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In defence of Sam Clemmett's Albus Severus Potter

So I’ve seen Sam’s Albus 15 times and I feel like I’m not the only one getting frustrated at the awards nominations and the lack of Sam Clemmett’s name. Albus isn’t big and loud but he’s the backbone of this play.

It’s clear to see that Albus is the quieter of the scorbus-duo but I don’t think that makes him any less amazing. The first time I saw the play I re-named it “Harry Potter and the angsty teenager that ruined everything” but that was perfect! Albus is spoilt and lacks perspective to the point that he gets himself into some serious shit. He’s a warning of what happens when privilege gets mixed with sadness and confusion which the teenage years often lead to but he’s also incredibly misunderstood, which comes across so well.

The way Sam plays a lot of the angsty lines straight after or followed by a line delivered with such heartbreak makes Albus really lovable. I think this must’ve been a big challenge for him, because it’s quite important that the audience gets on board with Albus and wants him around to them getting pulled along with the emotions Scorpius is feeling. This is so incredibly subtle that it’s probably missed by a lot of people who haven’t thought about this play as much as I have because there’s a lot going on, and if you focus on Albus as a plot point, he’s pretty annoying. That doesn’t explain why the arguments with Harry break my heart or why he moves me to tears in that last REALLY sad bit. He throws so much brilliantly thought out backstory into every scene, particularly those with his family in the most understated way which shows that he’s really gifted and deserving of a leading role (and awards).

I think people miss how emotionally heavy Albus’s role is. If we take the Albus/Scorpius scene in act 2 as an example, Albus starts off as a ball of self-centred anger which is heavy in itself. Then he realises how terrible he’s been as a friend and is heartbroken almost immediately (the switch is stunning), then he becomes the joker to try to cheer his friend up and shows how he loves Scorpius in that deeply understanding way only best friends do. Without an amazing Albus in this scene, Scorpius wouldn’t be able to shine in his anger and heartbreak. A lot of people (rightfully) point this scene out as an amazing Anto moment but they both need to be on point for this scene to work so well.

It would be easy to forget that Albus is a 14 year old boy for the majority of this play because of the plot but the vulnerability Sam shows makes it real and scary and quite sad. Especially in the earlier Godricks Hollow scenes he is hopeless and scared without it being a pity part, which I really love.

And Sam in those Scorpius torture scenes gives them a double blow. Seriously, I know it’s difficult because Anto has all the light on him and is making more noisy but watch Sam. It’s like this desperate, painful look with a really horrible scream which makes the whole thing much more traumatic. Again, Sam bringing the scene to another level. And really emotionally heavy.

I’ve also noticed how adaptable Sam is to Jamie and Stuart’s Harry’s (I’ve seen Stuart a few times). Stuart is much less outwardly angry than Jamie and if Sam reacted to Stuart in the same way as he does Jamie in the argument scenes it would seem way over the top and I think he would lose the audiences sympathy. But he bounces off both of them to just the right level and allows them both to be the perfect Harry… because he is the backbone of this play!

I know my babble is incomparable to an actual Olivier nomination, but I think a lot of us feel the same way about this and I hope what I’ve written has done him justice!

(I’ve only seen Tom Mackley’s Albus once so I don’t feel like I’m qualified to talk about him but I’ve heard that this week he’s also been holding down the play like a boss!)

Nostalgic ~ Sirius Black x Reader

Hey guys! This was not requested but i had the idea and went through with it. This takes place after in Order of the Phoenix. The italics is in flashbacks.

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He walks through the old wooden door. The room goes silent. He doesn’t look like himself, his frame thinner and his eyes emphasize his pain. His jaw drops, teals welling up in his sorrowful eyes. The wooden floors creek as he steps closer and lays a hand gently on your cheek. An electric feeling that only he could produce rages throughout your body. He smiles, tears racing down his cheek.

“Black you are so… so… obnoxious!”

The second year boy smirks as you chase after him, wand in hand. You finally corner him, pink locks flying in front of your face.

“Why L/n, you look absolutely beautiful.”

“I know.”

“ Y/n! The Yule Ball is coming up and there is no one I’d rather go with.”

“How romantic Black, you’re quite the charmer.”

“I know.’’

“Sirius?”, You say, cuddled up next to your boyfriend, Sirius.

“Yes Y/n?”

“I love you.”

“I know.” 

You laugh and shove him slightly. Sirius smiles and pulls you into a sweet kiss.

You heave the last box up the stairs and place it down on the floor. Sirius smiles and wraps an arm around your waist. You both take in your new flat.

“It’s perfect. And it’s ours.”, you smile.

“I love you.”, Sirius says.

“I know.”

“Sirius! Where’s Harry?Siriu-”


Sirius sits in the nursery with a blanket wrapped around a sleeping Harry. He looks up to you from the rocking chair. You smile and lean on the arm of the chair, looking contently down at Harry. Sirius smiles,

“I can’t wait till we have some of our own.”

“Yeah but we’ll want to get married first.”

“And we’ll have a big house, and five kids. They’ll all go to Hogwarts and we’ll both work small jobs so we can go to every Quidditch game!”

You smile and push some of Sirius’s hair back, kissing his forehead.

“I can’t wait.” 

“I love you.”

“I know.”

A rustling next to you in bed wakes you up Sirius frantically pulls on pants and a shirt, his black locks wavy and unbrushed.

“Sirius? Love? What’s wrong?”

“It’s Lily and James! They’re in trouble!”



He stops at the door looking frantic. His eyes full of panic. You climb out of bed and place your hand on his cheek. You know its important and only weakly smile, tugging at your robe.

“Be home by morning.”

“Of course.”, He smiles.

He quickly kisses your cheek and grabs his keys, forgetting his coat in the rush.

“I love you!”

But he was already out the door before you could say it.

The next morning you wake up to a knock at your front door. You open it to a heavy breathing Remus.


“Y/n! It’s Sirius! They- they’re taking him to Azkaban.”

Remus swallows and tries to recompose himself. You stand, your mouth agape and quivering. In under a minute you run to you and Sirius’s bedroom, pulling on a jumper and some jeans. Without much thought you snatch Sirius’s leather jacket and drape it on yourself. When you return to the living room Remus stands red eyed and gloomy. You grab his wrist and stand in the fireplace. In the rush you knock over some floo powder.

“Godricks Hollow!”

A sickening feelig goes over you as you appear in James and Lily’s Potter’s fireplace. It’s dead silent. You step out, Remus cautiously following. In the hall you see James, laying on the floor, dead.

“James! Oh my god! Where’s Lily? Where’s Harry!?”, you yell.

Remus looks at his friends corpse and drops to the floor, silent. Around the corner, flaming red hair fans out across the nursery floor. You choke on your tears.

“W-where’s Sirius? Where’s Harry?”

You sprint out the front door to see Sirius being restrained by two Ministry men. He turns, making eye contact with you. His grey eyes trail over you and he smiles a scared smile.


He smirks weakly,” Don’t you worry ‘bout me love. I’ll be fine.”

The two men attempt to restrain Sirius as they grip his arms tighter. You run towards him and Remus grabs your wrist, holding you back.


“Yes Love?”

You pause a moment, all eyes on you, but you can only focus on Sirius.

“I love you.”

He smiles, his eyes welling up,”I know.”

You taste tears in the back of your throat, your cheeks become damp. He grins, an expression you’ve missed, and expression you’ve craved for more than twelve years. His thumb brushes your racing tears away, making you look up to his piercing grey eyes. 

Sirius smiles,“Darling, I’ve missed you.”

Your lips curl into a smile as you respond,”I know.”

Hey guys hope you liked it and remember to request ships, storylines, imagines, and prefrences!!!