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Hi I am new to B1A4, do you think you could describe these boys please? I gotsta know!

oh why hello anon!! you have come to the right place (but really you couldnt have gone to the wrong place cause all banas love b1a4 to death XD)
oh and just a disclaimer anon im so sorry you were probably hoping for something short and sweet but this is pretty long XD

short version: b1a4 is amazing
long version…


so lets just do the member break down shall we?

THIS is JINYOUNG he (like the other members) come in many forms but this is the jist of his beautiful face

Basic Facts:
-full name: Jung Jin Young
-leader of the group/lead vocal
-A blood type (trust me with this group its important)
-second oldest
-known for his fucking amazing ability to write and compose a LOT of b1a4′s songs (please note: tried to walk, what’s going on, solo day, baby good night, and many many more)
-also an actor, making his name in movies and dramas
-currently 23, will be 24 on November 18
-1991 liner with CNU

Good to Know
-often referred to as “halbae” because of his grandpa like manner (this kid is a fucking grandpa you dont even need to question it)
-in animal form, he is a fox
-makes this face…

…A LOT (when hes satisfied with himself or whatever else is going on near him)
-is a complete and utter dork
-dances…like a grandpa
-has visuals that will slayyyyyy you
-goes from looking like this…

…to this…

…to this…

…faster than you can say his name
-his voice is the one thats pretty unique (but seriously all of them have unique voices) but its like a bit higher but still really strong
-plays the guitar like a boss and an idiot at the same time
-basically the dad of b1a4

My Opinion
one of my favorite people on this planet XD jinyoung is very kind and compassionate especially when it comes to his members. hes really concsious of all of them and does a great job as the leader. hes not the loudest but hes a total idiot like seriously look at his face. but hes very keen on always recognizing the group as a whole and not just himself when it comes to writing songs. he’ll say WE wrote this album even tho most of it was him. hes just a goofball and trust me you’ll probably fall in love with him first cause of his visuals (everyone does its fine dont worry dont feel bad ;)) but seriously he is just so wonderful and such a gift like i just wanna hold him


my personal favorite in the whole wide world XD CNU!
also looks like this

so glasses or no glasses

Basic Facts
-full name: Shin Dong Woo
-CNU is pronounced Shinwoo (sheenoo)
-vocalist/lead rapper (but seriously hes a lot more than just a vocalist)
-A blood type
-oldest in b1a4
-also writes and composes songs (please note: seoul, drive, and drunk with music as well as his raps in wonderful tonight and beautiful target)
-also acts (not as much) and just participated in his first musical recently
-tallest member (whopping 6 feet tall)
-currently 24 years old
-birthday is June 16, 1991

Good to Know
-famous for his glasses and long hair but recently has been seen with glasses less and shorter hair (still looks freakin fabulous)
-always gets the female role if the group ever needs a girl
-walks around pretty much naked at the dorm
-looks up to usher
-pretty much the main dancer of the group even tho they dont really have a main dancer
-is a complete and utter dork
-goes from this…

…to this…

…to this…

…so fast its petrifying
-considered the mom of the group
-sleeps a lot
-in animal form (you guessed it), he’s a bear

My Opinion
this boy is my ultimate bias so obviously im biased here. but this boy is so sweet and so tender and so loving. this one is also not that loud except he is. like he fucking screams all the damn time. his vocal capability is beyond anything, like seriously his voice is magical and makes me want to melt and then his fucking rapping is downright amazing. like what the hell is this kid where did he come from why is he so talented all around. this one is definitely branching out more, i can totally see it these days. hes less shy and hes more awake i guess XD hes just having a blast living his dream and he works so hard to keep improving. his heart is so pure and his love for us banas and the rest of b1a4 is so fucking strong like i cant even. this kid right here XD

NEXT!! ok sorry this is really long so here just keep reading please XD

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god i love the fitzmack height difference so much like its just two vastly different-sized cinnamon rolls

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big handsome cinnamon roll and very smol cinnamon roll

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i cut my hair super short (like maybe 2 inches???) like a year n a half ago because it was super damaged n i didn’t really know how to take care of it but like the last selfie that i took with my hair down i i was just so ???? im marvelin bc my hair is healthy n probably the longest it’s been since like i was like 10 n im so IN LOVE with it

I know I’ve said this in the past, but I’ll say it again: if I weren’t such a devout Christian, I would be a hellenic polytheist in a heart beat.

The Theoi fascinate me in a way that I can’t put into words. I’m drawn to some of them so deeply that I revere them from afar.

But I love my God too much to be devoted to any other gods. But I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about abandoning my faith to try things out as a polytheist (of any pantheon, tbh).

bradspitfire replied to your post:/RIPS SHIRT OFF AND SPIKES IT THROUGH A WALLWHAT…

I love that we react the same when there is no more material available of something we like (see: me last week when i found out netflix doesn’t have all the fmab episodes)



i have this dumb headcanon that all the iwatobi and samezuka boys go to a ball and rin’s like “i’m pro at dancing haru i’ll show you a sight you’ve never seen before” and haru pairs up with makoto and because they can read each other so well theyre like perfect dancers and rin just watches them while he’s dancing with nagisa like “damn son” then makoto passes haru onto rin and rin’s so nervous and they just keep tripping over each other’s feet and rin’s just like “sorry… whoops sorry, ah- sorry dammit… SORRY” and haru’s just internally laughing at rin’s super blushy nervous face because they just cant match each other’s steps oh god theyre so pathetic i love them

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I need someone to tell and I see you as my internet mommy! Today was wonderful I love today and I'll love tomorrow and everyday after that. People say you can't rely on love to change you and here I am experiencing an adventure every few minutes. I love them and God I hope everyone knows it. I found love, I've been so alone childhood and all. I was someone who couldn't get out of bed to see the sunlight. And here I am waking up hoping to see him later, it's wonderful. Proud of me? I did it..

I’m honestly so proud of you!! Love can heal the wounds and make someone feel alive, hold onto that feeling sweetie

Tumblr is TERRIFYING because like everyone acts like best friends but the moment one person gets dragged they like rip off their “friend mask” and start throwing shade like I love it but oh my god it’s so scary???

Ronan is my favorite and Adam follows close (let’s not forget “I’m dating a Welsh King Legend” Gansey, Noah the Smudged Cupcake, and Blue who’s simply my favorite female YA character ever).

Actually it’s really hard not to be a little in love with all five of them.

The Raven Cycle @ maggie-stiefvater and if you haven’t read it, buy the epubs or the books or borrow them at your local library! SERIOUSLY.


naminé appreciation week

↳ day 3 - favorite relationship → naminé and roxas

“I see myself the way you remember me. And you see yourself the way I remember you.”