like doll. She was in heaven but she didn’t want to admit it. But her day dream was cut short when he moved away.

“Sorry Darling but this has to carry on later, I promise you that” he Takeshita check and gives her one last peak and leaves running.

Val stands there thinking what just happened, how could she let him kiss her like that, in such way. But it was magical in a way she was never kissed like that by anyone, but she does know something, it was time for drink and a big one.

Skyline Chaos and Tikal the Echidna

This time i mean Chaos and Tikal be alive and outside the Master Emerald, (wich i also need to redesign)  both live on Angel Island ( i see it as a Mayan looking and floating Mont Olympus hehe ) were they also live with Chip, (GAIA)

Chaos is Having a pacific life there..(we don’t want to become this on the same story as SA right?) XD  taking care of Chao and guarding a precious object (Hermes Scarf) Tikal would represent  Eirene Goddess of Peace (geez i should had made her an olive stick..)

Next . i’ll redesign the Chaos Emeralds  hope i u like it  ^_^

BTS members as Disney Villains.

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Jin as Mother Gothel.

-Trying to stay beautiful forever. 

-Does whatever it takes to stay young. 

-Tends to get kind of bossy.

-”Mother knows best.” 

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Namjoon as Hades. 

-Is literally the God of destruction and Chaos. 

-Wants to rule over everyone.

-Very sassy and sarcastic.

-”He’s got to have a weakness, Everyone has a weakness.” 

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Yoongi as Scar. 

-Gets annoyed by everyone and everything. 

-Wants to be in control.

-Always bossing around his minions.

-”I’m surrounded by idiots.”

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Jhope as Queen of Hearts. 

-Has to have things his way. 

-Whoever does not play games with him the way he has planned gets disposed of. 

-Is always screaming.


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Jimin as Ursela. 

-Lures people in with propositions.  

-Knows how to tempt someone.

-Sassy AF

-”And don’t underestimate the importance of body language.”

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Taehyung as Cruella. 

-Always has to have the newest fashion trends. 

-Has to be center of attention.

-A total drama queen. 

-”Where are the puppies?”

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Jungkook as Gaston. 

-The most handsome guy in town. 

-Cocky AF. 

-Is literally good at everything.

-”Say you’ll marry me.


Sonic 25th anniversary art book review

Hey guys, it’s Shadow. I bought this book. And I’m really emotional about it.

This review will feature a lot of pictures to prove my points.

TLDR; Don’t buy the book. Just ask me if you want a picture of anything. I believe other ppl already made scans of the good pages but If you want me to I can make scans of the few pages that atually do have concept art.

edit: you can buy the book ofc i just think its not worth it, mostly when you are poor as fuck like me and u go in for an investment. (though it would help maybe getting another, better one? I’m kinda conflicted here)

Onto the review:

Fist of all: this book is bigger than you think.

This is an intuos pen&touch small as size ref

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Final Boss of Sonic Adventure 1: “Chaos, the God of Destruction who has been seen and fought throughout the story, now has the power of all seven Chaos Emeralds! He has transformed into a terrifying abomination, and he’s flooded the entire city! You gotta use the power of the Emeralds against him to neutralise him!”

Final Boss of Sonic Adventure 2: “Fly slowly towards a reptile with a space station up it’s arse.”

The Game Of Good Vs Evil God Plays With Himself.

The illusions of duality exist to make the game God has created, fun for himself. Divided amongst infinite expressions in a free will universe God is free to play both the hero and the villain, the greatest good and the darkest evil. In this manner God not only can explore all possibility but embrace it to the fullest.

In the game of good vs evil, to make the game challenging on both sides God plays against the only equal opponent, himself. As God plays the side of Love and Light he plays off the forces of order and creation. In this role God fully embraces the free will of all, through a love of the game and everything within it, moving with the intent of constructing a universe in tune with the highest vibrations and lowest entropy. But as God plays the side of Darkness and Evil he plays off the forces chaos and destruction. In this role God embraces the free will of self, and tests himself against his own creation. But both incarnations of God live for and find ultimate beauty in creation as they are truly of one consciousness.

But why create the divide in the first place? Imagine how boring the game of creation would be if everything were predictable, there were no surprises, no risks of loss, challenges to overcome, or problems to solve? The incarnation of love and light is God when he wants to play the problem solver. But solving problems alone can get boring, so God also likes to create problems, and this is the incarnation of the chaotic “evil”. Not bound by the constraint of time or space God plays out his game throughout eternity, ensuring all sides are equally matched, and the game never becomes predictable.

pulled up at a red light, stopped, very routine. a car eased into the lane beside me so i turned my head to look, human eyes are attracted to motion. saw a finger in their nose… picking. they ate it. i’m not only appalled but also left wondering why god forces me to witness so many examples of chaos and destruction in my day to day life

Mythology AU? - Part 1

Ana: Goddess of bounty hunters, military, protection, and home.
Bastion: God of nature/wilderness, animals, gardening, and forgiveness.
D.Va: Goddess of youth, ignorance, and innocence (NEW: fame/popularity).
Genji: God of the ostracized, transformation, and relationships.
Hanzo: God of strife, confusion, redemption, responsibility, and mercenaries.  
Junkrat: God of mischief, destruction, chaos, and thievery. 
Lucio: God of entertainment (music, poetry, etc.) and equality. 
McCree: God of midday & midnight, change, 
Mei: Goddess of isolation, sleep (dreams & nightmares), weather, and hope. 
Mercy: Goddess of mortals, limbo, and purgatory. 
Pharah: Goddess of justice, sky/clouds/stars, and birds. 
Reaper: God of death and vengeance (”twin” to retribution).
Reinhardt: God of sacrifice, loyalty, and war.
Roadhog: God of rebellion, sea/fishing, and islands.
Soldier.76: God of vigilantes and retribution (”twin” to vengeance).
Sombra: Goddess of the night/shadows, deceit, secrecy, conspiracy, and anarchy.
Symmetra: Mother Goddess. Goddess of creation/life, daylight, divine order, and law.
Torbjorn: God of silver/blacksmiths, weaponry, armory, and crafts. 
Tracer: Goddess of time, dusk & dawn, travel, and wind.
Widowmaker: Goddess of insects, blood, love & betrayal, and desire.
Winston: God of knowledge, memory, learning, and invention.
Zarya: Goddess of strength, power, and righteousness. 
Zenyatta: God of balance, and harmony & discord.

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I always see a lack of pirate Spain fanfics much less yandere ones so can I request a yandere pirate Spain Drabble? Thanks!

(I fucking love Yandere Spain! Let’s do this!)

Where had his sweetheart gone to? He walked calmly through the flames and screaming. People were dying all around him. People’s houses were burned. All their life hard work gone in the matter of minutes, just because of one girl.

He was the most feared pirate of the sea. He would get what he wanted, and if he couldn’t then he would just try harder until he had it.

Every land he stepped onto. He brought chaos and destruction. And Oh God did he love this feeling of absolute power.

But there was one thing he loved even more.


She was everything he had ever wanted in a girl, and he would have her no matter what. So here he was looking through the burning village. People’s screamimg all around him. He just blocked that out.

He hummed quietly and looked and looked, until he saw his love, crying over her parent’s dead corpses by the fire. He chuckled and walked over to her, yanking her head suddenly up by her hair, making her look at him.

“Don’t cry, Sweetheart~! If you would have just come with me in the first place then none of this would have happened~!”

She screamed at him, while crying. He just sighed and knocked her out. She was perfect. And he wouldn’t lose her to anyone. He picked her up and started walking towards his ship.

“You’re mine now, Sweetheart~”

Title: Of miracles and pouring wine (http://archiveofourown.org/works/4261698)

Author: courgette96

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Tags: Religious Imagery & Symbolism, References to Norse Religion & Lore, Worship, Kid Tony Stark, Tony-centric

Chapters, Word Count: 1/1, 8493

Summary: This God is change and chaos. Destruction and rebirth.
Tony reads the words and finds them beautiful.
And so he finds his religion.

Thoughts: duuuudes this was beautiful from beginning to end, the imagery evoked was amazing, and this was probs one of the best tony-worships-loki fics I’ve read

I’ve been sitting on this thing that was eventually going to be some beautiful freewood with the two of them goading each other into jealousy, y’know, to push the other into doing something.

—– anyway, I’ve had this in my drive like two months, and it kinda works like a standalone thing. I might work on it in the future, but probably not because I’m lazy af.

You want to hear a joke?

Though perhaps you may hear this and think it more suited to be a Shakespearian tragedy of some kind; after all, it’s got a fair few dick jokes under its belt.

There’s this man, right? A mercenary who goes by The Vagabond and remained true to that name. A traveller, a man without a home or a goal, who wanders into cities with nought but the clothes on his back and the guns that weigh him down. He makes his kills, takes the money, and vanishes into the chaos of the world.

He’s emotionally stunted and lost, like most killers.

Until he isn’t.

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Am I the only one who thinks that people underrate Chaos 0 as a threat? Like, I heard people complain about Tails acting as a coward towards him which I can understand their point as I didn't like that either, but it also annoys me that they seem more annoyed about the fact that he was afraid of Chaos 0 himself, implying he was just as harmless as any other mook unless he transforms :/

It’s probably because Tails was able to confront and defeat Chaos 4, so him not trying to fight back against a weaker form is all the more strange.

Still, as disappointing as it was to see Tails cower, at least Chaos is the God of Destruction himself. Compare that to the Nightmares - the Goombas of Dark Gaia spawn - that he ran away from in Unleashed.

The Stand 1978

I’ve seen in my dash a list of ‘100 books you should read’ or something like that, ‘The Stand’ was among them and I totally get why, it’s a book that really makes you question a lot of things about yourself, society, good vs. evil and how difficult it is at times to distinguish one from the other.

What is it about?
After a lethal strain of the flu erradicates 90% of the human population the survivors must come together choosing between two mystical figures they see in dreams and take their stand in how is this new world going to be.


I am amazed by this book, frist we have all this struggle with the government trying to deny the existance (going as far as to send the army to radio and TV stations to hold the reporters and locutors at gunpoint to keep them on the line) of this new strain of the flu– called Captain Trips or Project Blue– because they know the fucked up but don’t want to admit it even though probably everyone, including them, will die for it. Honestly terrifying and realistic af.

And then it’s over, most people die of the flu, kill themselves or die in some accident (like some immune people does at a section of the book called ‘No great loss’).

And we have our protagonists (all of them immune to the virus) : Stuart (Stu) Redman a man who worked in a fabric, Francine (Fran/Frannie) Goldsmith a college student who is pregnant, Larry Underwood a somewhat known singer, Nick Andros a deaf-mute guy turned deputy during the plague, Tom Cullen a slightly retarded guy that was left alone in his home town, Harold Launer a very smart teenager and aspiring writer, Lloyd Henreid a convict and thief, The Trashcan Man a pyromaniac and Nadine Cross an ex-teacher.

There are a lot more of characters but these are the most important ones I think.

And we have the two important figures that leas the two communities of survivors:
*Abigail Freemantle (Mother Abigail) a deeply religious 108 year old black woman that leads the Free Zone community in Boulder Colorado and she represents the Good.

*Randall Flagg (also known as the Dark Man, the Walking Dude, R.F, the Smiling Man, etc.) he is some sort of super natural creature (almost like a god) that is reborn out of chaos and destruction and at the aftermath of the Captain Trips plague he seizes the opportunity to create a society where he is God in Las Vegas, Nevada (refered constantly as the West) whose immediate goal is to destroy de Free Zone community.

One of the points I loved the most about this book it’s the possitive and amazing representation of Nick’s and Tom’s disability, they are smart, resourceful and most definitely my favorite characters in the book ( M-O-O-N that sepells I love my boys) really kudos to King for that!

Then we have the question of ageism in a lot of modern novels, we rarely see old people be active and useful, they are usually given the role of grandparents or mentors, but in The Stand 70+ year olds are totally there doing dangereous missions for the community (Judge Farris and Glen Bateman) or leading them (Mother Abigail) and that was amazingly refreshing.

We have a bisexual character! A fierce woman named Dayna, and it is thrown so casually in the book, I LOVE IT (also bless Stu’s heart, he didn’t even know what bi was and when he knew he didn’t care).

The Trashcan Man, OK so at the beginning I gave 0 fucks about him and felt his backstory/introduction was dragging on forever, and while I certainly have no Love for him, his role at the final act of the book it’s A+ (you go Trashy!!)

The morally gray characters, even if I talked about the dichtonomy of good vs. evil as a theme in this book it’s not so simple as that because every single character in this book it’s complex and flawed, Larry Underwood seems to me the perfect example, before the flu he was a FUCKING asshole and his own mother told him (ouch) as much, but through the book he changes little by little (not completely) and becomes a leader, someone trustworthy and loyal to a boot. And he is not the only one Mother Abigail and her meesages from God who seems ruthless (and the FUCKING thingy with the Dark Man tho) and yes even cruel.

Believe me this book it’s gonna blow your mind.

Movie/TV adaptations:

There’s only 1: The Stand from 1994

It’s really good, very accurate to the book the cast is FUCKING amazing (Rob Lowe plays Nick Andros and Molly Ringald plays Frannie, they gave me life) totally recommended


“No one can tell what goes between the person you were and the person you become. No one can chart that blue and lonely section of hell. There are no maps of the change. You just come out the other side. Or you don’t.

“The place where you made your stand never mattered. Only that you were there… and still on your feet.”

“Above, the stars shone hard and bright, sparks struck off the dark skin of the universe.”

“Superstition, like true love, needs time to grow and reflect upon itself.”

“In his heart hope– that indestructible weed of the human heart– had begun to bloom again.”

“Sixty-four has a way of forgetting what twenty-one was like.”

“Love didn’t grow very well in a place where there was only fear, just as plants didn’t grow very well in a place where it was always dark.”

Love is what moves the world, I’ve always thought… it is the only thing which allows men and women to stand in a world where gravity seems to want to pull them down… being them low… and make them crawl.“

"I am afraid, but I have been afraid before. All he can take from me is what I would have to give up someday anyhow– my life. I will not let him break me down. I will not let him make me less than I am, if I can help it.”

“Movies, after all, are only illusion of motion comprised of thousands of still photographs. The imagination however, moves with its own tidal flow.”

Next book: “The Dead Zone”

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i just read through a ton of your eggman-related posts and Hell Yeah, so i hope you don't mind a random question--what are your headcanon/thoughts about him and chao?

I mean, something I’ll be honest about with regards to the Sonic series is that continuity can be, well… pretty shaky in the gameverse in terms of character psychology, so, what I’ve often seen is that fans of the games sort of pick their favorite reads and augment it off of other media they prefer. 

My read on Eggman is roughly an amalgam of his appearances in Sonic Colors, Unleashed, and Adventure 2, with some of the Archie Reboot thrown in.

I’ve never really been able to get behind overly vindictive nature-and-animal-hating Eggman, because I’ve always felt like Eggman and Sonic read as a very powerful order vs. chaos kind of divide. Of course Eggman is a reasonable person with standards for the most part, because ultimately, he wants to make the world a better place! He just thinks it’d be a better place if everyone listened to him and did things the exact way he wanted them to. 

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