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SCM Gods’ Houses

{For the love of the Twelve, I can’t find the ask for this. Idk if Tumblr ate it or what, but the gist of it was “What kind of houses do you think the SCM gods would have with the MC?” I found some pictures to go along with a little description of why I think this house style fits them. Oh, and I’m including the two “new” gods as well, even though I’m 90% sure I got this ask before Karno or Zyglavis were released. Just to make up for my awful delay. I apologize in advance for the length!}

Leon: Extravagant. Just like his room in the mansion and in the heavens, his home would be lavish. You can take the lion out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the lion. His godly powers came in handy when designing the more expensive aspects of the home. Of course, no expense was spared in the making of this house, but many, many meatballs were sacrificed as he “injured his godly hand” by snapping his fingers too much. He just wanted meatballs.

Scorpio: Modern. Scorpio’s embarrassing fascination with human advances in technology and design were apparent in his choice of design for your home. A sleek, modern design which was simple yet sophisticated, and came jam-packed with the latest and greatest of human innovation. Of course, these were often replaced throughout a week due to his destructive hobby of disassembling something and then being unable to put it back together. (Five toasters in one week.)

Teorus: Grandiose. Favoring the finer things in life, Teorus’ home would be similar to Leon’s in its extravagant flair. However, while Leon made his home rather flashy, Teorus’ was toned down to a sophisticated elegance. Sofas that make it feel like you’re sitting on a cloud, flowing curtains draped from the windows that reached to the ceiling, chandeliers twinkling overhead - it was like a dream. The home would be situated on a large stretch of well-maintained land, complete with gardens and trails and a sparkling lake nearby.

Dui: Simple. But not simple in the “basic” way. Simple in the happy simplicity of a country cottage. Dui is so enamored with you that material possessions mean absolutely nothing to him. But wanting to ensure that you have everything you could need, he gives you a delightful little house in the countryside. Since you aren’t a flashy person, everything in the house is very simple and charming.

Huedhaut: Refined. Huedhaut’s sophisticated tastes show through in his home, in a modernized style of a Victorian house. Clean and chic, this house is the very epitome of his personality, with books of every shape and size and age filling the shelves. Every room in the house has at least one chair that is just perfect for sitting down with one of those books…or taking a nap.

Ichthys: Oceanfront. Ichthys’ home is a very open and spacious, with plenty of windows overlooking the wide, clear view of the ocean. With such a flamboyant persona, your home with him would be free and colorful, a very happy place to spend your time. Disliking anything that may restrain or cause him to feel trapped, the clear view through the windows that seems to go on for infinity and the open layout of the house is just perfect for him. And also perfect for the many Nerf gun battles that he has prepared for you whenever you arrive home from work.

Karno: Traditional. Karno’s style is very…normal. He is strangely the most “human” of the gods, rarely throwing around his godly title and showing a deep care for humans as a whole. His home would encompass the simplicities of a human life - a cozy fireplace in the living room, comfortable pillows and blankets strewn across the seating, a kitchen filled with appliances to cook delicious home meals that he enjoys so much, and, although you didn’t consider it a necessity, a much-needed jacuzzi in the bathroom. Nothing wrong with a little self-indulgence now and then.

Zyglavis: Clean. Clean-cut, polished, spotless. It was as though his personality had split from his body and formed the house. Everything was in its place, and there was no room for something to be off. Moving into the house meant thorough cleaning instructions from Zyglavis, and many lectures soon after when you forgot to wipe that miniscule piece of dust off of the fireplace. And again when the cups in the cupboards were not lined up correctly. After a while, he relieved you of your cleaning duties. Permanently.

Which godly home would you choose?

Bran Stark

Can we talk about Bran Stark, a boy of seven whose violent paralyzation ripped away his dreams of knighthood? A boy who awoke from a coma to find nearly all his family gone, and then was forced to watch his eldest brother ride away to uncertain war? A child who was the Lord of Winterfell, was looked down upon for his disability, and taken advantage of several times because of his broken legs? A boy who is plagued by horrific dreams, and finds his only solace in the skins of a feral direwolf and a mentally handicapped stableboy? A child who crossed the lands of winter to find the three-eyed raven, and is terrified of spending the rest of his days in the deep, dark roots of a great weirwood tree? A boy who misses his family fiercely, who does not look at his unconventional sister Arya and see a girl who needs to conform, but someone he loves and cherishes and understands and admires? A child who will unravel the very heart of the series and save the world, and eventually ascend to be King in the North when all he thought of himself was broken?

Bran is all too often overlooked, but he has just as much to offer as the rest of the central characters. He is one that has had to overcome disability and heartbreak and depression, has had to flee the only home he ever knew and split from his brother and caretaker. He has taken his gift by the horns and is learning to wield it in a way that will not only benefit his family, but the world as well.

His destiny is not one that is slotted to sentence an anguished little boy to a lifetime of godly horrors far from home, but rather a position of power where his father and brother once sat before him, as the true heir to Robb, to be granted a full life of happiness and old age with his family as Lord of Winterfell and King in the North.

Nine Worlds? Or Seven?

There are lists from Anglo-Saxon sources that list seven worlds, yet the Norse sources list nine. Yet in both cases, no complete list of all exists in ancient sources. The modern Norse lists are cobbled together from two or more lists. The Anglo-Saxon list? Good luck with that, so little is left that we barely have any references - those remaining ultimately say seven worlds. So why is there a disconnect? Is it seven or is it nine?

The disconnect exists because of the time and distance between the tales. Norse religion is more recently crystalized than Anglo-Saxon religion. By this I mean that the Anglo-Saxons had all converted to Christianity long before the Norse turned - the Norse had hundreds more years to develop. Furthermore, the Anglo-Saxon stories were not preserved with the same attention to detail that the Norse stories had been. Lucky are the Norse heathens that their stories were written and compiled. Even so, much was lost.

I’m of the opinion that all heathenry worships the same pantheon, basically that Woden and Odin are one in the same. If this true, then much we learn from the Norse can be applied toward the Anglo-Saxons - we can help to fill the gaps in our understanding. But we have contradictions here too - are there seven worlds or nine?

I say both seven and nine. In Norse literature we learn that two primordial forces brought forth all else but that they already existed before the gods. Thus, seven worlds were made. Those numbers work out if seen in that light. Two worlds to begin it all and seven created by the gods, totalling to nine.

Now obviously this is how I choose to corelate the two different sets of stories. Some in Fyrnsidu stick by the number seven very staunchly, but I choose to find ways to see similarities. I am not alone in this opinion either, I have drawn on Swain Wodening’s works here.

This is the list I use of the Nine Worlds.

Ésageard: meaning the city (enclosure) of the gods, I believe it to only refer to the interior of their walls and that the greater part of the outside world was probably referred to as Neorxnawang or as the Norse called it the Ida plains.

Wanaham: another godly world, this was home to yet more of the gods. The character of the gods who inhabit this world is usually more earthy or agricultural.

Ælfham: this beautiful twilight world is inhabited by the elves. This world is very much the land of morning.

Múspel: Primordial world of fire. Not a friendly place.

Middangeard: our world, enough said.

Eotenham: it’s vast forests and mountains are home to the Eotenas. The inhabitants are generally but not universally antagonistic.

Nifolham: Primordial world of mist and ice. Not a friendly place.

Sweartælfham: this realm is inhabited by dwarves and more elves. Yet unlike Ælfham, this world is more the land of evening.

Hell: it’s not what you were expecting. No fire and brimstone here, instead the people who go there find themselves  in what could be described as a world of old-world farms and villages. I will discuss this in a lengthier post on another occasion.

Overwatch Fanfiction: (McCree/Hanzo)

Title:  Saké & Whisky

Paring: McCree and Hanzo

Rating: M 

Summary: Hanzo unfortunately has to host the Overwatch’s annual party at his home. Him being a spoil sport, Hanzo is content on just sitting and watching everyone have fun. However McCree makes his way over to drink with the grump rather then letting him drink all alone. 

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