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hey if you're still doing the ship thing could you do seblec? Thanks :)

I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU. I’m not an expert on this ship, so I’ll answer from how I see it. lmao

who’s the cuddler: Alec. Sebastian is so cool and so tall, Alec would want to cuddle up to him. Sebastian would find it the cutest thing, and he’d wrap an arm around Alec and pULL HIM IN

who makes the bed: Alec. Sebastian doesn’t have time for that shit. Alec might do it begrudgingly, but he also might do it because it’d make Sebastian happy. Probably. Sebastian might just like the messiness- in that case, Alec wouldn’t make it.

who wakes up first: Sebastian. He’d wake up super early just like his daddio. And Alec would be surprised because Alec usually wakes up really early, and it’d be like 6 in the morning and Sebastian would already be downstairs making coffee. Alec would be like “why do you even have to be up this early. there’s no reason.” and Sebastian would just chuckle and continue making breakfast

who has the weird taste in music: Sebastian. He’d listen to weird like noises. lmao. And he’d probably play it loudly and Alec would just let him because he’s just trying to express himself, he’s a lost, strange bab

who is more protective: Sebastian. There would be no way for Alec to be more protective here. Sebastian is just too… well, scary. He’d always watch over Alec and make sure he knows where Alec is and who he’s with, (which actually is overprotective but did you expect any less from Sebastian) 

who sings in the shower: Neither. Too much pride.

who cries during movies: If anyone, Alec. He’s more emotional. LIKE THAT ONE SCENE IN BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA. Alec would be crying and Sebastian is like “oh shit i have to comfort him” 😂 They’re both so cute

who spends the most while out shopping: Sebastian!! And just like Valentine, he’d spend a ridiculous amount of money on gifts and clothes and shit for Alec. I don’t see Alec being one who likes a lot of stuff, so he’d just awkwardly thank Sebastian and put it with the pile. lmao

who kisses more roughly: Sebastian, of course. He might even restrict Alec’s movement (he’s kinky) and hold him down as he kisses him. And Alec would kiss back with passion, which would give Sebastian the green light

who is more dominate: Sebby! I can honestly see him talking during sex so while he’s… frickle frackling Alec, he’d probably whisper or murmur in his ear and I can also see Alec being particularly loud, and so he’d reply with loud moans or groans or begging

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 9!! God I never even knew this existed until someone introduced me to it. And it’s unusual! But I really like it!!

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i just spent yesterday and today reading that 150,000 drarry fic that you posted a quote from and it was incredible oh my god. i've never even considered liking drarry even though i knew it was an existing ship but that story was so well done and fit so well with the fic that inspired it. are there any other drarry fics you've been reading that you'd recommend?

yes!!!!! im so glad you enjoyed it! i loved how it fit with the existing fic as well, especially because i read that one first and wanted so much more. and i’m in the same boat with you re: drarry. I only got into it less than a month ago (and what a month it’s been) but i’m well and truly sunk at this point. ANYWAY, always stoked to provide recs, it’s my favorite thing to do so here we go

first of all HERE is my first mini drarry rec list a did a few weeks ago. these are the first fics i read when i got into drarry and are So Good and can’t be missed (ESP stately homes of wiltshire, which is what sparked my drarry flame™).

The Way Down by lettered is very dramatique™ and made me cry 

The Boy Who Only Lived Twice also by lettered is WILD there’s a lot of super cool world building and also secret identities! intrigue! excitement! v good

Open For Repairs by FeelsForBreakfast is……….SO CUTE ugh draco works in a muggle repair shop? and i was like what????? but it works

A Convenient Impracticality  by firethesound (who also wrote the fic you messaged about) FAKE DATINGGGGGG goodbye

Strangeness and Charm by FeelsForBreakfast is so……….so good i can’t descirbe i just read it last night and i teared up a bit harry n draco fall in love in the forbidden forest and neither thinks the other is real BYE

finally The Pure and Simple Truth by lettered is AMAZING but it’s more gen than drarry? there’s a lot of drarry undercurrent but just be prepared that it doesn’t necessarily come to fruition during the fic (still worth it, the characterizations are everything)  


George Harrison with members of the Radha Krishna Temple at the Apple launch party for the Radha Krsna Temple’s “Hare Krishna Mantra” - produced by George - at The Wood, Sydenham Hill, London, 28 August 1969

Photos: The Beatles Book

“[George told The Beatles Book] that he was becoming more involved in devotional songs - songs which have some meaning. Not that he is deserting pop. ‘Far from it,’ he assured us. ‘I don’t prefer one to the other - they’re both different fields.’
Commenting on the temple’s record, George told us that it was basically a devotional chant. ‘While the words don’t alter, the turn it is sung to doesn’t matter. You could sing it to Coming Round The Mountain if you wanted. All I’ve done on this is shorten it. The actual meaning of the words is not important, although there are various forms of addressing the spiritual Lord - God, if you like. They are more a sort of magical vibration to bring about a spiritual awareness.
‘God has many names, and, while I’ve always believed in the existence of a God, I never knew what to call him. This is just another way of finding spiritual communion.’
Asked if he would join the sect, George looked a bit dubious. ‘No, I’m not putting these people forward as being the only right ones in the world. I’m just bringing them to the attention of the public. If they like them, well and good; if not, it’s not for me to say they’re wrong.
‘Anyway,’ he added, wryly, ‘they are not allowed to touch stimulants, and though I don’t take spirits or wine, I drink coffee and smoke.’
George also believes that if everyone attempted to become more spiritually conscious there would be more chance of having a peaceful world, but he says that it’s up to the individual to find his own way of achieving this awareness. 
And does this mean that George has forsaken the Maharishi?
‘No, we’re still great friends,’ he replied. ‘I’m not forsaking him at all. This is just another way of reaching God. I don’t think it matters that it’s not the same way. Each person must decide for himself the way that best suits him.’
[…] For a final comment on the temple, [George was asked] what the rest of the Beatles thought of them.
‘Oh, they love them,’ he laughed.” - The Beatles Book, October 1969


Unknown (Harry Styles One-Shot)

A/N: Sorry for the long wait, Hun:/ But I hope you still enjoy to read it and you didn’t tell me if you wanted it to be with a celebraty or anything, so I just too Harry as the maine role!



College parties had always been the worst parties ever. Everyone slurred around the house, of a person, that probably half of the people, who attempted this party, didn’t even know. Some others just made out in some dark corners of the building or had sex in the top floors bedrooms. I probably would have done the same thing, if Harry wouldn’t have attempted this party.

He was by far the hottest guy in collage and I had build up a slight crush on him. Not that it mattered, then I was just some shy girl in his history class, that he probably had never ever noticed before. But, god, I hoped he knew I existed.

I gripped a dark plastic cup from the bar counter and drowned the liquid, that filled the cup, without even knowing what it exactly was. The burning sensation in my throat made it clear to me, that some alcohol got mixed into the dark content but I didn’t care at all. I stumbled onto improvised dance floor. Some hands held my hips after some time and I didn’t mind as I started to grind on him. This was different than my normal me and I liked it. I liked the affection of the alcohol. It all seemed blurred but I still knew what I was doing, everything just seemed easier to do.

Song by song passed and at some point Harry stood in the doorway, staring at me while he sipped on one of there’s plastic cup. His glaze locked with mine.

A rush of confidence over come me and I wiggled myself out of the grip of the stranger, walking towards Harry, who gave me a questionable look. I didn’t break the eye contact for a second as I crossed the room and stood in front of him. A smirk played on his lips and it gave me the confident to make my final move.

I crashed my lips onto his and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him down to me. At first he seemed taken of guard but he quickly responded and kissed me back, pulling me closer to his chest. The tingles that he left on my lips and between my thighs was a new feeling and I liked it probably more than I should

Our little make out session got cut off by a high pitched scream and someone ripping me harshly off of the guy, that I adored since a few months.”What the fuck are you doing with my boyfriend?”

My eyes grew wide at her last word and I automatically looked down at the ground, feeling ashamed because of what I just did. The blood rushed into my cheeks and the alcohol started to lose his affection on me. “Oh…I-uhm.. I’m sorry. I didn’t know”

She scoffed me off and glared at me before smacking me right across the face. The burning sensation that rise with every second in my cheek made me gasp and hold onto my probably red marked skin. ” Beth, What the fuck? You can’t just hit her”

He walked over to me and slipped his index fingers over my hurt cheek. His eyes traveled over my face feature and it felt like my breath got blown out of my lungs. I felt myself getting sober at the sight of him and I was glad that I would remember this moment not only in a blurred vision.

A loud squirrel ripped me out of my thoughts and I quickly looked away from his angelic feature, staring at the blonde girl, who apparently his girlfriend was. ” Harry, You are my Boyfriend. Get away from this slut”

“We aren’t together, Beth. We went to dinner. Wow. What’s the big Deal” He turned back around and his eyes automatically softened. The anger washed away with waves of worry and a hint of love as he stared down at my much smaller body frame.

The Girl, who’s named Beth, responded with a loud bray but didn’t protest as she stumbled away from us. I glazed after her but Harry lied his finger underneath my chin and lifted it up, so that our eyes could meet. His lips caressed my wounded cheek and I felt chills running down my pale skin. How could he have such a strong affection on me?

“Better?” He whispered against my cheek and brushed his lips against my skin once more. After some seconds he looked up again and I couldn’t help but smile at the guy in front of me. It felt like I was floating and he was the air that surrounded me and kept me high.

I gave him a small nod before he connected our lips again and I could feel how everything else vanished but his touch. It was something I was begging to know how it’d feel for weeks and now I knew it. And I couldn’t get enough.

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