gods and goddesses of the guard world

Prompt: Pandora was the Goddess of human souls and emotion. What she felt controlled what human beings felt. Distraught by the rejection of a god/goddess she loved, her emotions became too powerful, causing all near her to go crazy. To protect Olympus and mankind, Zeus and his brothers removed her emotions, sealed them in a box, and removed her memories. The box, full of the world’s happiness, sadness, and lust, was given to Pandora to guard and protect. 

However, as centuries pass, Pandora’s loss of emotion takes it’s toll on the Goddess. After all, what does one do without emotion…


Muscles cramped in her chest as years of unshed tears battled to come forward. The goddess gasped in breathless desperation. 

Her hands are pressed so tight against the lid, knuckles crack. 

“Oh god” She sobs. The silver mist leaks out farther and her breathing accelerates. 

“Oh God”. 

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Story Time [x]

“A story huh?” Scratching at his chin, the old man reclines back into the comfortable couch. He felt old now, passing on a story to the younger generation. He wasn’t that old. At least, he didn’t feel that old. He was sixty-eight and built ready to break some bones.  "All right, all right. I got one for ya-

“There once was a goddess. Beautiful. Stunning, and desired by so many within the world. Her brother, a powerful god capable of destroying mountains, had a wife. This wife was once human, made into a demigod in order to live forever.

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SpiritTale AU

AU Creator(s): Pikateon

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AU Canon:  Instead of being pushed into MT Ebbot, the humans killed all monsters. The monsters became spirits that were moved to different realms bssed on their personality, LV, EXP, and HP. In this world, HP gets a meaning which is HoPe. The longer a monster was there, the more their HP may change. The Royal Guard is replaced with The Holy Guard. King and Queen is replaced with God and Goddess. Sans is Death. Papyrus is part of the Holy Guard. Undyne is also part of the Holy Guard. Alphys is a Genuis with knowledge of all Human and Monster Technology. Flowey is a normal flower with Asriel’s spirit tied to it bevause Asriel reset too much when he was an alive monster and then his soul was corrupted so when Alphys tied his soul to the flower, it gave the flower a glitched appearance.  Muffet and Grillby along with any other characters stay pretty much the same. Everyone has a Halo. All the ghosts/dummies have a robot body from Alphys. The Ruins and First area is replaced with a Heaven-like area named The Holy Ruins. Snowdin and Snowdin Forest are replaced with The Frozen Realm and the Icey Forest. Waterfall is replaced with The Damp Realm. Hotland is replaced with a Hell-like area named The Eternal Flame Land. The Core is replaced with only a gateway as no one needs the power that was created from The Core in Undertale. New Home is replaced with The Home of Ruin. The Judgement Hall is still the same except that it looks a bit more like a church and renamed “Death’s Judgement”. Asgore’s Castle is replaced with a big, white office named God’s Throne Room. God Asgore must collect 7 human spirits to regain his powers to reshape the human world. 

Any Monster Spirit can gather a Human Spirit or vice versa to gather powers to guard one living person, Human or Monster. In short, they become a Guardian Angel if they choose to. They can also be a Death Angel that tracks when they die and when they don’t. All spirits that have been judged quickly do not end up into these realms as they are placed into Heaven or Hell. The power of SAVE and RESET is completely gone as a spirit cannot die after dying once. All that happens is that they need to heal/wake up from unconsciousness.

Official Canon Design: