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Production Draft of QAF 5x11 - The most precious thing in the world

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okay so somewhere in your blog you mentioned about "the jacket" Mio wears on the movie that's apparently Ritsu's? can you explain a bit further please thank youuuu




So this discovery is all thanks to our friend that is currently in the trifles of Idol Hell ™, Avi, or @600ml

Good gosh, was it 2 years ago? Oh gosh I just checket it was 2 years ago.


SO. So Avi had gotten something. I forget what that something was, but it was a file or something with a crapton of K-ON official art, some concept, just all over the series.

Within that, the true nature of ‘The Jacket’ was uncovered in the concept art for the K-ON movie:

I can’t find Avi’s original post, but this should suffice:

The top picture is showing what they all wear during the actual scenes in the movie during their pajama parties. But APPARENTLY, the little arrow pointing to the jacket Mio is wearing says that the jacket is indeed Ritsu’s, which we can further confirm and back up in the bottom pic.

The bottom picture is supposedly the ‘original’ designs they have for their nightwear. So the two that are different is that Ritsu is in the green jacket, and Mio is in her school gym jacket.

Which makes sense; why would Mio have her school PE sweats on, but not the jacket to go along with it? Mio’s a girl who is orderly; matching her sweats and jacket uniform for something as simple as sleep is definitely in character for her.








But that’s the fun part! I think I speculated some trash shippy situations, Ali (superalicat) wrote a fic on it if I remember, and basically the whole fandom just freaked out when they realized this small, not even mentioned in canon detail

T H E   H O M O D A C H I  ,  E V E R Y O N E

and it’s so wonderful and we’re such trash bye

German compounds seem funny until you start thinking too much about English ones

“What should we call this?”
“Well…it’s a bird. Does it sing?”

“Look at this device I’ve just made.”
“It’s great, what is it?”
“It’s a fan…that hangs from the ceiling. But what should we call it?”

“You’ve got to try this!”
“What is it?”
“It’s like this really…creamy…cheese. Good on bagels.”

“I see you’ve built a house for your hens.”
“Yes. I call it…henhouse.”

“Ewwww, what’s that thing?”
“Which one? This one, that looks like a spark of flying fire?
“No, that one. The one that’s creepily worming it’s way through the earth.”
“Hmm, I don’t think that one has a name yet.”

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top five relationships between/among women? top five first lines?


  • desdemona and emilia from othello—my god i love them so much. i love that emilia isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but she’s still willing to be vocal about what she believes in, and she’ll defend desdemona even if it costs her her life. emilia is great, desdemona is also pretty great, and i’m forever sad about othello.
  • viola and olivia from twelfth night—i might ship them a little bit. maybe. it’s possible. but also i genuinely love both of them as characters (viola is one of my favorite shakespearean female characters ever, if not my all-time favorite), and i love their relationship dynamic throughout the play.
  • regan and goneril from king lear—damn, i love these two. not as people, because they’re terrible human beings, but i really like them as characters. their relationship sure as hell isn’t healthy or good, but it’s fascinating to watch/read.
  • hermione and paulina from the winter’s tale—aaaaaaaaa female friendship!! i love how paulina so unapologetically defends hermione. their relationship is fantastic.
  • the nurse and juliet from romeo and juliet—lady capulet may be juliet’s mother by birth, but the nurse is, for all intents and purposes, her real mom. their relationship is so important—i’ve never seen it prioritized in a production as much as i’d like it to be, but hopefully someday that’ll change.

first lines (i’m assuming you mean for each individual play, not characters):

  • “who’s there?” —hamlet. my english teacher would constantly talk about how hamlet’s a play of questions, and while that would get annoying from time to time, the fact remains that she did have a point. hamlet starts with a question, and it’s fitting. so many things are left unanswered in this play.
  • “if music be the food of love, play on; / give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, / the appetite may sicken, and so die.” —twelfth night. oh orsino u r so melodramatic. anyway i love this quote even though the first part’s used out of context all the time.
  • “o for a muse of fire,that would ascend / the brightest heaven of invention!” —henry v. the first time i read this line and the entire chorus’s part afterwards i remember being like YOOOOOOOOOOO THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD. it’s a super fiery beginning—basically it’s such a bold way to throw you into the play, and i love it.
  • “in sooth, i know not why i am so sad (etc etc etc)” —the merchant of venice. don’t get me wrong, antonio’s still a major dick, but like…that’s such an odd way to start a play, i guess, and especially one that’s as much of a problem play as merchant. it intrigues me.
  • “two households, both alike in dignity (etc etc etc)” —romeo and juliet. actually, now that i think about it, i have mixed opinions on this one because i hate when people treat romeo and juliet like “lol well they were going to die anyway it says so in the prologue”. but the main reasons i chose this are a) alike in dignity. alike. one is not better than the other, and b) it mentions the feud. the play’s not about Haha Stupid Teens Stupid Love, and the prologue lets us know that from the get-go.

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Like a year ago I was super bored and I asked you for music recommendations and you suggested I listen to The Maine because you were writing a fanfic based on their song Diet Soda Society so I listened to them and absolutely loved them and today I saw them live and the whole time I thought of you and how lovely you are because you're the reason I even knew that they were a thing and now they're my favorite so thank you โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘ they were really good and I had an amazing time

IM ACTUALLY TEARING UP THIS IS LITERALLY ADORABLE OH MY GOD IM SO HAPPY I COULD INTRODUCE THEM TO U!!! i love the maine so much honestly it would be a dream to see them live but im so glad u had a good time oh mAN literally bless ur soul ily <3333

How would BTS react if you’re fangirling over EXO

Seokjin: …wouldn’t really care about it, but he would still try to make you a fan of BTS as well…

“I know, Lucky One is pretty good….. But did you listen to Save me???? That song is lit… and we worked so hard on it….!”

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Yoongi: He would be….*attention:sarcasm* really really happy…

No for real now…when he woke up some night because you sqeaked too loud bc you watched the new Exo MV . he would be slightly pissed by the fact that you fangirl over another Kpop group…especially because you know how much effort he and his members put in their work , so he would be kind of hurt that you don’t worship their work like you worship Exo’s work…

“ Ok…. could you stop talking about them? I got that you love them, everyone on this god damn planet got that… do you realise that me ,aka. your boyfriend, is in a group as well and works every night on new songs? Did you ever fangirl over me as well? NO! So do me a favor and fangirl somewhere else and let me sleep!”

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Hoseok: He wouldn’t really care that much, but he wouldn’t like it either….

He wouldn’t show you that he doesn’t really like the fact that you like them so much, he would probably try to change the topic…

“Look jagiiii…. I am cute too…”

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Namjoon: Just like Yoongi, he would be slightly pissed that you don’t worship their work as much as you do with Exo, but he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it… he would let you listen to their music and would try to enjoy it…. but like Seokjin he would play one or another BTS song once in a while…

“Yeah… ok… they are pretty good…But listen to this song… ‘Fire’is way better than ‘Monster’, and we produced it ourself!!!!…

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Jimin:….would also try to win you as a BTS fan

“What do you mean ‘Their dancing skills are so amazing’ … Did you saw my dancing skills? I am hotter than these guys!!!!

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Taehyung: …would start watching Exo MVs with you… would end up fangirling for them as well…


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Jungkook: …wouldn’t care which boy band you currently like as long as you are his girlfriend and he doesn’t see any rival…

“What do you mean by saying ‘Sehun is the best Maknae ever’??? Did you forget about your super amazing maknae boyfriend sitting right next to you???”

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Kavinsky and Ronan would have made ~a~ couple. Like, I'm pretty sure you that Kavinsky had feeling for Ronan but just showed them in really dysfunctional ways. They might not have made a "good" or healthy couple but. I don't know if I'm making sense

god i love them together, ronan should have helped k to get sober?? and into rehab? if anyone had helped k he would have a healthy life and relationship


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco


”It starts out as a kind of triangle and then I’m thrown together with Han Solo. It ends up being one of those relationships like Tracy and Hepburn or Bogart and Bacall or Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, where we scream at each other for the first half of the film, step on each other and hit on each other, and then we end up liking each other.” Carrie Fisher

what bucky actually means

they’re not allowed to hurt you:

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I’m the only one who is allowed to hurt you:

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don’t do anything stupid until I get back:

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so we can do it together:

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