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So, let me get this straight

Sherlock has been a  drug addicted for YEARS and he never, ever, not once, in his altered status remembered a thing….

BUT watching a missing bust of Margaret Thatcher and smelling a whiff of drugged paper from Mary AND feeling guilty for her Hollywood!Death! unravelled childhood memories he had buried so deep that he literally had no idea?

Wha - how - how in god’s name does it make sense? This goes beyond suspension of disbeief, this is the writers requiring us to fucking lobotomize our critical thinking skills.

SHINee Reaction || Getting Caught Doing Something Cute With Their Idol Crush And Fans Start Shipping Them


*Extremely taken aback, decides to call you*
“Y/N! Did you hear the news!?”


“Oh my God. This ship name sounds dope too”




*He’d joke about it with you once you hear the news*
“Hey Y/N~ How is my second half doing?”


*This would actually make it harder for him to flirt with you*


The Compassionate Life

by Saṃsāran  

“You may call God love, you may call God goodness. But the best name for God is compassion.”

– Meister Eckhart

What is this thing we call compassion?  Webster’s dictionary defines compassion as: “Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.” We speak of the infinite compassion of the Buddha, Christ or Krishna but what is this compassion? How can we feel compassion for those who harm us, hate us or who engage in evil actions? Does such compassion make us weak as the philosopher Nietzsche believed?

Some people are uncomfortable with the concept of “good” and “evil” believing that these are mere “labels” and relative terms. In fact, the idea of “good” and evil” are relative to a certain degree within a particular culture but beyond that, our shared humanity provides for a universal idea of good and evil. They flow from the duality of the world of forms. A thing always spawns its opposite. So, far from weakness, compassion makes one powerful. When we remove ourselves from the bonds of the passion of submersion in the world of forms we gain a new perspective. We are compassionate because we understand that even the evil doer is a slave. Evil is insidious it promises power and an easy way but it becomes a web from which few escape.

It is possible and sometimes even necessary for the righteous to destroy evil, even regretfully, in extreme cases, unto destroying the evil-doer himself, but to do so with love and compassion and without enmity or malice. Evil shall always exist in our world of duality and it is the duty of the righteous to recognize it and combat it with compassion, love, and understanding. We must not become victims but remain strong in the face of chaos. There is no warrior more powerful than the warrior of the spirit.

Quite simply compassion is love. It is the love of all creatures. Compassion is kindness. Compassion is forgiveness. Compassion is generosity. Compassion is the light which shines into the dark corners of the world bringing enlightenment to all beings. Happiness and peace will come to this earth of ours only when the white light of love and compassion enters the souls of men and women.

A final word on living a compassionate life. Sure if one is kind the receiver of that kindness is benefited; however, something else happens. Something difficult to describe. It is the change in the compassionate one. When one is kind and generous without thought of reward or praise it is if the world itself changes. The world becomes a kinder place from our point of view. People see us in a new light. At first, they may ask what has happened to us. Then as they see the light spread through quiet acts of kindness they see us anew. We transform. Our spirit is refined and our consciousness sharpened and made clear. We become a new kind of human being. The next stage in human evolution must and will be spiritual. 

“Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace?”

– Albert Schweitzer

๑ Samsaran ๑

i  deeply  doubt  it’ll  happen  but  ??  if  raphael  santiago  ever  does  do  something  to  simon’s  mom,  i  will  never  forgive.  actual  momma’s  boy  raphael  santiago  would  never  ever  touch  simon’s  mother,  not  even  to  get  his  way.  mother’s  are  sacred,  especially  ones  that  love  their  children  and  don’t  want  to  lose  them.  like,  simon  and  raphael’s  post  turnings  are  alike  in  the  fact  that  they  both  want  to  keep  their  loved  ones  ??  and  raphael  sees  that,  most  importantly  he  understands  that.  like  this  is  raphael  santiago,  the  same  boy  who  trained  sun  and  moon  to  not  be  a  danger  to  mundanes.  the  same  boy  who  would  torture  himself  to  get  to  speak  in  the  name  of  god  again  ??  because  he  did  not  want  to  lose  himself  or  his  upbringing  because  that  would  be  losing  his  mother  in  another  way.  and  he  just,  everything  he  did,  he  did  for  his  mother  .  .  and  for  as  long  as  he  could.  so  raphael  santiago  would  never  in  his  days  hurt  simon’s  mom  js


In the Name of God (Deus Vult) by Powerwolf

@ad-parnassum Thought you may like it.


Vegans on Thanksgiving!!


People who compare John’s freckles to the stars are the best kind of people

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