Things I've learnt after talking with other wiccans and trying

*Never wear/use more than 4 crystals, or you might feel bad and they probably won’t work;
*Two itens with the same propety aren’t supposed to be matched;
*Love and lust spells aren’t the most mature and certain thing to do;
*When your spell jars are related or supposed to atract energy to you, wear them for a stronger effect;
*Sensitives feel crystals’ energy more than the rest;
*Not all spirits are bad, most of them just want to show you a way or send you though a different path;
*Magic is not a joke or play, if you mess with the wrong spirits and gods things can go badly;

modern fallen angels shivering in their beds at night with an ache in their bones and an itch under skin that has never felt like theirs, a feeling that they are something biggerbetterbrighter and blinding themselves with incessant memories that neverstop and missing home, missing their wings and their divinity

angels texting each other at 3 am “i miss the sky” and “do you remember what it was like to hold the world in our jaws because that feeling feels further and further away every second”

angels in classrooms, angels taking the bus, angels at grocery markets, angels in art studios on friday nights, angels at coffee shops, angels in bookstores, angels working minimum wage; people shudder when they pass by, or they stare too long from across the room and their eyes sting a little because there’s still power there, mortals can still feel it, even if they could never put a name to it.

fallen angels with a righteous sense of justice, still too good to know evil, not sure what’s right or wrong anymore because this world is not dichotomous; there is no easy choice. modern angels with guilt and regrets, what that must mean on a divine level. angels with glowing palms and golden eyes, the remnants of a god too big for any room. 

angels who feel nostalgia for planes they can’t even comprehend anymore, angels earth-bound and wingless and clinging to each other in raw daylight when everything feels like too much and not enough. angels with anxiety, angels with sweaty, shaking hands, angels with ptsd, angels at dusk imagining god in the city lights and trying to understand what purpose means. maybe not theirs, but at least its something tangible. 

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Godesses

Aries: Seth - God of chaos

Taurus: Bastet - Goddess of pleasure

Gemini: Horus - God of the sky

Cancer: Anubis - God of the dead 

Leo: Amun - King of the Gods

Virgo: Khepri - God of creation 

Libra: Ma’at - Goddess of truth, justice and harmony

Scorpio: Osiris - God of the dead and ruler of the underworld

Sagittarius: Ra - The Sun God

Capricorn: Sekhmet - Goddess of war

Aquarius: Thoth - God of writing and knowledge

Pisces: Hathor - Goddess of love and joy

Devotional Acts Don’t Have to be High Maintenance

Many gods will be perfectly pleased with easier, less high maintenance forms of devotion. The gods I worship are, for the most part, more focused on the intent behind the offering than the offering itself. This is especially good for disabled or mentally ill patrons who might not be able to do every sort of devotional act. Some low-energy devotional acts:

  • eating food associated with the god
  • giving some of that food to the god by placing it outside (make sure it’s safe for animals to eat too)
  • dressing in clothing that reflects the god
  • decorating with animals/figures representative of the god
  • reblogging/blogging pictures associated with their symbols
  • reblogging and reflecting on prayers/hymms
  • starting a devotional blog
  • ‘inviting’ your god to do certain asks — like watch a show that makes you think of them
  • draw them pictures
  • write them songs, poems, or stories
  • read a passage from a book out loud to them
  • tell them good morning and good night
  • do simple research online, like looking up pictures of the god

Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology.

Norse Cosmology contains ‘Nine Homeworlds’ (Níu Heimar in Old Norse) in which all beings reside. These worlds are centered on the World Tree, Yggdrasil, which lies at the centre of the Cosmos. Each of these Nine Worlds is the homeland of various classes of beings that are part of Norse and Germanic mythology. Travel between the worlds are described in myths, where gods and other beings sometimes interact directly with humans.

Upper level
Asgard / Ásgarðr / Aesir – Land of the Aesir Gods and Goddesses
Vanaheim / Vanaheimr / Vanir – Land of the Vanir Gods and Goddesses
Alfheim / Álfheimr / Álfar – Land of the Light Elves
Middle Level / Middle Earth
Midgard / Miðgarðr / Menn – Land of Humanity
Jotunheim / Jötunheimr / Jötnar – Land of the Giants
Svartalfheim / Svartálfaheimr / Dvergar – Land of the Dark Elves
(Nidavellir – Land of the Dwarves)
Lower Level
Muspelheim / Muspellsheimr – Primordial Land of Fire
Niflheim / Niflheimr – Primordial place of Ice and Fog, Land of the Dead
(Hel / Helheimr / Náir – Land of the Dead, Home of the Goddess Hel)

Asgard / Ásgarðr / Aesir – Land of the Aesir Gods and Goddesses
High in the sky lies Asgard, home to the Aesir, the sky gods. Asgard was also the home of Odin’s Valhalla and Freya’s Fólkvangr, where brave Viking warriors would go after death. Home of Urdarbrunnr, the Well of Fate, guarded by the Norns.
Vanaheim / Vanaheimr / Vanir – Land of the Vanir Gods and Goddesses
A mysterious place, home of the Vanir Earth Gods.  Home of Njord, Freya and Freyr, who came to live in Asgard after the Aesir-Vanir war.
Alfheim / Álfheimr / Álfar – Land of the Light Elves
Next to Asgard in the heavens was Alfheim, home to beautiful Elves, the Gods of nature and fertility. Alfheim was ruled by Freyr.
Midgard / Miðgarðr / Menn – Land of Humanity
Home of mankind, also known as ‘Middle Earth’. Midgard was connected to Asgard by Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge.
Jotunheim / Jötunheimr / Jötnar – Land of the Giants
Home of the Jotuns (giants), enemies of the Aesir. Jotunheim was mostly rocks, wilderness and dense forests. Loki came from Jotunheim, later to live in Asgard. Home of Mímisbrunnr, the Well of Wisdom, guarded by Mimir.
Svartalfheim / Svartálfaheimr / Dvergar – Land of the Dark Elves
Deep in the underground lived the hideous dark Elves, known to cause trouble to humans such as causing nightmares. They could not be touched by the Sun, otherwise they would turn to stone.
Nidavellir – Land of the Dwarves
Similar to Svartalfheim was Nidavellir, where dwarves lived in caves underground. Ruled by Hreidmar, the dwarves were masters of craftsmanship and gave presents to the Aesir, such as Thor’s hammer and Odin’s spear. 
Muspelheim / Muspellsheimr – Primordial Land of Fire
Muspelheim was a burning hot place created in the far south. It was home to the fire giants, fire demons, and the giant Surt, enemy to the Aesir.
Niflheim / Niflheimr – Primordial place of Ice and Fog, Land of the Dead
The lowest of the Nine Worlds, this land of ice and mist was located in the northern region of Ginnungagap. The oldest of three wells, Hvergelmir (‘Roaring Kettle’), was located here, which was the source of all cold rivers and the origin of all living things.
Hel / Helheimr / Náir – Land of the Dead, Home of the Goddess Hel
Home of the Goddess Hel, daughter of Loki. When humans were not accepted to Valhalla or Fólkvangr, they came to Hel’s hall Elivdnir.

The Signs as Egyptian Goddesses/Gods

Aries: Amun- an immensely powerful ram-headed warrior god. At one point he was combined with the sun god Ra to create the even MORE powerful Amun-Ra.

Taurus: Hapi- he was responsible for the yearly flooding of the Nile, which brought important nutrient-rich silt along with it. He’s depicted with a pot-belly and often surrounded by water plants.

Gemini: Thoth- the ibis-headed god of thought and writing.

Cancer: Bes- a dwarf with human and lion features, he protected children, family, and expectant mothers.

Leo: Ra- the sun god himself, of course. He had a hawk head and a headdress with a sun disk on it.

Virgo: Seshat- the goddess of measurement and writing, she wore a dress made of panther skin and a star crown

Libra: Ma’at- the goddess of harmony, truth and justice; she was depicted with a feather in her hair.

Scorpio: Anubis- the jackal-headed god of embalming and the dead.

Sagittarius: Shu- he was the god of air and sunlight, who held up the sky (Nut) to keep it separate from the earth.

Capricorn: Ptah- wrapped in a white cloak and carrying a staff, he was a creator god whose very words came into being. He was the god of craftsmen.

Aquarius: Nun- shown as a man carrying a raft or a piece of bark, he was the “waters of chaos” in Egyptian creation myths.

Pisces: Nut- a goddess who forms the sky, her gown covered in stars. She swallowed the sun god, Ra, every evening and gave birth to him every morning.

So I did a witchy thing with sticky notes

It wasn’t intentional but I really like how it turned out! Basically I had a pad of sticky notes and an idea! I wrote something different on each note before sticking them all around my room and going to sleep. I keep a fan on in my room and knew some would fall but the results were fantastic. On the notes I wrote:

-goals (save up for a laptop etc)
-things I need to do (get my check engine light looked at!)
-positive reinforcement (telling myself I am a beautiful badass witch who can handle her anxiety)
-little reminders (drink a glass of water! Call your parents!)
- some other fun things (sigils, pictures, etc)

In the morning when I woke up (today) only six notes were still stuck on the walls/doors of my room. Originally I had up about thirty

1. Take a deep breath
2. But art supplies
3. Get my car looked at
4. Take a moment for Arianrhod
5. Apply for jobs
6. Keep an eye on how many spoons I have left before agreeing to plans.

Now my intention was never to use these for divine advice, but seeing as the ones that stuck had no common themes in placement I am taking this as a message from the gods about what I need to focus on and how best to spend my energy. It was definitely a fun and unique way to get some advice!

Zeref and Ankhserum Theory

With this new chapter which I must say was so amazing Mashima (trollshima) provided us with a huge plot point and I am not talking about Carla. 

“What do you mean?” You may be asking, “What’s so important about this takeover of Dimaria’s?” 

Well, I am about to explain; let’s first start with my theory;

Zeref Dragneel and Ankhserum…are one and the same. To translate, it means that Zeref is in fact this entire time Ankhserum. Let me explain;

Zeref as shown throughout the manga has the ability to kill, and bring things to life. The first example is quite simple;

Upon receiving the curse, Zeref kills everyone – his classmates and teachers. And sadly that’s just the beginning.

The second part though might puzzle you for a second. Well think, in the very first arc Master um…whatever the dude with the spiky hat’s name is states as per example below that Zeref’s magic is living magic which is a type of Magic that allows the user to bring life to their creations.  

And let’s not forget all the demon’s of Tartarous and Natsu

The god Ankhserum has the same kind of ability; he is the god of life and death

So it shouldn’t be much a surprise since their abilities are so similar. May not be what we imagine however still similar enough.  

Now of course this is just brushing against what I have to say XD. I bet you are wondering how did he manage to get his own curse if this was the case, why he is human or so we think, and why where did I get this idea from.

Haven’t you noticed when reading any myth what-so-ever, the gods/god/creator creates these rules that the Universe must go by? Well, considering that Mashima often takes his inspiration from myths, it would make sense to assume that when earthland was created, Ankhserum written the laws that no one is to mess with life or else they will get the curse of contradictions. Now what is funny is that some x centuries later, Zeref or possibly Ankhserum broke his own rules and got the curse. The curse of contradictions doesn’t discriminate, girl or boy, child or adult, you break the rules, you get punished. These laws/rules were created when earthland came into existence so the gods don’t have to go out of their way to punish somebody. 

Now, here is another thing I wanted to point out here;

Dimaria states that she is from THE ANCIENT CAPITAL OF TIME MILDEAN

Where is Zeref from?

There are some differences in spelling since I got them from two different sources, however it is the same story. This simply cannot be a coincidence, in fact I am wondering, is Zeref even human???? 

Dimaria also mentions that she is a descendant of its people, so perhaps Zeref is a son of a priest the same way Dimaria is?? (I am just assuming since it appears that Mildea was a center for something)  Unfortunately, I cannot find the manga piece where Ultear shows Master Hades the spell Last Ages and mentions the Ancient Mildian Language. This is also no coincidence. 

The last thing I wished to discuss is where this idea originated from and how I came to the conclusion it is plausible. 

A) It seems Mashima’s style, he’d defiantly throw something like that at us.

B) I already figured that the gods would get involved since the GMG and with today’s chapter, it only confirmed my suspicions. 

C) This fact I have no idea where to put, Zeref probably doesn’t know he is a god. I am willing to bet that he could lift his own and Mavis’s curse if he were to access his power by destroying those laws and remodeling them.  

Now, there are still many holes that I would need to patch since only today I got solid ground for this theory. Oh and I forgot to add, @nina2119deviantart I want to thank you for unintentionally pointing out an important fact of the Spriggan 12 are most probably the 12 Titans in the Greek myths. Cronus – the god of time. I want to congratulate you!!! :) 

Thank you all for listening to my theory, I’d appreciate it if you were to reblog and add in your input and opinions. It means so much to me,

Love you all, 


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