gods angels

I damn myself with every last word.
Self immolation for the sake of attention,
I burn these holy bones.

I bring my own flesh to the altar.
Sacrifice bleeds from my godly wrists,
golden ichor feeds black stone.

All the earth that dare touches my feet is hallowed.
I drink holy water and feast on honeycomb.
My skin is pure,
I bathe from springs that sprung up through divine intervention.

I douse myself with old god’s blood like perfume,
adorn myself with their stolen scales and murdered feathers.
Who is everything in the presence of nothing?

I am my own congregation,
I am the audience I seek.
All I do is  blessed and sanctified

The world watches,
I cleanse them from all sin.
Without me the world is teeming with immorality and depravity.

Narcissus before me stared into his own reflection,
so enamored by beauty,
that he drowned in it.

I will not be damned by such an eternity.
For when I see myself,
I see,
transgression after transgression,
vices piled up like sacks of stolen silver.

I steal peoples lives and
I do not transgress.
I grasp my iniquity and I strangle it.

When I see myself in the eyes of the people,
All there is to be is true devotion.

I am a god in only others presence
draped in golden livery,
honeyed lips,
a vixen, a siren
I draw men in tight,
women kneel at my shrine,
their men drown in infidelity and
they thank me for it.

I am a diamond mine in my own right
They hang on to every last word, I speak.
But soon they leave,
I am left alone my once glowing mine,
now a dark cavern.

There are no galaxies in coal.
I was not celestial in that inky night.

I am turning myself into a demon.
This golden flesh is now putrified.
I cauterize, incinerate, bless and then consume my own viscera.
I swallow my errs and make them revered again.

I am a sacrosanct god
Glided yet heartfelt
Holy yet damned.
They don’t damn dare touch me,
yet all I long for is divine embrace.

I search for the dark in every immolation,
If I kill each god with a little bit of holy light,
Won’t one day the light will surrender to me too?
Until then I am serpent.

I am everything.
In the absence of anything,
I lapse into nothing.

—  god is elusive I am exclusive