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Takuuvarma maailmanlopun merkki: soitin tänään verotoimistoon ja sieltä vastattiin heti. SIIS IHAN HETI. VEROTOIMISTOSTA. VERO-VITUN-TOIMISTOSTA. Ei puolta tuntia hissimusiikkia. Olin kauhuissani.

Et nyt kannattaa varmaan juoda ne kaapin perälle juhlavaa hetkeä odottamaan jemmatut skumpat ja kertoa lemmikeillenne, kuinka paljon rakastatte niitä. Loppu on lähellä my dudes.

Huomenna alkaa heinäsirkkasade.


The Beard Sequel has arrived
You guys know Chris is Full Chop Bald now right





Multiples Bonuses because I cannot stop:

I had an awesome dream about Magic last night

It was like this weird amalgamation of the Yugioh anime and JJBA but Commander was the only format and people played on those hologram things like the ones from Yugioh and your Commander was like your Stand and had a big dramatic summoning animation, and I was playing with my Karlov deck against a Derevi deck and the spirit of the card spoke to me and told me how to win the game. 10/10 best dream I’ve ever had.

More DnD Adventures

We’re trying to find a kidnapping victim, and we know that somebody threw a mysterious bag into the bay during the right time frame to be disposing of evidence.  The bay is too deep to dredge, and we’re only level two, so our druid decides to ask the fish if they’ve seen anything.  It’s around midnight, and the waters are choppy.  We chum the waters and some fish show up.  They confirm that there was a bag, but they can’t get it for us because they’re surface fish.  The druid asks if they can have some deep sea fish return it.

They agree, and a few of them swim off, only to return with the most horrifying creature imaginable (literally, the gm rolled a 20 on horrifying).  It’s mostly fish-shaped, with black scales and bioluminescent frills, but its tail is a pitch black humanoid hand.  We have to roll wisdom saves just to look at it.  The bard (who is still carrying a goat from the digging incident earlier) vomits immediately.  The druid manages to keep it together enough to ask the physh (because that thing is Not A Fish) to retrieve the bag, which it does.  It asks for more food, so we feed it the rest of the chum.  It demands more food.  We don’t have any more food.

It begins to chant “Physh needs more food.”  Somehow, even though only the druid cast speak with animals, we can all hear it now.  It crawls onto the dock, moving around like the severed hand in the Addams Family.  Physh needs more food.  The party Warlock uses Detect Magic, but instead of white its aura appears Vantablack.  We are horrified.  Our Death Paladin wants to study and dissect it, so he throws a javelin.  It’s pinned, but it keeps flopping and chanting.  We’re scared to approach.  We’re screaming and crying (for the second time in about two hours in-universe) and we try to kill it.  A magic bullet just glances off its scales.  Repeated Eldritch Blasts do nothing.  The bard casts vicious mockery, and it somehow deflects the attack onto a nearby sailor.  It says “Physh needs more food,” and casts vicious mockery back at the bard.  It says it wants flesh.  It will eat anything.  Other fish.  Men.  Gods.  We don’t doubt it.  We are horrified.  It should have suffocated by now.  It doesn’t need water to live.  Physh needs more food.  It wants us to release it.  We can’t kill it.  We throw the goat at it.  It consumes the goat.  It should not be big enough to swallow an entire goat.  Its stomach does not distend.  It is sated.  It wishes to rest.  We make it promise it won’t kill us, then remove the javelin.  It returns to the ocean.  We flee.  The bard and the druid are crying.  For the rest of the night we fear that we can see it out of the corner of our eyes.  Neither the Warlock nor the druid sleeps well.  The bard pulls a giant boar out of her bag of tricks and falls asleep hugging it for comfort.

The gm’s notes read: “Fish saw bag.”


Just a lil something I’ve been working on. 

I like to daydream of different ways Gascoigne and Viola came to possess the music box; I just think it’s cute to imagine that when he was still pretty new to Yharnam Gascoigne was wandering through different shops when he found it. Sharing it with Viola much later on was special.

Also I think I’ve finally found a style I can replicate at will! This one’s nice and relaxing for me to do. I’m glad I discovered it while playing around with lines.

I’m here to let you know that this glorious pair is dating irl and they confirmed it yesterday and my life is actually complete because they are the cutest fucking thing ever created. So cheers.

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