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Looks like a cinnamon roll, actually a cinnamon roll:

Looks like he could kill you, actually could kill you:

Looks like a cinnamon roll, could actually kill you:

Looks like he could kill you, actually a cinnamon roll:


One Piece 17th Anniversary: 2 - Villains/Antagonists 

Path of a Pirate King is hard. There are many who will stand in your way; many enemies that you will have to surpass; many hardships you will have to go through. But stay strong and follow your path! Believe in yourself and in the people around you and you will overcome any enemy that comes your way.

All this salt about Pudding. This fanbase acts like Oda hasn’t done the whole redemption things with men just as he equally does with women, like Mr. Pink and Bellamy, for instance.

This stuff about Oda handling women poorly is ridiculous, he treats them just as he does men. This site needs to learn that a woman coming into contact with a man does not make her any less independent of a character or a person.

Nami isn’t any less of a woman, character, or person because gathers a tremendous amount of strength, courage, and inspiration from Luffy.

Pudding isn’t any less of a woman for crying because Sanji complimented her greatest insecurity.

Not to mention those people that only have an issue with Pudding because she interferes with their ship. This site can be a fucking joke sometimes.