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what a pretty day on the internet! artists have finally been given the go-ahead to post their pieces from the @supernaturalartbook ! here’s my final piece, with a handful of closeups.

thanks so much to s3 for all of their hard work, and for inviting me to participate in this huge project! major kudos!!


Character/Person : Marquis de Lafayette

Pairing : Marquis de Lafayette x Reader

Time : Modern

Reader’s Gender : Female

Warnings : Lafayette kinda being a smug dick, google translated french, angry as hell reader

Possibility Of Having a Second Part : Maybe

Genre : Fluff

Request : None

Word Count : 3858

Summary : The reader has a family reunion peeking at her from around the corner and with a slip of the mouth, she ends up bringing Lafayette as her fake Fiance. The problem is: she hates him more than anything else.

Part I    Part II 

You were stressing.

That family gathering you dreaded was just around the corner, peeking and taunting at you. Your eyes were glued to your computer screen as you huffed and roughly typed out your words attempting to block out any thoughts that involved that damned family gathering that you didn’t notice Lafayette’s figure approaching your desk from across the hall.

You were almost counting the seconds, almost, of how long it’d take for your mother to call you again. She had just called you a half hour ago but you were quick to shut her down politely and murmur vague sentences about your life and make excuses about how you needed to get back to work. You silently thanked God when you were able to put down your phone and return to your job without having to mention anything about your love life, but you knew your mother wouldn’t let that go unnoticed.

So it didn’t surprise you when she called once more.

You groaned outwardly at the familiar ringtone, dragged both of your hands across your face and moved to grab your phone that rung loudly, much to your coworker’s dismay.


Your voice leaked with exhaustion.

“Y/N, honey. I totally forgot to mention; when are you going to bring your boyfriend?”

You sighed, exasperated.

“Mom, I don’t have a-

You stopped when you caught a glimpse of Lafayette gleefully entering your office and setting down Hamilton’s papers on your desk from the corner of your eye. He paused and slightly dropped the smile when seeing you running your free hand through your hair with an annoyed grumble. You snapped your eyes up to Lafayette and furrowed your brows,

“Lafayette, I don’t have time for this,”

“Lafayette? Is that him?”

“No! Wait, mom!”

“No? He’s not your boyfriend?”

You pinched the bridge of your nose,


“‘Cause remember, if you don’t have a boyfriend by this year’s family gathering your father and I would have to set you up with someone.”

Your breath hitched. Your eyes kept nervously darting up to Lafayette as he eyed you in amusement and confusion. What a dick.

“Lafayette’s not my boyfriend,”

He raised a brow at the sound of his name and leaned against the door frame, a smile crawling up his face.

“He’s my fiance.” You finished.

If possible, Lafayette’s smug grin had grown even wider. He shifted from his position and crossed his arms.

You ended your call with your mother and leaned back into your chair. The wheels at the bottom slid across the floor, erupting a squeak from the tiles and a loud exhale from you.

“Engagé? Moi et toi?” /Engaged? Me and you?/

His French accent came out thick and for a second, you were glad you didn’t know French. It was annoying enough to have to understand what he says in English, let alone French. Due to this, you ignored his comment and narrowed your eyes at the pile of papers Lafayette had so rudely dropped upon your wooden desk when you were on your phone call.

“Lafayette, what in the fuck is this?”

You looked up at him tiredly, both from work and your mother’s nagging. You swore up and down that you’d been talking to her for over an hour even though the conversation only lasted for a good three minutes. If you couldn’t stand talking to her for three minutes you didn’t know how you’d manage three days with her. Lafayette cocked his head,

“Alexander’s papers. Don’t you usually edit them?”

You scrunched your face up at the thought and rubbed an eye with a hand to make sure you were seeing and hearing Lafayette correctly.

“Me? Lafayette, do you realize we work differently? I work with,”

You got up and made your way over to the printer, Lafayette trailed behind and listened intently to hear what you’d say next. The screeching sounds of paper being printed rang in the thin air. You stood just above it, watching your paper quickly push it’s way out of the sleek black printer. Once finished, you swiped the paper from the ledge of the printer, scanning over it to make sure everything was in it’s place and neatly typed. With a silent approval and nod to yourself you made your way over to Jefferson, setting the paper down gently on his desk and walking back to yours. He flashed a flirtatious smile and you only scoffed in reply.

“I work with Jefferson. Hamilton wouldn’t dare work with me in fear that I’ll leak his oh so precious drafts to Jefferson and take over the world, or something.”

Lafayette nodded,

“But Alexander told me to drop these off to you.”

For the second time that day, you knitted your brows together and leaned over your desk to look at the papers Hamilton wanted to give you. Adjusting your ponytail, you took the papers into your hands and read it over.


“la langue.” /Language/

“Shut up, Lafayette.”

He threw his hands up in mock surrender. You glared at him slightly before returning to reading over Hamilton’s work.

“I forgot Washington needed us to work on the project together.”

You swept the rest of Hamilton’s papers into your arms and pushed yourself from your chair. Walking around your desk you made your way over to the copy room that was only a few flight of stairs down. Lafayette, once again, followed you.


You groaned under your breath. You’ve hated this man for as long as you’ve known him, and now he’s just following you around like a lost puppy.

“Lafayette, I thought we discussed this. I hate you. You hate me. Just because I’m friends with John and Hercules doesn’t mean we’re friends.”

You shuffled papers around in your arms, reading it and skillfully making your way down the steps in heels.

“Oui, I know, but I must know,”

You raised a brow.

“Why are you ignoring your fiance?”

You paused. Your face morphed into an expression of disgust as to why he’d assume you were engaged to him. But then, realization dawned on you.

“Oh, god.”

You walked as fast as you could in heels, trying to get away from the Frenchman.

“Okay, let me explain.”

He chuckled,

“I thought you hated me and didn’t want to talk to me.”

“Stop being a smartass and listen,”

You breathed in,

“I was on the phone with my mom and we were on the subject of ‘boyfriends’ and you came into the room and I said your name and told you to get away and she heard your name so she assumed you were my boyfriend. But when I said you weren’t she told me that if I didn’t have one by this year’s reunion she’d set me up with someone. It’s clear I don’t want to be set up with anyone, so I said we were engaged instead.”

Lafayette was quiet for a moment, most likely trying to comprehend what you just told him. You fidgeted nervously. Sure, you didn’t like the man. Hell, you hate him. But you desperately hoped he would do you a solid and go to the reunion as your date.

“And you expect me to go as your soon-to-be mari?” /husband/

You took a quick glance over your shoulder,

“I don’t expect you to go as my - whatever the hell a mari is - because I seriously doubt you’d do something nice for me.”

He snorted and you’d have to admit it: was kind of cute.

“I dropped off Alexander’s work. Is that not nice? I did part of your job for you.”

You opened the door to the copy room and your eyes immediately landed on two figures who stood near one copy machine chatting with a coffee occupying the space in their hands. God, what you would do for a coffee right now.

“Technically, you did Hamilton’s work, not mine. It was his job to walk over to my office and drop them off.”

The two figure’s heads turned in your direction at the sound of another’s voice in the room, revealing them to be John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton, one being someone you loved to be around and the other a mere coworker that you could just barely stand.

“Y/N!” John exclaimed, flashing you a smile.

You excitedly smiled back and hugged him tightly.

“You rarely come out of your office, I don’t get to talk to you at work. I’m stuck listening to Alex rant about Thomas.”

You raised an eyebrow at Hamilton who held his chin up high and puffed his chest,

“Jefferson’s not that bad. He’s also my roommate so,”

The three boys in the room perked up at your words. John let out a small squeak in surprise, Hamilton moaned in annoyance, and Lafayette said something in French.

“Yeah, it’s as bad as it sounds. He brings back so many people, I swear, he had an orgy last night.”

John playfully clamped a hand around your mouth and you smiled underneath his palm.

“I don’t need to hear about my coworker’s sex life.”

You grinned and let your eyes trail behind John and to Alexander who swirled his coffee cup as he watched.

“But you always hear about Hamilton’s sex life. What’s the difference?”

Lafayette, who watched the three of you talk, noted your change of mood when speaking to John and Alexander. He shoved the thought into the back of his mind for storing to bring it up to you later, that is if you allowed him to speak to you.

John shrugged and smiled again,

“Alex only has sex with Eliza. He doesn’t have orgys.”

“Fair point.”

Hamilton tapped his foot loudly and cleared his throat,

“wow I’m right here.”

After John removed his hand from your mouth you fixed your hair and laid the papers in your hand on the spare copy machine. Alexander eyed the papers you set down.

“You seriously made Baguette drop off your papers, Hamilton? You weren’t even busy, you were down here chatting with Laurens.”

“In my defense, talking to someone is being busy!”

You raised an eyebrow and snatched John’s cup from his hand, taking a sip from the piping hot beverage.


“Sure, Hamilton.”

After the feud in the copy room you eventually got Lafayette to agree to being your fiance for the weekend. All he wanted in return was for you to do anything and everything he asked you to do during the family reunion. It seemed easy enough. But the only problem in your plan was the ring. How you hadn’t thought of this before you blurted out that Lafayette was engaged to you, you didn’t know.

Your only resort was to borrow a friend’s ring.

“I’m sorry, but I’m wearing a wedding ring. There’s a huge difference between a wedding ring and an engagement ring, ask Angelica maybe?” Eliza wasn’t a help.

“I have allergic reactions to jewelry, ask Peggy?” Neither was Angelica.

“Of course.” After many tries, with many people, Peggy was the one to lend you a ring similar to classic engagement rings. You thanked her and retrieved it from her house. That happened yesterday. Today was Friday.

You had everything you needed for the trip packed in a suitcase that you dragged behind you as you walked down the stairs.

“So, it’s true?”

You turned towards the direction of the voice and came face to face with Maria Reynolds, someone who lived in the same apartment as you.

“What is?”

You bit your lip and hoped she wasn’t talking about the man you hated with a passion.

“You’re engaged to Lafayette, I saw his car out front and that was enough confirmation for me. But didn’t you hate him like two days ago? I’m surprised.”

With gritted teeth and a forced smile, you spoke,

“as am I.”

Her expression morphed into confusion but she eventually waved off your words after a few seconds and smiled at you again. Knowing she was being a bother and a setback from your trip, she apologized from keeping you waiting and said her goodbyes. You politely murmured yours and waved back at Maria before turning towards the exit and setting off to leave the building.

“I hope you and Lafayette have a good time,”

you groaned and turned back around, a smile present on your face.

“Thank you,”

“Mon Dieu, that took forever.”

Lafayette leaned against the door to the passenger seat. His hair was perfectly pulled into a ponytail and his beard looked recently trimmed. You suppressed a roll of your eyes,

“So? Get used to it, honey. We’re engaged.” Your eyes narrowed as you took the sunglasses that sat atop your head and placed it on the bridge of your nose, pushing it up slightly.

/if you have wear glasses you have a pair separate prescription sunglasses/

Lafayette removed his leaning body from the door and pulled it open for you to step in. His car was sleek and shiny. It was an odd thought, but the vehicle practically mimicked Lafayette’s personality; something about it just reminded you of him.

“Ah, how could I forget?”

As you were stepping into the car, he leaned forward and pushed his lips in: going for a kiss. To this, you pressed your palm to his dark lips.

“Gross, Laf.”

He raised an eyebrow and shut the car door.


“Would you rather Gilbert?” Adjusting your position to get more comfortable you eyed him warily, as if he was going to pull some stunt just to spite you.

“You can call me anything, as long as it’s coming from your mouth, my petit tigre en colère.” /small angry tiger/

A smile tugged at your lips and he smiled back at you, it almost seemed genuine. He removed his attention from you and turned his key, starting up the rumbling car.

“So, how about Jackass?”

His smile didn’t drop, to your surprise.


“My mom does this thing where she’ll try to guilt trip you into having children with me, and if you touch me in any way my dad will monitor it. My brother is already married and has children and his daughter is really, really supportive of all my relationships. Oh god, and-”


Lafayette gently placed a hand on your shoulder causing you to suck your bottom lip in between your teeth and glance up at him nervously.

“Just go in, look pretty, and I’ll do the talking.”

You let out a shuddered breath and nodded your head slowly, taking in his encouraging words, and silently thanking him with a smile. For a second you forgot you hated the man that was seated right next to you. Letting your breath steady, you reached down and plucked the heels off of your feet and switching it for a pair of sneakers, just so your mom wouldn’t complain about how this is a family gathering and not a meeting with the President.

Your lip, once more, got caught in between your teeth as Lafayette made his way around the car to open your door. You placed a foot on the ground and a hand on the dashboard to steady yourself so you didn’t fall on your way out the vehicle. Lafayette reached for one of your hands, and you quickly pulled away. Lafayette clenched his jaw.

“I’m trying to help you out of the car.”

You scowled at him,

“I’m capable of doing it myself.”

“If you say so,”

with a huff, you pushed yourself up and smoothed out your shirt. Swallowing down any fears you might’ve had and the guilt of just getting up and leaving them by travelling to another state, you sauntered down the concrete path to your parents’ doorstep. Flowers, that you noted hadn’t been present two years ago, were sprouting just on the sides of your where your feet stepped. You took your time to admire the different colors and shapes of the flowers, using it as a distraction of what was about to happen.


You jumped at the sudden noise. The door swung open without you having to knock at it. Subconsciously, you shifted closer to Lafayette for comfort. Noticing this, he glanced at you and whispered,

“respirer.” /breathe/

Not understanding what he said, you furrowed your eyebrows and hitched your breath. God, Y/N, it’s just family. You work with the President, why is this a problem?

“Y/B/N!” /if you don’t have a brother, sorry/

You rushed forward and wrapped your arms around your brother, he replicated your actions and wrapped his arms around you, burying his face into your hair.

“God, damn it. You fucking got up and just left us to go work for the suits.”

You smiled and laughed shortly, tears brimming your eyes you let out choked words.

“Careful, my fiance is one of suits.”

He removed his face from your locks and looked at you with wide eyes.


You, as he just did, reflected his expression.

“Did mom not tell you?”

Y/B/N took a brief look over your shoulder and at Lafayette, who stood tall and proudly. He walked forward, taking your brother’s glance as his cue, and held out his hand for your brother to shake.

Y/B/N, ignoring Lafayette’s hand, clamped his over his wide shoulder and smiled brightly, making Lafayette quickly swap his confused gaze for a joyous one.

“Y/B/N Y/L/N,”

“Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette. Everybody calls me Lafayette.”

Your brother tilted his head and turned back to you with a grin,

“I didn’t know you had a thing for Frencies, Y/N.”

“Oh, god, Y/B/N!” You grimaced playfully and Lafayette chuckled beside you.

“Alright, let’s get inside before mom tells me off for keeping you to myself.”

He turned on his heel and headed inside. Lafayette slid an arm around your waist, you glanced up at him but he kept his eyes forward.

“We have to make it believable, don’t we, mon petit tigre en colère?” /my small angry tiger/

You sucked in your cheeks to bite on them and allowed him to rest his arm on your waist. Subconsciously, you stared down at the jewelry that sat on your ring finger. Peggy let you have it, her excuse being it didn’t look good on her as it did you. The engagement had both Lafayette’s initials and yours, which was Lafayette’s work. He went as far as to take it to a jewelry store and get your initials carved into it, just to, supposedly, make it ‘believable.’ But last you checked, normal couples didn’t get their initials carved into their engagement ring. Especially if they weren’t a real couple.

“Y/N, you made it. You didn’t make it to last year’s and- oh! Is this him?”

Your mother walked out from the kitchen, drying her hands on her slacks. She held her hand out to Lafayette for him to shake, but instead he took it and placed a small kiss on the back of her. A blush erupted on her face and she took quick looks in between you and Lafayette.

“Oh! He’s a gentleman, I see. I never thought you’d catch someone like this. Way better than that last boyfriend of yours, what was his name again? Charles Lee?”

Lafayette raised a brow in amusement as you just groaned and hid your face in your hands.

“Mom, that was four years ago. I’m over him.”

She rolled her eyes and shoved a hand into the air to stop your talking.

“Hush, Y/N. And it’s clear you’ve moved on - you’re engaged for Heaven’s sake!”

She smiled up at Lafayette and he returned the favor.

Your mother parted her mouth to speak again, but your dad came to your rescue and placed a hand on his wife’s waist, copying the pose Lafayette and yourself was in.

“Y/N, it’s great to see you and same for you, young man. What’s your name?”

You held your breath. Convincing your mom and brother that Lafayette was engaged to you was easy, but your dad was harder to get past.

“ Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de Lafayette, Marquis de Lafayette. No need to call me by my whole name though, sir. I go by Gilbert or Lafayette.”

Your dad only nodded, seeming to take in this information.

“What does my daughter call you?”


“Lafayette, or Mr. Lafayette.”

Your mother furrowed her eyebrows.

“Why so formal?”

You nervously casted a sideways glance at Lafayette.

“We were coworkers long before we were lovers and old habits die hard, it seems.”

Your parents nodded curtly and you pinched at the hand that sat idly against your waist, signaling for him to let go, which he did in pain.

“Let’s save the interrogating for dinner, guys.”

You held your pointer fingers up,

“Speaking of which, I’m going to go help with dinner. Y/N, come with?”

You held a suspicious gaze against your mother, but you complied and followed her to the kitchen.

“You’re not going to say anything to Gilbert?”

Confused, you scrunched up your nose. Lafayette looked at you with the same confusion.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Gods sake, you’re engaged. Kiss him!”

Your mouth parted and was held in the shape of an ‘o.’

As if you were asking for permission or if you were hearing your mother correctly you eyed Lafayette, who grinned and tapped his lips gently.

“Am I getting a kiss or non?” /no/

You couldn’t say no to this, it would seem downright strange to reject a kiss from your fiance. So you smiled back at your mother and at Lafayette, catching a glimpse of his mischievous gaze.

“Of course, c’mere babe.”

You wrapped an arm around Lafayette’s neck and pulled him closer to you. He strategically placed a hand on the back of your neck so he could end the kiss whenever he wanted. And the kiss lasted quite a while, to your disgust and to Lafayette’s pleasure. But the way your lips molded against Lafayette’s; you could deny it all you want, but it felt great. You pulled him closer against your body causing him to let out a startled noise into your mouth. He smirked into the kiss just before he allowed you to part. Your eyes fluttered open and your eyes traveled down from his brown eyes to his lips and, you didn’t realize it, but you leaned in once more.

Lafayette’s smirk grew wider and he pressed the palm of his hand against your lips.

“Ah, ah, chéri. It’d be rude to make your mother do all the work, go on and help her.”

You shook yourself from the daze you were in and glared at him. If you could slap him right then and there, you would have. But with your family roaming the house you knew you couldn’t, so instead you placed your hands atop of Lafayette’s and pried them off of you.

“Right, how could I forget. Don’t get lonely without me.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.”

He wiggled his eyes and turned you around, giving you a slight nudge towards the kitchen. You let out a breath and trudged to the kitchen.


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‘Falling’ in Love

Originally posted by ethan-support-group

Request: Hi hi. I’ve read your “x reader” stories and I love them 💖  I was wondering if you would do an Ethan x reader imagine where y/n is a fan of Ethan and meets him at a convention and its like a love at first sight kind of thing?

Summary: Fem!Reader is at a con for the first time and quite literally falls  in love :D ……..ok I’ll see myself out

You can find part two here

A/N: Hey y’all this is a cute fic full of nervous!Ethan so if that’s the kinda thing you’re into then you’re in luck. For real though, once I started writing this I couldnt stop, I don’t know why but I was bit by the inspiration bug and cranked this bad boi out. Also, anything in italics is a personal thought in first person that either the reader or Ethan is having. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 853, goldilocks zone :D

Warning: I cursed a couple times? Maybe just once? Can’t remember. Also nervous!Ethan is adorable? Read at your own risk he too cute.

Requests are open! Send some in pls I have one left in my inbox so pls!
r e q u e s t s o m e t h i n g

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But her...

Request: Can you do a Murphy x reader inspired by this quote? “You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first.” Bullshit. I have never loved myself. But her, oh god. I loved her so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Yes, of course! This idea is super cute.

Pairing: Murphy x Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by lachicainmortal

For Bellamy, it was an odd thing to see Murphy act so… so relax and sweet. So caring. This wasn’t the Murphy he’d trusted and then sent away like nothing. This wasn’t the Murphy that had lusted after killing a child because of a death he got blame for. And this was definitely not the Murphy he’d be strung up by and taunted by all for revenge.

This Murphy was almost, childlike. Smiling and laughing with his hands around your waist in enjoyment. Murphy almost didn’t care that he, Bellamy, was standing right before him, his eyes stuck on the two figures before him. If this had been any other time, Bellamy was positive that the boy would’ve flung forward to hit him or punch him or kick or something.

Instead he was too busy laughing at something you whispered in his ear.

Bellamy before had thought Murphy wasn’t even capable of loving something. Bellamy knew for a fact the boy didn’t even love himself, despite how hard he tried to hide it. Bellamy could see in the boys eyes the hatred he felt for himself, because now, Bellamy felt the same way. 

There was a darkness in his eyes that could only explain his rather arrogant and bold act, because he was trying to protect himself from being hurt. But now, that was lost and was replaced by happiness.

“Bellamy,” said man blinked, confused as he refocused on the image of you and Murphy. You smiled at him, waving. “You went silent, everything okay?” You asked, Murphy just watched on with a small smile, not really saying anything.

Bellamy grinned, even if he didn’t mean it and shook his head; “no. I am fine.”

 “You sure Bellamy?” Murphy asked, his voice rough with the hint that he may not care.

You rolled your eyes, “if you don’t mean it, don’t say anything John.” There was another thing. You called Murphy ‘John’ which was odd in itself, Bellamy heard that Murphy never allowed anyone to call him by that name, but you were apparently an exception.

“Anyways,” you suddenly clapped. “It’s nice of you to join us, Bellamy. I am gonna just take a shower, get settled.”

With that you walked away and Bellamy and Murphy were left with their awkward silence. Murphy walked up to the stove, playing around with the soup he’d been working on before.

“How?” Bellamy murmured.

“You’re gonna have to be more clear than that Bellamy.” Murphy teased, not looking at Bellamy.

“How can you love her?”

“Excuse me?” Murphy asked, his voice rough and suddenly cold. He turned daggers at Bellamy, “there is absolutely nothing wrong with Y/N, so-”

“No, you can’t love someone unless you love yourself first.“ Bellamy shook his head, confused.

Murphy stayed silent, before it clicked. “Bullshit. I have never loved myself. But her, oh god. I loved her so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.” With a small smile he finished, he turned back to the stove leaving Bellamy in his thoughts.

come alive with every touch

Originally posted by teamsebstan

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Female Reader
Rating: T - no real warnings.
Summary: You and Sebastian met a few months ago while he had a break between movies. Since then, you’ve grown close, and you decide to surprise him on location in Atlanta.
Author’s Note: Hi, hello. I’ve never posted RPF on this blog, but I had a request to write something for Sebastian Stan. General disclaimer: I don’t know Sebastian, or any of the people in his life. Any similarities are coincidental, and there’s no disrespect intended to anyone involved.

You’re nervous, to say the least. It’s a little crazy, what you’re doing, but you didn’t let yourself start second guessing.

The last time you Skyped with Sebastian, he looked and sounded so tired. Not just physically, but you could see it written all over his face. He’s running on fumes.

He loves his job. He’s told you as much, but you can tell it gets to him sometimes - the long hours and days that seem to bleed together. Your heart goes out to him, because if he’s feeling half as anxious as you are about your job, he’s probably teetering on the edge.

You’re in the back of a cab on the way to the location for his latest film, though he doesn’t know that. You were only able to get the info from his manager, whose details you had to hunt down online. You felt like a stalker, but it was all finally worked out. Turns out Sebastian had mentioned you enough that his manager knew who you were, and she helped you plan the whole thing.

Smiling to yourself, you hope he’s happy to see you. You haven’t seen each other in person in six months.

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anonymous asked:

Would you mind writing about the RFA(V , S) with a foreign MC whose parents are racist and don't allow her to be with them because they are Asian? But she dates them anyways because she loves them? (My grammar is $h*t I know)

This is so interesting. But it’s so touchy, I’m so afraid this can backfire and I’ll end up offending someone. Please let me know if this isn’t good, I’ll shut it down immediately (of course this is directed to my asian followers, couldn’t care less about white people’s feelings, including my own). Thank you all!

RFA + Saeran and V dealling with MC’s racist family

TRIGGER WARNING: Racism (obviously), misoginy, xenophobia (so sorry I forgot about this before, ugh… hope I didn’t do too much damage. I apologize if someone felt triggered expecting to get something else from this.


  • You introduced him to your father through Skype and he is…confused.
  • So… he’s an albino? And an oriental? How does that work?
  • Oh, and he’s an actor? Like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee? Did he ever play a karate fighter in some movie? Oh god…
  • “I’m pretty sure Jackie Chan is from Hong Kong, sir. And Bruce Lee was… Chinese, babe?” “I think he was born in America, and had a Chinese descendance…”
  • “And karate is a Japanese martial art, sir. They’re not all… oriental…” he says the word in disgust, ughhh… hearing this word in 21st century is awful!
  • “Oh, it’s all sort of the same thing, isn’t it?” Ohhhh… you’re so embarrassed, you want to turn it off immediately and scold your father for being… racist.
  • “No, it’s not, sir. Please don’t use a word that put hundreds of people from different cultures and countries in one tiny box. Please, get more sensitive about these issues now that your daughter is dating a KOREAN guy who will marry her someday. Have a nice day, sir.” And he turns it off.
  • “Oh, babe, I can’t believe I talked to your father like this, I’m so so…” “Don’t you dare apologizing for doing the right thing!”
  • “Well, yeah… but you know… this isn’t his fault. You know, asian actors play a lot of similar roles on American movies and TV series, so…” “Yeah, and this isn’t your fault either, my father isn’t dumb, he should see through stereotypes, we all should, you know?”
  • You were right. Zen kept thinking of this after you two went to bed. He couldn’t stop thinking of what he could do to change things.
  • And it hit him, the problem isn’t the asian actors, they just roll with the roles they can get, the problem is we don’t have enough asian people working on producing and writing jobs in entertainment, at least outside of asian countries, of course.
  • So now he’s thinking how he needs to expand his career in order to be a producer in USA or in Europe one day…
  • His manager sleeping beside him will help him through on this.


  • Your sister was in town and he was so excited to meet her.
  • She was excited as well, maybe too much throwing words like kawaii and calling him Yoosung-kun, you know, Japanese words.
  • “MC, she knows she’s in Korea and we speak Korean, right?” you’re too busy doing the facepalm to even answer.
  • And she keeps throwing Japanese terms totally out of context, for that matter. And Yoosung isn’t getting anything, he’s just scared of the way you’re glaring at her.
  • “Sis, shut up! You’re making a fool of yourself!” “What? I’m just showing support on you dating a jap guy.” “I’m not ‘jap’, I’m Korean. We… we are in Korea.” He says in a very kind way.
  • “Well, whatever, it’s all the same.” Oh god… oh no…
  • “No, we´re… we’re not.” He says assertively. Both you and your sister look at him, surprised.
  • “Jeez, calm down, cutie. I’m just trying to be nice and supportive. I’m super cool with my sister dating an asian guy and…” “But why do you have to be cool with it? There’s nothing to be cool about it, it’s just… you know what I’m trying to say? When you keep saying you’re cool and bringing my race and my country of origin everytime, I’m sorry… but I don’t think you’re cool with this at all. And that’s not…”
  • “Cool.” You complete for him and he smiles sweetly at you. “And please study a little, Japanese and korean have this historical feud, we don’t like being compared.” Oh wow, looks like he’s been studying too.
  • Your sister is so mad, she just stomps out of there telling she’ll never be back to this hellhole of a country and shit like that. Yoosung doesn’t understand how two people coming from the same environment can be so different like you two.
  •  “MC, are you really ok with your sister not really approving us?” “You mean if I’m okay with my sister being a xenophobic racist brat? Not really…”
  • “Oh… yeah, she was being kinda racist, right?” you nod. “Well, uhm… she seems to mean well, at least. That’s a start on us to teaching her.” “Yoosung, honey… you really don’t have to.” “I know, but I want to. She’s gonna be my family one day too, right?”
  • And that was the first time he made you blush in the ame way you’re used to making him.


  • You warned her about your brother being a little… nonsense. You know the guy who dated a black girl on high school and think he’s such a hero for it? That guy…
  • So he’s super excited to meet your asian girlfriend. Yeah, he emphasized “asian” a lot.
  • “Whoa, you’re tall. I thought you Asians were all tiny and cute…” hum, okay…
  • “And you are a blackbelt in judo? Whoa, dragon lady, am I right?” wtf, dude?
  • And he keeps throwing totally out of line comments about her body and how she’s nothing like he was expecting from an Asian girl, since all the asian girls he knows are completely different.
  • “The girls he saw on porn, that is.” You whisper to her, and she giggles, but deep inside she knows this is so wrong!
  • And since he won’t stop, she’s starting to get really angry. She needs to put a stop to this before he does THAT question about asian girls having sideways vaginas, because he seems douchy enough to make it.
  • “I know you mean well, but please stop before you say something really racist… and sexist as well.
  • “Sexist? And… racist? Ah, come on! I’m not racist, I’ve even dated a black girl on high school and…” See? I told you he was that guy.
  • “Hum… and I can’t even imagine why she isn’t dating you anymore…  if you used her race as a fetish like you’re doing to mine right now, we probably have an answer.” “What are you even saying, girl? You should feel lucky that MC has a supportive brother who doesn’t mind her dating another girl, an asian girl.”
  • “Oh, racist, mysoginistic and homophobic. You’re the triple threat, huh, bro? I won’t feel lucky for you doing nothing but your obligation, especially when you’re doing it wrong!” “What’s gotten to you, MC? I’m your family, you can’t talk to me like that!” “You can’t talk to me and to my girlfriend like this either, if you’re family, educate yourself before acting like an asshole!”Well, she’s not happy on being the cause of a fight between brother and sister… no, forget that, his racism was the cause of this. And she’s so happy you two are on the same page of this.


  • He made sure to pay for bringing your dad to Korea so they could finally meet. Despite of your protests of this being a bad investment.
  • He didn’t get it at first, but as soon as he met him, he understood.
  • Because your dad wasn’t even inclined to a handshake. He was a very serious cold man.
  • Jumin is worried if this has anything to do with those three days, did you mention the cage or something? Well, he wouldn’t be exactly pleased if someone trapped his daughter like he did to you…
  • He tells you that as an apology when your father goes to his bedroom to unpack, and you feel so bad. “Jumin, honey… you’re not the problem here at all…”
  • “What do you mean, MC?” “Well, I… have I told you my father used to work in the U.S.  forces, right?”
  • He has a solid knowledge in politics, so he knows your father is probably thinking about North Korea and the constant fear of the possibility of a war starting at any moment…
  • But… he’s south Korean, what does this have anything to do with North and USA? “Well, you know how ignorance works, especially when it’s related to nationalism…”
  • Right you are, but still… this is such a touchy subject, that shouldn’t interfere in your relationship. And… well, if his race is the problem, then your father is being racist, it doesn’t matter if politics are involved.
  • “Plus, if this war happens. USA and South will likely be allies, as it happened before, so no need for you to dislike me, sir.” Well, you don’t like the idea behind his point, but… he’s sort of right? “We are not all the same, sir. Please understand this and respect your daughter’s wishes of staying with me. I’m sure in the end you’re just thinking what’s best for her, and believe me, I’m doing the best I can in order to fulfill this position.”
  • Your father looks at him head to toes. “You’re smart and reasonable, I like that you’re different from the gooks I met in Vietnam.” And he offers his hand for that handshake, which… Jumin doesn’t take it,
  • The man is still racist and xenophobic after all. And you know this isn’t even close to an end…


  • He’s really excited to meet your sister
  • Then you introduce them two and they’re both nice to each other and all.
  • At least that’s what he thought before overhearing you talking in the guest room.
  • “He’s adorable, MC, and he doesn’t look that asian.” Hum… what is that supposed to mean?
  • “What do you even mean?” “I mean, he’s… redhead, and has this cool outfit, where’s the nerd kid with slicky hair that’s really good at math or something?”
  • “He is really good at math, but you’re just repeating stereotypes, come on!” “Well, there’s a lot of truth in stereotypes, y’ know?” “There’s also a lot of prejudice.” Slaaay MC, slaaaay.
  •  “Ugh, MC, ever since when did you become so prudish? Jeez, people are so touchy these days…”  even though he knows he shouldn’t,  he speaks up:  “I know, right? People can’t even be racist anymore without being called out, that’s awful!”
  • “I… I’m not racist! I am super happy for my sister dating a guy regardless of his race and…” “Regardless? Oh my God!” you and Saeyoung  say at the same time.
  • “No, honey. Of course you’re not a racist, you’re just saying that your sister is some kind of angel for being able to see a normal person behind these slant eyes of mine, and she not minding my race is a favor she’s doing…”
  • “MC, are you really letting him talk to me like this?” “I guess I will, since I’m no angel. And you brought this on yourself.”
  • Of course he didn’t want to be mean to your sister, but he totally went for it when you told him he could.
  • But on a more serious note, he wants your sister to be educated at some point, it’s not good living in ignorance, and he wouldn’t that for someone so close to you, neither would you.
  • So you two will try to be patient and show there’s much more than that portrayal of the nerd asian boy.


  • He wouldn’t say it loud, but he is excited about meeting your mother.
  • But you keep changing the subject and backing away on this.
  • And he doesn’t know what to think, why wouldn’t him to meet the woman who raised you? Oh… wait, he knows what this is about…
  • You’re embarrassed about him, ain’t you? Because he’s a freak and would definitely screw things up, of course!
  • He confronts you, and you feel so bad, especially because now you have to tell the truth: “I’m not embarrassed of you, I’m embarrassed of her…” the fuck?
  • “W-why?” “Well, she can be a little… odd.” Odd? How?
  • Doesn’t care, he wants to meet her, I mean, haven’t you heard about his mother? What could be worse than that?
  • And though maybe it’s not worse, is still pretty bad. “I’m not a racist, but I think pure genes are really important on a child’s brain development, so I would rather seeing my daughter with a white young man.” Oh my god…
  • He… doesn’t really know what to say, he kinda expected your mother would hate him, but because he is weird, not because of something he was born like and has nothing to do with his personality.
  • “Mom, that’s so… racist.” Hmmm, yeah, that’s the word he was looking for. “No, sweetie, I’m just thinking what’s best for you.”
  • “So are you saying you think your daughter would be happier with, say, a white guy who beats her up than with someone who likes her and respects her just because he’s not white? That makes no sense”.
  • “No, of course not… I… I just…” “Mom, trust me, just end this conversation here while you didn’t mess up completely.”
  • He’s so happy to know you have his back, and this is not only about his race.


  • He’s thrilled and slightly nervous about meeting your brother.
  • You’re nervous too, but for very different reasons.
  • You know those people who don’t consider themselves right-winged or left-winged, his political stand is moving forward? That guy…
  • And V was having very interesting conversations with the guy when he says this: “My sister is just like me, we don’t see race, we just see people.”
  • “Well, that’s nice, but it’s very easy for a white person to say that, you know? Since race doesn’t really play a role on their accomplishments and, most important, obstacles.”
  • “What do you mean? That white people don’t put effort enough to get things?” “No, I’m just saying that you get to face obstacles, but your race is not playing a part on this. I mean…  MC is white, but she’s a woman, so she won’t get the same wage as you in the same job, it’s the same thing with race, white people earn more for the same job in a lot of cases.”
  • “Now you’re just generalizing, don’t you think you’re doing…”  wait for it… “reverse racism?” Oh no…
  • “I… don’t believe such a thing exists.” “It does, look it up.”
  • “I will, then you look up on racial inequality in labor market, how does that sound?” “You don’t have to be condescending, you know?”
  • “I’m not, I’m just giving you a reality check you’re refusing to face. But I get it, it’s hard giving up on your white privileges.” “There you are being racist again.”
  • “Dude, even I know that is not a thing, just stop, you’re embarrassing yourself.” “Yes give up on your male privileges too and listen to the woman at least for once.”
  • Your brother scoffs “You two are such a postmodern couple.” “And you’re pedantic.” “Not to mention a little racist?” you and V say.
  • Well, this was a very clever conversation, and your brother seems smart, V can’t wait to educate him in a more proper way.

Three years ago I was dealing with a bout of depression. It was not unusual, I’ve had depression and anxiety for almost as long as I can remember. But this bout followed my thirtieth birthday. I was not upset about turning thirty. I did not think my life was over or that my youth was behind me. Rather, I was in the middle of an amazing year full of the freedom that came with stepping away from religious oppression, finding my own faith and defining what that meant to me, and coming off of a year of painful fertility drugs and the decision not to continue treatment. I’d honestly never felt better.

And yet … depression.

I got that apathetic kind of depression where nothing seems fun or exciting or even remotely attention grabbing enough to pull me out of bed. I was just … stuck. I was missing something. 

As I do when I’m in a depression, I binged watched things. On a random Saturday, I stumbled upon Deathly Hallows Part One playing on ABC Family, likely during one of their marathons. 

“God I forgot how much I fucking love these movies.”

I’d seen almost every one in theatre. He-Man had read the books religiously (and even worked at a book store during the release of the first few). I knew the general plot because he is utterly incapable of NOT sharing things with me when he’s reading. So when the movies came out, of course we went. He fumed and fumed in his seat over missing characters and twisted plotlines, and I laughed and laughed until some random kid behind me loudly whispered to his friend “That’s the one that dies at the end” when Cedric Diggory first appeared on screen. (Seriously. WTF, you little brat?)

Rather than read the books, I’d spent time playing on Pottermore and the wiki pages learning ingredients to potions and the etymology behind the spells. I loved the world that JKR created, but I suck when it comes to reading fiction. My attention span (especially in my twenties) was garbage. 

So in the last week of June 2014, I borrowed my mother-in-law’s DVDs of the movies and binged them all. I laughed, I cried, I FELT something for the first time in weeks. Emotions. Feeling. Life. Magic. 

“I want to read the books now. I need to read the books.”

So I read them. I read several chapters every night out loud while my husband played video games. I laughed when he cried. He laughed when I cried. I did voices, and we argued over exactly how pompous Lockhart should sound. I gasped during parts that were not in the movies. “Why is Molly being such a bitch to Sirius?” “Wait, who are all these other elves?” “Dumbledore’s a shit. I’m glad he’s dead!” “OMG Tonks. OMG Fred. OMG Remus. OMG I hate this so much.”

And I loved it.

I loved it so much. 

I felt like an addict waiting for my husband to get home each night so I could keep reading. I begged him, “Just two more chapters. I’m almost done with this book!” even as I LITERALLY lost my voice in the middle of Deathly Hallows. 

Then, like magic, I remembered that the story didn’t have to end. I’d been RPing written stories with friends for two decades, and I’d stumbled into fanfiction from time to time. So I knew what sites to go to.

I read epilogue continuations first. I wanted to know what happened after. Then I thought, “I wonder what if …?” And I fell head first into the deep end of Dramione, Marauders, and a crap ton of Marriage Law and Time-Turner fics.

“I have an idea. I want to be apart of this. I think I have a story in me.”

And three years later, I have a life. A hobby. A PASSION. I’ve made amazing friends, rebuilt a really fucked up self esteem and sense of pride, learned a lot about grammar and story structure, and helped to add building blocks to a fandom that saved me. 

I can’t believe it’s been three years.

Thank you all, for some of the best three years of my life.

♥♥♥ Shaya ♥♥♥

Espresso or Caramel

Originally posted by sassyminghao

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Seungcheol (S.Coups) x reader

Words: 2.1K

Author’s Note: If you want me to write another drabble or another chapter to follow up with this, please do tell me.

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PDA *smut* - Derek Hale

Originally posted by izziebm

*this is really bad but I haven’t given you guys anything other than my AU for quite a while now and I was in the mood to write. This is also my first time ever writing smut and I wanted to keep it kinda PG-13 so sorry if you hate it. But hey, your feedback helps me improve! Thanks xoxox*

You never really understood why Stiles called Derek “sour wolf”. The same hardly fit him at all. You had some crappy relationships in the past, but Derek wasn’t one of them. That played a key role in why you guys were still together, with no end anywhere in sight.

Sure Derek’s way of showing affection was low on PDA, but that’s how you both preferred it. The only time this wasn’t the case was a s the full moon approached. The pack gathered for a meeting at the loft and before you could take a seat next to Liam, Derek wrapped his arms around you and pulled you onto his lap, and “oomph” slipping out of your mouth. His chin founds its way between your neck and shoulder and rested there, no words being exchanged.

“Jeesh, why don’t you two just get a room already?” Stiles joked towards you. Derek not only became more affectionate, but possessive and aggressive as the full moon came closer. He growled at Stiles, flashing his teeth and blue eyes, and needless to say, Stiles’ eyes grew wide.

“Hey, hey. Calm down…” you said hesitantly, intertwining your hands with Derek’s that sat on your lap. He huffed out in aggravation before letting the meeting continue.

The meeting didn’t last two long, as there (luckily) wasn’t much to discuss. After you got all the teenagers out the store, you started to clean up the mess they had made in just the short period of time, Derek’s brooding figure almost going unnoticed.

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ahah part 2 to my comic or whatever. Im to stupid to link part 1 (hahah help me)

You can see how much work(sarcasm) i put into this. I finished it like a week ago but i didnt like it. But sometimes u just gotta swallow ur dignity. And in the next one i will definetly change art style again SORRY BOUT THAT

Also first i was thinking about this would end with some klance but honestly im tempted to turn this into lancelot

Just realized I forgot shadows??? It looks so bad I’m sorry. If someone is good at drawing recreate it

anonymous asked:

Who is your favourite villain in bnha??

I don’t… really… like the villains in bnha… sorry - the one I’m the most interested in is Twice, I feel like I could end up liking him soon enough, and the one I like the design of the most is Overhaul? I’m waiting for the day Horikoshi will make Dabi interesting to me, since as of now he’s a pretty bland and anonymous character and if I knew him more the chances I’d like or dislike him are more or less equal, but that’s about it for now

Anon said: i am just going to say that i am really inlove with your bakushimanaris (like, all three of them, any one of them, tbh you just opened my eyes on bakukami though, they’re so cute and love!!!) and bakusquad i hope you draw more and more and more of them and never ever get tired of them <3 please draw more bakushimanaris, and bakusquad, or bakusquad teasing bakushimanari omg.

Awwwww thank you so much!!!! And I’m super glad you like my squad stuff!!!!! I’ll definitely draw more of it soon, don’t worry about that, they’re my faves to play with at the moment~

Anon said: Every time I see one of your drawing from a new show I’m like welp! Looks like I’m starting a new show. I think I started watching like three different shows and read the entire bnha manga just to understand more of your comics because I love your art!! Seriously it’s super amazing and beautiful!!

BOI thank you!!!!!!!!!! I hope you liked all that stuff you started because of me hahaha and if this ask was about my latest LWA sketches, I hope you’ll enjoy that too!!! The girls are all amazing and both art-style and animations are incredible, it’s a really fun show!

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Originally posted by thejabberwock

Summary: Dean reminisces about his life before and with the reader…

Request: @shamelesslydeanDo you do fics based on a song? Can you do one for this song? With dean or Jensen and reader ??  It’s called I’m yours by Russell Dickerson

Pairing/Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 732

Warnings: angst, fluff

A/N: I’ve been gone for a few days because i’ve been working lol 

I was a boat stuck in a bottle

That never got the chance to touch the sea

Just forgot on the shelf

No wind in the sails

Dean had always been afraid of relationships, romantic or not. Any relationship he was in was eventually tarnished by his job. Hunting. Hunting had ruined anything he touched so he avoided close relationships altogether. If he got too close, he’d push them away, no matter how much it hurt him or the other person. That all changed when he met you. God, how could he push you away. Slowly, he started to regain his confidence and his fears faded. He felt on top of the world when he was with you like nothing could beat him down.

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anonymous asked:

For the Artist Ask Meme: 5 , 8 and 14.

5. digital or traditional?

I love both tbh. I use digital most of the time because I lack a lot of materials when it comes to traditional work these days OTL. I just resort to my school pens most of the time, lol.

But before I entered Tumblr, I used to post lots of traditional works from ink pens, watercolors and markers.( My markers ran out of ink haha)

8. show us at least 2-3 drawings from 1-2 years ago. 

Oh god, I’m gonna cringe and cover my face from shame on how deformed my works were ahaha. :’D

(August 2015)

(December 2014; First deathshipping fanart I drew..:’)     /sobs/)

14. what was something that you used to draw a lot that you don’t draw as much anymore?

Ah, Naruto, Fate and thiefshipping..I actually have a sketchbook (which is lost in my shelves at my apartment) filled with thiefshipping stuff 2 years ago (?)..Let’s say I lost interest in Fate and I don’t draw thiefship as much. I draw the ship sometimes but I used to draw it every time. I forgot about the thiefship ideas in my currently missing sketchbook, sadly.

anonymous asked:

Hey I requested 37 and 46 can you please make them about dan sorry I forgot to write that the first time.

37. “Because I love you god damn it!”

I’m ugly Daniel! I look like a bloody balloon with stretch marks. It’s like an ugly sad fat balloon. You had to get ready for the award show with Dan and Phil but the dress you had bought for the evening was not working. You had only bought it a month ago but you underestimated how much you would still grow at eight months pregnant. The boys we’re up for creators of the year. You wouldn’t miss it for the world. That was until you had Dan struggle trying to zip you in and you had a minor. Dan may say major. Tantrum. If this was going to indicate anything the two of you were going to encounter in the future with the baby Dan was considering in investing in a nice pair of ear plugs.

“Why don’t you just wear something else? You looked stunning in that dress you wore the other week when we went to dinner.” Dan was really trying to help but you we’re in too deep in the self-hatred and anger.

“Daniel that is a dress you wear to dinner with friends. Not a dress you wear to support your man at an awards show. At this point, i’m going to go in a trash bag.| You felt bad for being so snippy but you couldn’t help. It was emotions mixed with hormones with a pinch of over it.

“I think you look like a million buck in anything. As will anyone else because the baby belly will take the spotlight.” Dan had joined you on the floor in the pile of clothes.

“Why do you even say lies like that?” You were trying to push the tears away from your eyes so you didn’t fuck up your makeup also.

“ Well contrary to your self-hate this evening it’s because I love you god damn it!” Dan stood quickly before rummaging through your things before finding a newer dress you just go for relaxation and as an excuse not to wear pants. “This is what you’re wearing. I’m taking over the pity party. I can’t go anywhere without you on my arm. So put on this dress and flats or we will send Phil to go alone. You wouldn’t want to ditch Phil would you?” Dan knew your weakness. Phil. You wanted to protect him by any means necessary.

“I guess I could try it on. But only for Phil! Not for you.” This caused Dan to try and hide a smile as you stood up to put on the item.

A Wayhaught Birthday

A fanfic in which Nicole is adorable and surprises Waverly for her birthday, because someone needs to remember it. And also, because I needed some Wayhaught fluff in my life.

Waverly didn’t really celebrate her birthday.

She’d never really had the chance. When she was growing up, tormented by Willa and overlooked by her parents, it tended to get swept under the rug. If her birthday was remembered, she got a store-bought cake and a couple pairs of jeans at the most. And then Willa and her parents died, and Wynonna got sent to St. Jude’s, and Waverly had tried to forget about all the missed birthdays, because for all their flaws, her family was her family.

When Wynonna had seemed to forget her birthday, briefly, Waverly didn’t mind. That much. After all, Waverly spent the following minutes getting her hand chopped off by a maniac with X-men wrists, then re-growing said hand via demonic possession. So she had bigger fish to fry. Besides, she knew that Wynonna loved her, more than anything, and that Wynonna would face down an army of revenants for her. Wynonna, after all, was human. And Waverly forgave her for her occasional lapses.

Then, along came Nicole; Nicole, with her flirty hat tips; Nicole, with her perfect dimples; Nicole, who treated Waverly like she was the most beautiful angel to grace the earth. Waverly had never mentioned her birthday to Nicole; it had never really occurred to her. And when she woke up on one very particular, very special day in November, the first thought on her mind was not celebration but the fact that it was a Thursday. The second thought, quickly overshadowing the first, was that she had grown a mustache. A giant, orange, furry mustache.

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Im beginning to not like the way my colored pencils work
Maybe i should start using my new ones
That i forgot i had
Ill have to see how they work next time because what was supposed to be gold came out almost black because ot kept grabbing the ink from the markers i used to outline these

I think im a bit hyper this time around but its fiNe
Have a good day :D


Oh my god they’re so beautiful !!

Gdi my ship is sealing right there !! Do you see it guys ?? DO YOU SEE IT ?? IT’S FREAKING SEALING.

You can be proud sweetheart, it’s absolutely amazing, I love the way you draw these two together ! ;___; Also the colors are soft and pretty and it makes everything perfect <3 Also the gold color is good to me, since Chara’s ornaments are made from white gold ! Thank you so much for this gift darling, I’ll treasure them dearly ;___; *holds you gently*

Miscellaneous Lizard Headcanons

Septarsis fell to Mewni hundreds of years ago (prob before eclipsa?), but septarians always use “of Septarsis” as their title to show that their kingdom can never truly be taken from them. Families usually have heirlooms from before the kingdom fell. Family units are pretty much the same as mewmans/humans.

They have their own language, which has been passed down through families. It’s mostly a lot of hissing with visual cues like gestures and eye contact for tone and meaning. They also have a written language that’s all curvy and based on pictograms, rather than an alphabet.

Septarians could be most closely compared to monotremes (although that’s not what they truly are): they hatch from eggs but are otherwise quite mammalian. Mothers give milk, they’re warm-blooded, have hair, etc.

Their muscle tone is totally natural and doesn’t require maintenance in normal situations and lifestyles (I know, I’m jealous too).

Septarians eat mainly meat but can tolerate some vegetables and tend to like fruit a lot. Im sure there are septarians who have been tempted to live on earth because processed sugar would make them very happy. Dairy (like from cows, goats, etc) tastes like soap to them. They’ll eat grains like bread and barley, but not with great enthusiasm.

A septarian’s regeneration abilities weaken with time until the end of their normal lifespan of ~150 years; I’m of the belief that toffee was the “immortal monster” simply because he was virtually unkillable at the time of the uprising, idk

Septarians age a bit differently: growing to an adult whose brain and body are fully developed takes 10-15 years and their bodies only begin to deteriorate (gray hair, wrinkles, weak hearing/eyesight) around 100, which is why toffee appears to have not aged in the ~20 years between the Great Finger Chop and when he teamed up with Ludo.

Height and build depend on the type of septarian; toffee is of average height and build for his type and so is rast!

It is normal for septarians to have hair on their heads–rasticore just shaves his head to make things easier.

Their skin is actually made up of small, fine scales. You’d know it if you touched a septarian.

There are other types of septarians besides just toffee and rasticore. Maybe some tan ones that resemble geckos and little bright green guys like… well, other geckos.

As such, septarians prob used to have distinct classes depending on the type of lizard you were; rast would have been put to work as a laborer or soldier while toffee would have been an academic.

Evolutionarily-speaking, septarians are a pretty new creature. Nobody is really sure exactly how they came about but there are theories that they are descended from an entire kingdom of mewmans who had a bad run-in with a lizard-obsessed warlock or something 6-7 thousand years ago.

edit: oh my god I almost forgot: septarians are wicked smart, like too much for their own good. They make for genius military tacticians and perfect evil efficiency experts. Definitely smarter on average than the average mewman.