Yoosung Discovering MC Still Sleeps With A Stuffed Animal

Hello! Sorry I haven’t done a HC in so long, I’ve been really down and depressed lately, plus school and working on some art, so I decided to do a cute HC to brighten my spirits a bit! This has probably been done before by other accounts but I just don’t really care lololol

Here we go into the depths of Yoosung fluff!

  • Yoosung had come home one afternoon and saw MC passed out on the bed
  • at first he didn’t even notice the stuffed animal
  • but when he did his first thoughts were how adorable they looked with it
  • they are so precious! I should send this to the messenger so everyone sees how cute my significant other is!!
  • he snapped a picture wiTHOUT REALIZING THE FLASH WAS ON OH GOD
  • MC woke up immediately after that
  • “E-eh..? Yoosung, is that you honey..?”
  • “aha.. yeah, it’s me sweetie.”
  • MC sat up and saw their stuffed animal WHICH HAPPENS TO BE A KAWAII AS HECK ALPACA PLUSHIE
  • they just pushed it behind them and hoped Yoosung didn’t see because they are SO embarrassed right now
  • “MC, your plushie is so cute! You look so cute with it!Why haven’t I seen you with it until now..?”
  • “Y-you saw him?!” MC shouted, they threw their hands over their face in embarrassment
  • MC.exe has stopped working
  • “MC, are you embarrassed..?” 
  • “What do you think you dummy?”
  • suddenly Yoosung has the perfect idea
  • he walks away from MC and goes to his closet digging out a box he hasn’t seen since he moved in
  • he brings it to MC and opens it, revealing a worn looking teddy bear
  • holding up the bear, he smiles
  • “I have one too..”
  • MC feels 100 times better
  • They tell him that they sleep so much better holding it, it’s their item of comfort
  • Yoosung understands, he feels the same way about holding MC
  • whenever they go to bed they’re always spooning
  • MC is the little spoon and their alpaca is the baby spoon
  • honestly the scene is just too pure for anyone’s soul
  • Yoosung ends up not sending the picture of MC to the chat, but he printed it out and keeps it in his wallet 
  • when he’s away from them for a long time he has something to smile at the memory of
  • if he were ever to lost that picture he’d probably cry ngl it means too much to him
imagine it's Seven's bday and MC got him a cat
  • *MC comes home*
  • MC: Seveeennn, I got you something.
  • Seven: MC, I told you you're all I want, but I wouldn't complain if you got me the new light up keyb-
  • MC: BEtter.
  • Seven: Is it sex?
  • Seven: what do y o-
  • *a kitten runs runs to seven from the other room*
  • MC: I named it already buttttt, I think you'll approve- it's
  • Seven and MC at the same time: ELIZABETH THE FOURTH
  • seven: *picks up elizabeth the fourth and carries it to MC* This is the only thing I will ever love even close to how much I love you
  • *lil peck on the lips before seven plays with elizabeth the fourth FOREver*

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