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“One should always be drunk. That’s all that matters…But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk.”
― Charles Baudelaire

@themixedwitch made a really interesting point about worship, and I don’t think I necessarily feel the same way, but I’ve been feeling confused about what “worship” really means anyway?? It feels like this verb that often has negative connotations. I definitely don’t worship my ancestors because they are my family, and I wouldn’t worship living relatives either. I definitely don’t worship Siddhartha Gautama, he’s a buddha but also a human being and a teacher.

I’m not sure if I would call how I interact with the orishas as “worship” or not? @theajesaysashe @rey-yemoja do you have thoughts on this?

For anyone who interacts with deities, what are yalls opinions on what “worship” means? Do you worship your deities or work with them or follow them or use some other verb to describe that?

The world is sacred, of course, it is full of gods, numina, great powers and presences. We give some of them names – Mars of the fields and the war; Vesta the fire; Ceres the grain; Mother Tellus the earth; the Penates of the storehouse. The rivers, the springs. And in the stormcloud and the light is the great power called the father god. But they aren’t people. They don’t love and hate, they aren’t for or against. They accept the worship due them, which augments their power, through which we live.

Ursula K Le Guin

Me and a coworker talking about if we had read any recent novels.

Me: man it has been forever since i have read anything the last thing i remember was finishing the percy jackson series

Coworker: Oh isnt that still ongoing?

Me: is it i though it ended with then killing the last big bad

Coworker : nah that was just that arc they defeated kronos and there was way more to it

Me: Ah yes Kronos father of gods king of the titans the first vore enthusiast



☼ tag yourself: greek gods

athena: unsatisfied with a 99 test grade, could probably commit the perfect murder, underestimated, likes french bakeries, early riser

poseidon: chill, likes beaches, doesn’t try in school but still does fine, filled notebooks, kinda a dick sometimes, sleeps a lot, environmentalist, collects seashells

aphrodite: really good looking and knows it, acts sweet but will legit kill you if you get on their bad side, perfect makeup, fancy starbucks drinks, intimidating

zeus: says they can burp the alphabet but just burps twenty six times, gives zero shits about others, an asshole, rapist, get off my blog if you’re a zeus

hestia: warm coffee shops, has a sweet smile, journals, kinda sad inside, a bit of a loner, messy hair, easily likeable but doesn’t know it

hades: listens to emo music, spends 96% of their time on tumblr, hopeless romantic, looks like they can kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll, pretty stressed

( minor gods: )

  • Other witches: Contact your deities only on the full moon!!! Make sure to ask them meaningful questions!!! Talk to them respectfully!!!
  • Me summoning my deities in the middle of Walmart: what up my bois I got nervous standing in the middle of the store alone so I decided to summon the gang

☾ tag yourself: minor greek gods + titans

hecate: into astrology, sleep who?, observant, spends a lot of time alone, wants to dye their hair, kind, likes coffee shops, a bit in love with the stars

asclepius: likes helping people, wants/has a dog, really smart, essential oils, nice smile, takes long showers, probably drinks herbal tea

hypnos: tired all the time, warm milk, smells like lavender, soft skin, doesn’t get angry easily, a bit sad, pretends to be calm all the time but is actually internally screaming

hebe: likes baking, pastel colors, flower crowns, runs on impulse and instinct, glitter highlighter, probably still goes to the playground, dumps a ton of toppings on their ice cream

khione: legit goes out in -10° weather with only a sweater, likes makeup, iced coffee, loves snow, brutally sarcastic, pretends not to give a shit about school but actually gets straight a’s

nike: #fIGHT ME, protects their friends, would die for fictional ships and/or characters, always on the leaderboard in kahoot, city person, minimalist, loves the satisfaction of winning