Gwithian Godrevy Lighthouse 5 | Great Britain

Godrevi means small farms, and its located on the eastern side of St. Ives Bay, West Cornwall, England, in the United Kingdom. A popular place for hiking and surfing at the west coast of Great Britain. The lighthouse there is said to be the inspiration for Virginia Woolf’s novel „To the Lighthouse“.  The natural beauty and the calm ocean inspired us to stay there a little while and taking images with our Nikon D800. A rough and admirable coastline with beautiful sceneries awaited Jack the Flipper. We inhaled the fresh & clear ocean air and were filled with desire and wanted to see much more from that nice piece of natural land-and seascapes. Nature is our Mainspring! If you like what you see, follow us! We’re proud to share our best work with you all! If you like to support Jack the Flipper, think about hanging our work framed our just a print on your own wall, join us on our enterprise: http://www.jacktheflipper-shop.com